Misunderstandings and jumping to judgement

The other day I was driving somewhere and getting ready to turn left. I put on my blinker, but the car behind me kept riding my tail. I hit the break and began slowing down to turn, and the car behind me angrily honked at me. I made my turn but felt really angry. I had put on my blinker for crying out loud! What kind of jerk rides someone's tail after they put on their blinker and then has the nerve to honk when they start slowing down?The next day I realized my left blinker was out. The car … [Read more...]

So many kids they’re easy to lose…

A reader recently alerted me to an article about a five-year-old who was left at Chuck E. Cheese after a birthday party - and whose absence was not noticed by her parents until the next morning. A 5-year-old girl was placed into emergency custody with caseworkers from child protective services after being left at a Chuck E. Cheese restaurant following her own birthday party Thursday evening.Investigators said the child's mother didn’t realize her daughter, 5-year-old Azana Jackson, was missing … [Read more...]

Homeschooling, vaccinations, and a giant loophole


I've seen some recent discussion of the existence of a religious exemption from vaccination requirements. It has occurred to me that people may not know about what I call "the homeschooling exemption."In most states, vaccination requirements are made so that a children are not allowed to start kindergarten until they have all of their vaccinations. This does not, then, affect homeschoolers. In other words, if you homeschool, most states have no requirement that you get your children … [Read more...]

Worthwhile Reads: Homeschool Neglect

There's an Alternet article by Kristin Rawls called "Who's Minding the Children? Educational Neglect and the Homeschool Movement." It's worth a look.Interestingly, Rawls differentiates between "educational neglect" and an "overly politicized education with huge gaps, for example, in American history, evolution or sexuality." While the former doesn't describe my homeschool experience at all, the latter fits it to a T. … [Read more...]

My favorite song from my favorite movie

I'm talked before about how much the movie Tangled means to me. I think it's actually my favorite movie ever. The song in the video below is the most moving for me of all the songs, largely because I've felt essentially everything expressed in it.http://youtu.be/H_0Y4aSY1hMFor me, this song symbolizes the moment I realized that everything I'd been taught growing up was upside down from reality. Suddenly, the world looked completely different.Lyrics: All those days watching from the … [Read more...]

On sacrificing your children

I wrote a whole ago about an article by a secular woman dating an evangelical man, and how that man as an evangelical believes he must love and serve God before even his serious girlfriend. In evangelical and fundamentalist circles, this same idea applies even to parents' love for their children. One must always love God more than one's own children, or else those children become an idol.One passage of the Bible was held up to us growing up as an absolute validation of this idea: the story of … [Read more...]

Worthwhile Reads: Someone else noticed Kirk Cameron’s connections!

Jocelyn Anderson of the Examiner has written an article called Kirk Cameron, Complementarianism, and Christian Patriarchy. In other words, I'm not the only one watching Cameron's connections to Doug Phillips and all the rest. … [Read more...]