I used to think aliens were demons, and other musings

Growing up, I was taught that there was no possibility that there was actual extraterrestrial life out there, because God created the earth special and sent Christ to die for us in particular. The whole center of everything, the whole point, is our human existence here on the earth. In that context, extraterrestrial life makes no sense.However. I was taught that alien appearances were actually demons pretending to be aliens and appearing to people. Why? So that when the rapture happened the A … [Read more...]

When youth group is “contrary to scripture”

A reader recently asked in a comment if I would write about my experiences with youth group and church camp. I can't. I didn't have any. Youth group, you see, was too worldly. It was too fun-based. It wasn't Biblical.My parents are part of the family integrated church movement. This movement, which is pushed by Doug Phillips of Vision Forum among others, inveighs against segregating the family by age within the church and teaches that youth group programs result in divided families and youth … [Read more...]

My Thoughts on Feministe’s Evangelicalism Series Part II

Feministe just put up the next segment of its series on the evangelical movement. I would encourage you to read it - it has some interesting video clips as illustrations. I'm going to take a moment to offer a summary, and then to offer a few of my own thoughts (I think the article is largely accurate - I'll just be offering a few critiques based on my own experiences).SummaryThe author argues that while the beliefs of Evangelical Christianity are a bit more specific, biblicism and activism … [Read more...]

How the purity culture made me afraid of men

Growing up, I was taught that there was one thing guys my age would want from me: sex. Because that's, you know, all guys ever want from girls. I was taught that guys only think about one thing: sex. I was extremely confused by this at first because the "guys only want one thing from girls" and "guys only ever think about one thing" rhetoric began before I even knew what sex was.Eventually, I ended up kind of scared of guys my age, because, after all, they were all sex-crazed maniacs who … [Read more...]

Recent Comments

A couple of my readers asked if I could add a "recent comments" section on the right sidebar of my blog. There's one included automatically but it only shows the five most recent, and apparently that's not enough for some of you. :-PSo, on my sidebar, if you scroll down below my bio, the list of FtB blogs, the ads, and the custom "recent posts" boxes, right after a search bar you will find a listing of the twenty most recent comments, followed by my categories and my "key posts" boxes.Let me … [Read more...]

Salvation Anxiety and the Unforgivable Sin

There's one thing that always used to bother me as an evangelical. Well, there are several things, but this one in particular. Jesus came to earth to die on the cross so that sins might be forgiven, but he also stated that there was an unforgivable sin. You could be forgiven all manners of transgression except this one. To the one who committed the unforgivable sin, the doors of heaven were forever shut.The reason this bothered me was that I wanted to be completely sure of what this sin was … [Read more...]

Reality Matters

I just read Greta's recent post, "Truth Is Not Boring," and this quote stuck out to me: There’s something JT Eberhard says a lot in his talks, and he said it again in some of his responses to de Botton: Caring about reality is a moral obligation. You can have the best intentions in the world, but if you’re not committed to understanding how the world really works, you’re going to make bad decisions: decisions that hurt yourself and others around you. You’re going to let your child die when medic … [Read more...]