Uptate on website countering Vision Forum

First, Rethinking Vision Forum has moved from blogspot to wordpress and is now located at rethinkingvisionforum.wordpress.com. You should really go check it out, because it has lots of neatly organized information!Second, Rethinking Vision Forum has become even more collaborative as numerous individuals have been eager and enthusiastic about letting us republish their articles and posts. Several individuals have offered excellent ideas for the future and even offered to do future posts … [Read more...]

An Atheist Homeschool Mom Comes Out

Kudos to blogger Leanna of Life on the Hill. She lives in Kentucky and homeschooles her children, and she has just come out as an atheist. Her story embodies so much of what I have thought and felt, as well as my philosophy on children and religion. Here are some excerpts from her coming out post: I have often tiptoed around stating my lack of religious beliefs because, like many people in a minority, I fear being shunned and judged. I've described myself with words … [Read more...]

Parenting Is Not A Contest

Last week my husband and I saw a movie on campus. As usual, we brought our little daughter Sally with us. She behaved very well, sometimes sitting beside me, sometimes nursing, sometimes walking up and down the stairs (we sat by the aisle). When the movie finished we got up and prepared to go. Sally, it’s time to go home now. No! Stairs, walk stairs! No Sally, it’s time to go home now. I was tired and wanted to get home as quickly as possible, so against her protestations I picked Sally up t … [Read more...]

A Trust Problem

My parents have a trust problem. I’ve said elsewhere that the parents of the Christian Patriarchy movement seem to be unable to trust their adult daughters. In fact, as I’ve already pointed out, they frequently don’t even trust their adult daughters to be able to think for themselves. Depending on the family, sons may face the same lack of trust as well. But I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not just their children that the parents of the Christian Patriarchy movement can’t trust, they also c … [Read more...]

New Website Addressing Vision Forum

We are pleased to announce the creation of a new website geared specifically to countering the teachings of Vision Forum.  I have been bothered for some time that while there are various articles on a variety of websites addressing the problems with the teachings of Vision Forum and its image of the "perfect godly family," there was no website pulling all of this information together. And now there is.Here it is: Rethinking Vision Forum The site is meant to be something between … [Read more...]


I have made some changes to this blog today. First, I have changed the background and color scheme, etc. Second, I have changed the tabs. Now the tabs are divided by subject and provide listing of relevant blog posts. Third, I have changed the "my story" tab. Now rather than just containing my huge long story, it links to each part, all of which are now published on the blog separately. You can also make comments on each individual section now, should you want to.There are also changes … [Read more...]

Sexpectations: Purity, Courtship, and Dating

A good deal of the pain we feel in our day to day lives comes from unmet expectations. As an example, if my husband doesn’t put his dirty clothes in the hamper I become upset, but only because I expect him to put them in the hamper. If I didn’t it wouldn’t upset me. The same is true, for example, of my parents: they feel a great deal of pain today because I didn’t live up to their expectations as an adult daughter. If they hadn’t expected me to submit to my father, they would not have been upset … [Read more...]