As several of you have requested, I’ve created a tip jar in my right sidebar. I’ve also found a local charity opportunity and thought I’d give you the opportunity to participate. What charities are you giving to this holiday season? Please share! Read more

As I’ve spent time learning about Unitarian Universalism, I have come to understand the problem many atheists have with it, and it’s not just that some dislike ritual or congregational gathering. It’s that being a UU means you have to accept UUs who are Christian, or Hindu, or Muslim, and encourage them to follow their own paths rather than criticizing their beliefs as delusions and hoping that they will deconvert. Read more

After eliminating child tax credits and cutting subsidies for childcare, Michigan legislators are proposing a tax credit for pregnant women. Read more

An ex-Muslim convert just wrote on her blog about what her group taught about teenagers, and lo and behold, it’s exactly the same as what the Quiverfull/evangelical/homeschooling community I grew up in taught. As in, word for word. My jaw is still on the ground. And we truly thought we were so very different. Read more

In the conservative evangelical homeschool culture in which I grew up, things were simple and clear cut. There were men, and there were women. You grow up, you get married, you have kids. Men are attracted to women, and women are attracted to men. Men marry women, women marry men. The end. What I found as I grew up surprised me. Read more

Just over a year ago, I almost stopped blogging. I received such negativity in response to a blog post I had written that blogging ceased to be fun. I very nearly quit. What was the post I wrote that generated such a response? It was a post in I wrote about my struggles to overcome the the serious socialization problems I faced as a result of having been homeschooled. Read more

Sometimes I get emails from readers that make my heart want to break. Sometimes I cry over them. Sometimes I become angry. Let me share some of them with you in order to help you understand why I blog against the ideas of the purity culture. The purity movement, you see, is not without victims, and I want to introduce you to a few of them. Read more

“Dear Mrs. Pearl, I am going nuts. My husband has been in an emotional affair with his secretary. He says he is over it now, but I do not trust him.” This is the beginning of a letter a reader sent Debi. Watch as Debi deftly turns the entire situation into the wife’s fault and then gives the poor woman terrible advice on how to “win her husband back.” Read more

I tried to avoid Suzanne Venker, but I’ve found I just have to say something. So, a few quotes and a few words. Read more

“[T]he God of the pro-life movement values the survival of the fetal body over the well-being of any potential human soul.” Read more

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