For ages now,proponents of “traditional” marriage have been arguing that any gains in marriage equality were the products of judicial or legislative “activism,” pointing to the fact that every time marriage equality has been put to a popular vote it has been voted down. The people, they said, affirm the importance of “traditional” marriage. Yesterday that changed. Read more

A sizeable number of comments on my post on losing faith in the pro-life movement suggested that everyone should just use Natural Family Planning. Commenters assured me that it is the most reliable method of birth control out there, and it actually enhanses couples’ marriages and sex lives. In this post I will examine these claims and outline my own experience with Natural Family Planning, which I used over the course of four and a half years. Read more

Hey everyone, today is election day! Vote vote vote! Also, feel free to use this thread to discuss the election. Read more

I heard politics preached from the pulpit on a regular basis in the evangelical megachurch I attended as a girl, teen, and young adult. Today I hear politics preached from the pulpit at the Unitarian Universalist church I have been attending for the last few months. In this post I hash out a few of the similarities and differences I have noticed. Read more

I was taught that things like the assault weapons ban were wrong because we needed to be able to own things like machine guns and tanks so that we could fight back against government tyranny. This future battle was not merely hypothetical. We believed it was coming. Dad didn’t teach us kids to shoot because we were a hunting family. We weren’t. Read more

I have argued that increasing the use of birth control should be favored by pro-lifers as a way to bring down the number and rate of abortions. Several readers responded by saying that abortion would disappear if people would just stop having sex unless they were open to having babies. In this post I explain why I believe a willingness to consider promoting widespread and effective birth control is a moral imperative for those who truly believe that abortion is murder. Read more

“I’m Lina, and I’m everywhere I thought I wouldn’t be. I grew up as a homeschooled pastor’s daughter, firmly on the side of the religious right, and am now vastly more liberal and married to a girl, V. College is really where things changed for me; I went to a conservative Christian school, and by the time I graduated, I couldn’t give a shit about God. I’m currently a nanny for almost 4 year old twins, and trying to support V as she completes her Master’s and we start a photography business.” Read more

“On my 13th birthday, my dad took me out to dinner for the usual daddy-date that happens on birthdays in my family. I don’t remember what he told me the ring meant, but I had already created my ideas about why I had the ring, and my dad’s only purpose was that this ring meant he had my heart. My dad and I never really had a relationship growing up, but I took the ring seriously. I vowed I would never kiss before I got married, or touch a guy, or have sex. Obviously.” Read more

Love, Joy, Feminism has both a twitter account and now a facebook page. Please follow me on twitter and like my page on facebook! This last week has revealed the power of social media – my post on losing faith in the pro-life movement went viral because of the individual efforts of each and every one of you. Don’t underestimate this power! Read more

Addressing a post by Marc of Bad Catholic gives me the opportunity to examine further the question of strategies that might reduce the number of abortions that occur. Just what do the Guttmacher Institute’s numbers on abortion rates worldwide tell us? What is the role of poverty? How does relationship between laws restricting abortion and personal a belief that abortion is wrong affect abortion rates? All this and much more. Read more

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