Doug Phillips on Evolution and Feminism

I just read the following quote by Doug Phillips of Vision Forum: Evolution says the struggle of the survival of the fittest, there are no differences between men and women, there is no charity, there is no deference, and in an evolutionary world feminism reaches its height and we see no distinctions. The result is babies are killed en masse, women are treated like chattel and men no longer take on their masculine role as defenders. This quote is so out there that I have decided to dissect it. … [Read more...]

Worthwhile Reads: Bill Gothard, ATI, and Sexual Abuse

Recovering Grace has been doing a series on sexual abuse. Most of the stories involve ATI families, but some even involve Bill Gothard himself:Exploited Innocence: Sexual Harassment at HQSexual Harassment Part 2: "Aren't you making too big an issue of this?"A Difficult JourneyIt's All My FaultWithout an Umbrella in a Broken SystemChoosing Both Forgiveness and ProsecutionNote: For those of you who may not know, Bill Gothard runs the Institute for Basic Life Principles ( … [Read more...]

The Catholic Church, Social Justice, and Disillusionment

feeding poor

When I became Catholic some years ago, one of the things I admired about the Catholic Church was its commitment to social justice. I liked the emphasis on fighting poverty, increasing health care access, and helping those in need. Growing up as an evangelical in the Christian Right, our focus had always been more on banning abortion and keeping gay marriage illegal than on any of these social justice issues. And, when social justice issues did come up, we were all for shrinking the government … [Read more...]

Melissa’s Series Part 7: Charting a New Course

Part 7 of Melissa’s story, Unwrapping the Onion, is now posted. This one is titled Charting a New Course. Here is an excerpt: Despite my fears and doubts, I couldn’t deny that my spouse was happier than I had ever seen him. He was relaxed and involved. He was dressing more and more femininely at home, and the kids didn’t mind at all. They were starting to figure out that their daddy was a bit different than other daddies, but they were happy to have a peaceful parent who loved them and cared for … [Read more...]

I’m still scared of public schools

public school

I realized something the other day. I'm still scared of public schools. I'm not talking about a fear that is intellectually based, or a fear that I see as rational. I'm talking about the sort of fear that comes on you unaware, catches you in its nets, and pulls you down. I'm talking about the kind of fear that bubbles up from inside, from years of habit, from patters of thought you can't seem to end. I'm talking about the kind of fear that is reflexive and intuitive.I was taking my daughter … [Read more...]

The Hypocrisy Burns: Voice of the Martyrs’ Tom White

While we're most aware of the Catholic sex abuse cases, this sort of thing is not limited to Catholic religious leaders. There was of course the Ted Haggard scandal: Ted Haggard, then president of the National Association of Evangelicals, a rabid homophobe and anti-gay activist Ted Haggard had been seeing a gay prostitute for years. Then there is Bill Gothard, who has apparently sexually harassed dozens of girls and women ages 15 to 24 for decades even as he ran, and continues to run, the I … [Read more...]

Marriage, Divorce, and the ROOT of a problem

It bugs me how often people address symptoms rather than getting to the root of the issue. For instance, the anti-abortion crowd tries to ban abortion even though the root cause is unplanned pregnancies and abortion is only a symptom. In reading through the comments on a post called Divorce and Custody on an evangelical Christian blog, I've realized that conservative evangelicals do the same exact thing with divorce. David D. Flowers says:My concern is for professing Christians involved in … [Read more...]