I write about parenting because Sally changed my life

mother and cihld

As I went through the results of my recent readers survey, I was struck by a particular comment. I like your reflections on parenting Sally, but they have little to do with Sally. They are about you reinventing parenting and allowing Sally to teach you. This comment is so true. I never thought when I first gave birth that the little new life I held in my arms would so profoundly change me. Not simply change my life, but actually really truly change who I am as a person. Sally has spurred me to … [Read more...]

Worthwhile Reads: Generation Wars

This is a little late, but...Old vs. Young, on The New York Times In a partisan country locked in a polarizing campaign, there is no shortage of much discussed divisions: religious and secular, the 99 percent and the 1 percent, red America and blue America.But you can make a strong case that one dividing line has actually received too little attention. It’s the line between young and old. Open Letter from a Millennial: Quit Telling Us We're Not Special, by Sierra Dear Baby Boomers and … [Read more...]

I Believed That Dinosaurs Still Existed…

The Friendly Atheist is shocked that some creationists use Nessie as proof of creationism. Just when you think you’ve heard it all.I want everyone reading this to take a moment to compose yourself.  This is going to be an extremely serious discussion topic.  Because the Fundamentalists have seized the Loch Ness Monster. … [Read more...]

Reader Survey!

As long as I'm doing some blog housekeeping and all, I thought I'd put together my first ever reader survey! It only has ten questions, which mean's it's super quick, and it's completely anonymous. Anyone who reads my blog at least occasionally is invited - and encouraged! - to take the survey. There's only one rule: only fill it out once!Click here for my super awesome reader survey!Come on...you know you want to! … [Read more...]

Companies’ rights v. Women’s rights

Here is a quote from a Republican senator: Discussing health care outside the Supreme Court today, Sen. Ron Johnson (R-WI) told ThinkProgress that there “shouldn’t” be a law requiring businesses to cover employees who have cancer because that would “create an obligation” for others. “When you create a right for somebody,” Johnson said, “you create an obligation for somebody else, and then you’re taking away that person’s right.” And here is a very excellent point made in the comments section: … [Read more...]

Worthwhile Reads: Parenting Articles

Latebloomer offers a list of "Parenting Articles Worth Sharing," and one of my own articles made her list!Anger Is Not a Sin, on Rachel Held Evans During the early years, however, Jose and I practiced a parenting style consistent with what we were learning in church—negative emotions were "bad" and somehow needed to be avoided or at least taken care of quick. For our kids, this looked like being mad at them for being mad (yes, I get the irony).  Things like "Go to your room if you are an … [Read more...]

It Finally Bothered Me

For some reason, growing up I was never bothered by the fact that our pastors were always male. And the ushers. And the elders. For some reason, that just seemed, well, normal. And natural. It was just how things were, and I never even thought of them being any other way.I began belief hopping when I realized that I had too much respect for my own ability to think and reason and come to conclusions to simply sublimate all of that and obey my father. I couldn't do it. Suddenly, I couldn't let … [Read more...]