Critiquing the Purity Culture

When I wrote about the purity culture and sexual dysfunction last week, I had no idea how many chords that simple post would touch. I had no idea how much attention it would get. Only fifteen hours after I posted it, it had more page views than any other post I have ever posted. Not more than any other post had after fifteen hours, more than any other post had total. Today, it has more than twice as many page views than any other post. To be perfectly honest, this attention surprised me. Perhaps … [Read more...]

Michael Pearl Gets More Attention

The death of Hanna Williams has brought an ever increasing amount of attention to Michael Pearl and his child training methods. Yesterday, the New York Times ran an article on Michael Pearl called "Preaching Virtue of Spanking Even as Deaths Fuel Debate." It was on the front page, so I just thought I'd draw everyone's attention to it. I've written before about the connection between the child rearing method Michael Pearl promotes and the deaths of several children here and here. … [Read more...]

A Christian Homeschooling Cult?

Today, Lewis of Commandments of Men wrote a post explaining why he calls the Christian homeschool movement a "cult." Lewis has two reasons for giving the movement this label: 1. Children are indoctrinated rather than educated. 2. Children who step out of line risk being ostracized. Here's a quote where Lewis explains this:I have two nephews and two nieces (ranging in age from 20 to 3), and I love each of them as if they were my own children. If they choose a path other than one of … [Read more...]

Vision Forum Quick Takes Part II

I'm in the mood for a little levity. Therefore, in the spirit of that feeling, I offer you Vision Forum Quick Takes part two! (Note: This is not meant to be serious commentary on serious issues.)Because we all know communism didn't end when the Soviet Union fell two decades ago! It's goal today is to take over the United States!Because, you know, what you need most are more things to worry about!We'll need them when the communists/socialists come to take … [Read more...]

Diapers, Crowd Control, Parenting, and Me

When I had my daughter, I didn't have the sort of jitters most new parents have - the fears about not knowing what to do, about breaking the baby, about embarking on a whole new unfamiliar journey. Why? Because I'd already raised more children than the vast majority of parents ever will.When I was in high school, I met a man with two young children, and when he heard how many siblings I'd had and the role I'd played in raising them, he said "I think you have more experience with this than I … [Read more...]

The Purity Culture and Sexual Dysfunction

sexual dysfunction

I just came upon a post today in which a skeptic Christian blogger responds to a letter a woman raised in the purity culture. In her letter, she discusses her frustrations and sexual dysfunction. No matter how many times it happens, somehow I'm always surprised to find my own experiences mirrored by other writers. Dear John,I have a simple-minded question for you. It’s about abstinence from premarital sex. How does this work? No, not the “How do I resist temptation and remain pure?” part. … [Read more...]

“How Many Kids Do You Want?”

When I was a child, when strangers found out how many siblings I had they invariably seemed to want to know how many kids I wanted to have when I grew up. And so they would ask me. They were shocked with the response: "As many as I can have!" or "More than my mom!" or "At least eight but not more than twenty!" For some reason I think these interested adults expected me to say "none!" or "just one!" It was like they thought I would feel so overwhelmed by so many siblings that I wouldn't want a … [Read more...]