Sierra’s Religion and Sexuality Project

Just as a reminder, Sierra of the Phoenix and the Olive Branch has started her Religion and Sexuality Project. For an introduction and list of questions, read here. For all of the installments so far, read here. Read more

The husband along for the ride

When I did my readers survey, one reader asked the following question: You talk about feminism, but I don’t recall you ever discussing sharing childcare with up your husband. Maybe you have and I missed it, but I come away with the impression that childcare is yours alone. Is there a story here? I think part of the answer is that my blog is about my journey, and that’s what I explore in my parenting posts. But this reader is… Read more

Worthwhile Reads: On Politics, Religion, and Libertarianism

After the two posts I wrote yesterday, I thought I’d offer some on related themes from a couple blogs I read: Libertarianism, Patriotism, and Starting Points: How I Apparently Became a Pinko Commie, by Sierra “You’ve been brainwashed by those bleeding heart liberal college professors of yours.” I stared at him. I hadn’t changed my position on issues of poverty and structural inequality at all. I had simply learned to talk about them using the appropriate terms. “You’re a feminazi now,”… Read more

Debi Pearl is not very nice

My regular readers will know that I am not a fan of the Pearls. Michael and Debi Pearl run No Greater Joy ministries and are best known for their child rearing manual, To Train Up A Child, but have also written numerous other books including extremely patriarchal marriage advice literature. One thing that has struck me more and more lately is how very not nice Debi Pearl is in so much of her writing. Here is an excerpt, for example,… Read more

Happy Fourth: On Secession and Armed Insurrection

Right after writing this morning’s article, I saw an email from a former spokesperson for the Michigan Republican party. Here is its conclusion: If government can mandate that I pay for something I don’t want, then what is beyond its power? If the Supreme Court’s decision Thursday paves the way for unprecedented intrusion into personal decisions, then has the Republic all but ceased to exist? If so, then is armed rebellion today justified? God willing, this oppression will be lifted… Read more

Happy Fourth: On Libertarianism, Citizenship, and Social Responsibility

I was raised a libertarian. I believed the government was the problem. I thought that the smaller the government was, the better off everyone would be. Taxes were a bad thing, something to be resented and, if at all possible, opposed. I was raised in an environment where the idea of an individual person and his property seceding from the country was bandied about as intriguing and talk of abolishing the public school system was normal. Individualism was a key… Read more

Worthwhile Reads: Patriarchy is all the same

Patriarchal marriage and “responsibility” on A Sober Second Look But most of the interpretations of the Qur’an and of Islamic law that we encountered when we first converted did not (and would never have) used the word “patriarchal” to describe their vision of the “ideal” Muslim marriage. Nor did they put much stress on the duty of the wife to obey the husband. Instead, they focused on the idea that the family (supposedly, like every other social institution) needs a leader, or… Read more

I write about parenting because Sally changed my life

As I went through the results of my recent readers survey, I was struck by a particular comment. I like your reflections on parenting Sally, but they have little to do with Sally. They are about you reinventing parenting and allowing Sally to teach you. This comment is so true. I never thought when I first gave birth that the little new life I held in my arms would so profoundly change me. Not simply change my life, but actually… Read more

Worthwhile Reads: Generation Wars

This is a little late, but… Old vs. Young, on The New York Times In a partisan country locked in a polarizing campaign, there is no shortage of much discussed divisions: religious and secular, the 99 percent and the 1 percent, red America and blue America. But you can make a strong case that one dividing line has actually received too little attention. It’s the line between young and old. Open Letter from a Millennial: Quit Telling Us We’re Not Special,… Read more

I Believed That Dinosaurs Still Existed…

The Friendly Atheist is shocked that some creationists use Nessie as proof of creationism. Just when you think you’ve heard it all. I want everyone reading this to take a moment to compose yourself.  This is going to be an extremely serious discussion topic.  Because the Fundamentalists have seized the Loch Ness Monster. (more…) Read more

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