To Vision Forum, the post important thing about a child is its gender. This has changed in mainstream American society. Sure, it’s far from perfect – as the mother of a daughter growing up in a princess pink girl culture, I know this better than some – but we no longer blink at the artistic boy or the athletic girl. Skills, talents, and interests matter. But not for Vision Forum. No. For Vision Forum, your gender matters first, and any skills, talents, or interests that don’t fit your gender, well, you can just forget about those. Read more

It’s not often someone twists and distorts a Bible passage so badly that they literally make it mean the opposite of what it clearly and obviously means. But in this passage, Debi does just that. I untangle the knot Debi has made of this particular Bible passage and reveal that it actually speaks against essentially everything she’s writing about. Read more

With his books I Kissed Dating Goodbye and Boy Meets Girl, Joshua Harris singlehandedly made the word “courtship” popular in mainstream evangelical circles. Yesterday I responded to a post another blogger wrote about what she learned from Joshua Harris. Today I’m following up by discussing what I learned from Joshua Harris. I don’t own a copy of Harris’ book at the moment, but given that this post is about the messages his book gave me at the time, not simply a review of his book, I think that’s fair. Read more

Last night Richard Mourdoch, Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Indiana, made a statement that seemed to indicate that God causes rape. In this post I explore his statement, his position on abortion, his opponent’s position, and the separation of church and state. Read more

Joshua Harris wrote a series of books on sex and relationships for an audience of evangelical young people. I grew up on these books and frequently write about how the things he advocated in them messed up my approach to both sex and relationships. A few weeks ago, a self-identified Christian feminist blogger responded to one of my tweets about Joshua Harris by writing a post explaining all the positive things she learned from his book. I respond. Read more

Chris Hallquist has raised some interesting objections to my post regarding who owns the Bible. He explained why he thinks it’s unfair to say that fundamentalists consider themselves “infallible” and why he thinks it’s unfair to say that atheists too often “interpret the Bible like fundamentalists.” As I explain here, I think the problem may be in part what we mean when we say “interpret the Bible.” Read more

We need to stop assuming that the fundamentalists the ones interpreting the Bible consistently and correctly while liberal Christians are “picking and choosing” and thus doing it wrong. When we do that we buy into fundamentalists’ rhetoric and accept their claim to “own” the Bible. When we do this we also ignore progressive Christianity’s long religious tradition and accept fundamentalists’ rhetoric of progressive apostasy. Listening to the fundamentalists doesn’t do us any favors. Read more

Evangelicals and fundamentalists claim that they rely on the Bible alone, and hold it up as the final arbiter of their faith. The trouble is, to understand what the Bible says they have to form an interpretation. What does the Bible mean when it says thus and such? In this post, I explore the idea, laid out in a quote by Fred Clark, that evangelicals and fundamentalists, by claiming that the Bible is inerrant, end up in point of fact asserting that they are inerrant. Read more

“My name is Rebekka, I’m in my mid-twenties, and from Denmark. I grew up in an evangelical family, started questioning Christianity at 15. Islam gave an answer to many of my issues with Christianity, so I converted to Islam at 21. After 1½ years as Muslim new issues arose. I continued to question my beliefs in an attempt to get closer to the omniscient all-loving God I had been taught about, but the more I searched the more everything fell apart. Over the following year I went through a brief period of Unitarian Universalism, agnosticism, and today I identify as an atheist.” Read more

The Rethinking Vision Forum website has undergone an upgrade. Check it out and learn more about Vision Forum, the leading organization behind the Christian Patriarchy movement. Read more

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