Evidentialism v. Presuppositionalism

I have noticed a worrying trend among some Christians. It is the turn away from evidentialist apologetics toward presuppositionalist apologetics.Evidentialism holds that belief should rest on evidence.Presuppositionalism holds that belief rests on presuppositions.Evidentialist apologetics attempts to bring converts by revealing the evidence behind Christianity. Evidentialists say that scientific evidence actually supports Young Earth Creationism, that archeology has proven the … [Read more...]

Going Against the Flow

Just had to share this extremely relevant cartoon:This is so true for so many homeschool families I have seen, including the one I grew up in. The parents step out against the flow of society, homeschooling, doing things differently, exercising their independence and autonomy, but they somehow can't tolerate their children doing the same. "Get back in like with the rest!" they order any child who acts autonomously, embraces independence, and dares to be different from them. And they d … [Read more...]

Michael Pearl in 1831

Michael and Debi Pearl's child rearing methods are not new, but are rather a return to ideas about children common in the earlier part of our nation's history, as this story from the American Baptist Magazine illustrates.  In it, Francis Wayland has the same goals and uses the same reasoning, arguments, and methods as those put forward by Michael Pearl. The scenario Wayland describes is eerily similar to some of my own experiences growing up on the Pearls' methods.WARNING: You may find this … [Read more...]

Addicted to Pregnancy and Babies?

I just ran across this quote by Kelly Bates on learning that she is expecting her nineteenth child: While some parents struggle with just a couple of kids, Kelly, 44, has spent almost half her life pregnant — and she’s happiest when she’s carrying a child. “It feels more normal to me to be pregnant than not be pregnant,” she told ABC’s Nightline. “I’m happy holding a baby.” This reminds me of a Michelle Duggar quote I ran across a few months ago. I can't find it now for some reason, but Miche … [Read more...]

Vision Forum: Fixing Problems by Turning Back the Clock

I've been doing some thinking about Vision Forum lately, and I've realized something. Vision Forum is very frequently responding to the exact same problems that feminists and others in society also recognize. No one denies that our society still fixes problems. It's just that while feminists and others like them seek to fix the problems by, well, fixing them, Vision Forum wants to fix the problems by turning back the clock to an idealized past that never existed. 1. Alcohol Abuse, Broken … [Read more...]

So they really are all connected?!

Growing up, my parents received magazines and catalogs from Vision Forum, No Greater Joy, Above Rubies, Answers in Genesis, Focus on the Family, God's World Publications, HSLDA, and more. I sometimes noticed that the various publications cross advertised, and sometimes even reprinted articles, but this video still surprised me.I probably shouldn't have been surprised. It's just that Answers in Genesis focuses specifically on Young Earth Creationism and is extremely popular in even … [Read more...]

Vision Forum Quick Takes

The Vision Forum website can be quite interesting. Today once I got home from work I sat my toddler on my lap and started to browse. I'd had a long day and was ready for some levity. Thankfully, I found some. I'm in the mood to share, and so I offer this post. Ready? Let's get started!Ah, hospitality. Now wait a minute! Are those servants on the far left and far right? Yes! They are! Methinks said hostess is not doing her own cooking and cleaning here.... Does learning about … [Read more...]