Bombing Demons; Or, the Fear of Hell

I recently received the following email:Just wanted to preface that I've been following your blog "Love, Joy, Feminism" for a while.  While I did not grow up quiverfull, I did grow up in a fairly conservative evangelical church.  I left Christianity in college after an experience with abuse and domestic violence blasted my views apart.  I've come to appreciate your writing as a good expression of what many of us experienced growing up as young women in the conservative movement. &n … [Read more...]

A Fractured Church, Part 2

I wrote yesterday about how fractured Christianity has always been. It almost seems like Christians have never been able to agree on, well, anything. Whether it's arguing over whether Judaic food laws are still in affect or the nature of Jesus' divinity or what happens at communion or whether Jesus would have been a Republican or a Democrat, the Christian church has always been, and continues to be, fractured. I wrote a bit yesterday also about the Emerging Church movement, made up of … [Read more...]

A Fractured Church, Part 1

Fellow blogger Darcy recently wrote a post in which she chided her friends and family for their concern at her spiritual state because she's been reevaluating many of the core doctrines of Christianity. She assured her readers that just the fact that she believes the world is older than 6,000 years old does not mean that she no longer has a relationship with Jesus. And so on. This made me think once again about how extremely petty Christians can be. The sad thing is, it seems like, in an ideal … [Read more...]

On Abortion, Murder, and “Post-Abortion Trauma”

Have you noticed the emphasis anti-abortion advocates place on the horrible after effects women supposedly suffer after having an abortion? Growing up in the anti-abortion movement, I heard stories of women who had had abortions who couldn't sleep for months, because they kept imagining they could hear a baby crying, their baby. I heard stories of women plummeting into depression and dropping out of school because they couldn't bear up under the knowledge that they had murdered their own c … [Read more...]

Dealing with Death as an Atheist

I recently received the following email: I have been reading your blog for a few months now and so much of what you write resonates with me. I didn't grow up Quiverful or quite as fundamentalist as you did, but still very conservative Christian. We went to a megachurch in the DC area, and I was very active in the youth group. Then I studied abroad. Seeing other cultures, especially visiting Muslim countries, I realized everyone believed in their religion just as devoutly and began to think … [Read more...]

Notice and Clarification

I wanted to take a moment to clarify a few things, especially as it appears that I have some new readers, at least given the explosions of comments.First, I simply do not have time or energy to respond to every comment. If you ask a question or try to make a point and I don't respond, it's because I'm a graduate student and a mother and have other responsibilities that come before blogging.Second, I get quite a few negative comments on my posts, and I simply don't have time or energy … [Read more...]

Kids, Commercials, and Focus on the Family

I wrote the other day about the problems of using children as political pawns. The Friendly Atheist spotted another example of this that I thought I would point out, namely Focus on the Family's commercial during the football game last weekend, which consisted of children reciting John 3:16 Click the link to see the video and an analysis of how this sort of thing comes across to a non-believer. Here are the two best points: When you don't have logic and evidence on your side, just go for an … [Read more...]