Airplanes and me; Or, what a BIG family means

The other day I was talking to a friend about how much I would love to live on one of the coasts someday. I expressed some concern about the idea, though, because it would mean living so far away from all of our family, possibly even requiring numerous days of driving to come for a visit. “Why wouldn’t you just fly?” my friend asked, confused. And I just looked at her. “Oh.” See, growing up in a family with a… Read more

Dear Lisa: Let us offer you some hope

Lisa of broken daughters recently wrote a post in which she admitted that even though she is in a wonderful relationship with a wonderful young man, she is scared to death of marriage and can’t picture herself married. Now, I don’t think there is anything wrong with people choosing not to marry, and plenty make that choice. It’s just that Lisa’s reasons are as follows: “But I’m afraid of marriage. I’m afraid of what marriage is to me, what I… Read more

Worthwhile Reads: The Struggling in America Series

Joe of Incongruous Circumspection is starting a series called Struggling in America: “I want your story.  I want it raw.  I want to hear from real Americans. I grew up Republican.  My family believed that everyone had a fair and equal chance of being successful.  If you were poor, it was simply because you didn’t work hard enough.  If you lived paycheck to paycheck, it was because you were bad at handling money.  Even though my mother used the welfare… Read more

It was like leaving my own children

Reader Rebecca recently posted a comment I really identify with: I always say that I was a homeschooler in the most steriotypical kind of way – the denim jumper-wearing, granola-eating, flour-grinding type. And then sometimes I clarify further by mentioning that my parents also didn’t believe in birth control. I dearly wish that, like Latebloomer, that I would come across as normal, but I’m pretty convinced by now, after years of striving to blend in, that I have have some… Read more

I Remember: AWANA

When I was in kindergarten, someone invited my family to attend an AWANA program at a local church. I participated in AWANA for the next twelve years, memorizing hundreds and hundreds of Bible verses. I could write about AWANA for pages and pages, but this is just one post, so I’ll try to hit some of the highlights. AWANA stands for “Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed,” which, you guessed it, comes from the Bible: II Timothy 2:15 – “Study to… Read more

Worthwhile Reads: Doug Wilson’s Rants

Hey guess what? Sierra has a sprained wrist but it seems I somehow still managed to get her to write a post in spite of that! Doug Wilson Continues Attention-Seeking Rants Against Rachel Held Evans, Feminists Seriously, what would this guy do for a living without the feminist movement? He should be paying us all royalties for the privilege of making a living setting up and burning down straw feminists. Also, I never thought I’d see Sauron discussed in the same… Read more

Dear Mom: It Could Be Worse

Longtime reader Petticoat Philosopher just left the following comment on my post about brainwashing and fleshly lusts: Oh yes, Libby, you are such a wild woman–marrying your first boyfriend young and having children and all. Seriously, those fleshly lusts are driving you straight to destruction. The truth is, I’m not much of a rebel by most people’s standards. Not a rebel at all, actually. I don’t have piercings and I dress normally. I’ve never smoked, never been drunk, never broken… Read more

Worthwhile Reads: Some Eyebrow Raisers

Marissa Mayer [new CEO of Yahoo] doesn’t particularly care for feminism, on Feministing And Marissa, it is too bad that feminism has become a negative word. You know what’s also too bad? Your failure to acknowledge that without feminism, you could never have become the CEO of Yahoo. KANSAS FETUS MEMORIAL TO BE CLASSY, JEW-Y, on Wonkette Probably all humans should be offended by the “International Pro-Life Memorial and National Life Center” being planned in Wichita, because it ismonstrously tacky, featuring what appears… Read more

I’m not collecting children anymore

For me, the whole Quiverfull mentality ended up being little more than a child collecting contest. Now, any truly Quiverfull woman will deny this. “It’s not about how many children you have or don’t have,” she would say. “It’s about being open to every blessing God sends your way, be that only a few or a dozen or more.” But it’s all there in the language, if you really listen. “God has blessed me with seven lovely children.” “God only… Read more

Raised Quiverfull: Anne’s Story

“I think my parents were first influenced by the Christian Patriarchy and Quiverfull movements back when they decided to “let God choose the size of their family” and started reading Mary Pride’s books “The Way Home” and “All The Way Home”. I’ve never read them, I just know she claims to be a former feminist and those are the books my parents attribute to being responsible for their changing their minds on how many kids they wanted.” Read more

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