“One thing that was powerful to me was when a pro-choice woman pointed out that a fetus doesn’t just grow *in* a woman’s body, it is *made from* a woman’s body. Fetuses literally use the blood, food, and energy of the woman to build their own bodies.” Read more

Yesterday I posted an image of a postcard distributed by abortion opponents as an argument against having a rape exemption. I used the postcard as a chance to discuss the rape exemption, but several of you readers pointed out that the image completely erases the woman, and her body, from the equation. You were right. So let’s explore that, shall we? Because this isn’t an isolated occurrence, it’s something the anti-abortion movement does all the time. Read more

Question: What is the difference between a woman who wants an abortion after accidentally becoming pregnant with her boyfriend and a woman who wants an abortion after becoming pregnant through rape? Answer: The first woman voluntarily chose to have sex while the second woman didn’t. In this post I look at the implications of rape exemptions and how a better understanding of the rape exemption can help further the pro-choice cause. Read more

In the wake of the Newton shooting, it seems like everyone is talking about guns, whether that be suggesting that we need better gun control laws or arguing against that idea. Here are a few thoughts I’ve been having as I watch these discussions. Read more

Jessica has been Sally’s best friend for a year now, but one evening recently as my little preschooler and I were wrapping presents together she looked up at me sadly and announced that “Jessica says she won’t be my friend anymore.” As I held Sally close and gave her what advice I could, I thought back over everything I have learned about relationships over the years. Read more

In my post on how I lost faith in the pro-life movement, I wrote about zygotes. Some anti-abortion readers made clear in their comments on my post that they missed both of my points entirely. One pro-life website, Life Action News, put up a post responding to my points by similarly missing them. This post was called “Introducing Ziggy the Zygote in … Adventures in the Uterus!” Let’s take a look, shall we? Read more

Remember how I wrote last week about the LGBT group, Queer PHC, recently formed by graduates of uber-conservative Patrick Henry College? Remember how Michael Farris, PHC’s chancellor, threatened to sue the group? Well now he’s saying they don’t exist What does this mean, and what does it have to tell us about the way conservatives view things like sexual orientation? Read more

During the Crisis of the Third Century, many Romans came to believe that the growing threats their empire faced stemmed from the growth in skepticism toward Rome’s national gods. They believed that the Christians’ refusal to worship the Roman gods had caused those gods to turn away from the empire, allowing death and and decay. Notice anything familiar? Read more

In its recent series of posts on rape, the Good Men Project has been focusing on “nice guys” who “accidentally” commit rape because things like consent are “confusing.” In this post I address some of the Good Men Project’s writers’ statements about rape and argue that while they clearly think they are taking on rape culture they are actually feeding it. Read more

By now you have probably heard about the Good Men Project’s recent putting its foot in its mouth on the topic of rape by arguing that “nice” men can get confused by alcohol and “accidentally” rape someone and discussing the supposed “mixed messages” women send men in these situations. Plenty has been written on this already. What I want to do here is place what the Good Men Project is doing in a bit of historical context. Read more

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