Homeschooling Rehashed

My post on the problems of homeschooling generated a good number of comments, and some of them were slightly critical of what I said. Some, too, made some good points. So I thought I’d take a minute to respond to some of these comments. I have divided the comments into seven main points, and given each a summary title for the sake of clarity. 1. I know many homeschoolers who do it very wellIncidentally, my son's home school support group includes vegetarians, environmentalists, Jewish, a … [Read more...]

Dutiful Daughters

Whether one watches the Duggars’ TLC show or reads books by the Botkin sisters, one cannot escape the reality that dutiful daughters of Christian Patriarchy do exist. Heck, they even blog. I used to be one of them. For nearly twenty years, I was a dutiful daughter of patriarchy, and more than that, I was a happy and contented daughter of patriarchy. I was in some sense a poster child of the movement. What enabled me to be such a happy and dutiful daughter of patriarchy? While I cannot u … [Read more...]

The Problem: Parents or Ideology?

After my It’s About the Daughters post was crossposted on No Longer Quivering, I received the following response:You make a lot of generalizations here. Do you really believe it is this way for all, or even the majority of, quiverful daughters? I have no doubt it’s happened to some, and I support you in standing for those women and girls. But it is not this way for all, yes they learn to cook and they believe their place is at home, but most have plenty of friends, plenty of free time, an … [Read more...]

Rewriting the Pro-Life Agenda

Dear Pro-Lifers:I’d like to make some suggestions. You believe that abortion is murder. Okay. You therefore understandably want to end or at least reduce the practice of abortion. I get that. What I don’t get is the way you go about it. Protesting at abortion clinics only scares women who are already in very difficult situations, and legally restricting abortion will not actually achieve your goals. Do you want to know where the practice of abortion is most rare? Western Europe (12 per 10 … [Read more...]

What About Love?

At some point during my teenage years, my father gave me a list of requirements for a future suitor. This list was not more than a page long, and it included a variety of doctrinal and political views along with the stipulation that the suitor must be able to provide for me. The point was to ensure that the many I married was doctrinally and politically pure as well as a good protector and provider. My father told me that any man who met the requirements on this list would be given my parents’ b … [Read more...]

Sadness, Not Bittnerness

I don’t want anyone to get the wrong ideas about me or my childhood. My parents held the beliefs of Christian Patriarchy, yes, along with many of the beliefs of the Quiverfull movement, but I didn’t spend all of my free time cooking and cleaning, I had plenty of friends, and I received an excellent education. My parents are truly wonderful people, and in many ways I aspire to be like them. My mother had limitless energy, moving effortlessly and cheerfully from one task to another. My father was a … [Read more...]

The Expendable Man

Today, I re-watched Bollywood’s retelling of Jane Austen’s classic Pride and Prejudice. Just like in the original story, Bride and Prejudice revolves around a young woman eager to leave her family and her small town and begin a life of her own. How is this to be achieved? Through marriage, of course.  Somehow this all rang more true in Jane Austen’s original, when the women wore long dresses and had no options outside of marriage. But Bride and Prejudice places the story in modern day In … [Read more...]