Atheism Is No Monolith; Or, the Diversity of Disbelief

The Patheos atheist channel has just added two new blogs – Permission to Live, by Melissa, and Cross Examined, by Bob Seidensticker. I find the variety of different paths that lead people to atheism or agnosticism – and the diversity in how people then approach their disbelief – fascinating, and as I looked at these two blogs in tandem I saw this diversity  illustrated perfectly. Background: Melissa was raised in a fairly extreme fundamentalist family while Bob was raised in a fairly… Read more

“Women and Children First”: An age-old anti-feminist myth

I’ve written a lot about Vision Forum, and about their fetishization of the Titanic, and this week I came upon something of a bombshell. You see, that whole “women and children first” thing is a myth – a fabrication – originally created in order to combat the fight for women’s suffrage. When Vision Forum touts the “chivalry” of the men on the Titanic, it not only perpetuates a lie but also uses this lie to do the same thing the lie… Read more

Worshiping the Man: Christian Patriarchy as Idolatry

I just realized something that should have been obvious a long time ago. Christian Patriarchy is idolatry. See, Sarah Over the Moon recently wrote a piece in which she argued that picturing God as male, in the shape of a man, and speaking of him as king or father is idolatrous because it makes God into a man, brings God down to an earthly level, instead of understanding God as “an analogy that aids human understanding and breaks earthly power structures.” In other words,… Read more

Just Obey: Christian Patriarchy as Spiritual Abuse

I have heard the term “spiritual abuse” thrown around the blogosphere lately and I just realized that I wasn’t really sure of a good definition of the term. I did some digging around on the internet and found a variety of definitions and aspects. There doesn’t seem to be one consensus on what the term means, exactly. Some bloggers give it a wide definition while others give it a very narrow one. But as I thought about spiritual abuse, I… Read more

The Problem with Big Tent Atheism

I rarely comment here on the goings on in the atheist community. I’m torn, really. On the one hand, a big part of me wants to go to the conferences everyone talks about, and I do occasionally participate in events with local atheist groups. On the other hand, when I watch things like elevatorgate, or the brouhaha over whether sexual harassment policies are even necessary at conferences, well, it’s a bit of a turn off. The thing is, atheism doesn’t have a catechism or a… Read more

Theology 101: Divine Revelation and Spiritual Headship

About a month ago a reader asked why, if evangelicalism was a religious tradition that emphasizes direct divine revelation, any evangelical would hold that God speaks to a woman through her husband or father rather than just speaking to her himself. How could those two ideas go together? This is a very good question, and it deserves an answer, so here we go! It is absolutely true that evangelicalism has long emphasized direct revelation from God. The idea was always… Read more

David Barton’s The Jefferson Lies pulled by publisher

I wasn’t going to write about this but I think I need to. I was raised on David Barton’s historical revisionism, studying from his books and reading his literature. Barton argues that mainstream historians have it wrong, and that the founders really were all devout evangelical Christians who intended to found a Christian nation. In a move reminiscent of creationism, Barton essentially argues that mainstream historians are engaged in a cover up, but that he can give you the real story. Well,… Read more

Worthwhile Reads: Feminism, “Love,” and Kidnapping

It Really Wasn’t That Long Ago, on Permission to Live: I’ve heard from conservatives that feminism is a silly endeavour today, women have all the rights they could ever want today, that all this anti-women stuff was a long long time ago. (But was it really? Go ask your grandmother!) The thing is, I grew up believing the same stuff. That women had to please men, that athletics would risk a woman’s reproductive health which was pretty much the most important thing… Read more

Sally, Bobby, and Symptoms and Causes

Shortly after Bobby was born, Sally began to act out. Oh, she regarded Bobby with adoration, but not so when it came to Sean and I. Sally suddenly became less cooperative and even lashed out physically once or twice. In response, I did what I always try to do when it comes to parenting: I looked not just at the symptoms but instead sought to find the root cause of the symptoms. In this case, that was easy. Bobby took… Read more

Blog Housekeeping

First, I’ve just learned that when someone reads my blog in a reader (or on a smartphone), it isn’t counted as page views. And, well, getting page views is how I get paid for blogging. So if you read my blog on a reader – and I totally understand if you do, I use a reader too – it would be awesome if you would come to my actual blog site every couple of days and click through some posts… Read more

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