Melissa’s Series Part 3: A Growing Up Story

Part 3 of Melissa’s story, Unwrapping the Onion, is now posted. This one is titled A Growing Up Story and describes how Melissa's spouse struggled with transsexual feelings throughout childhood and youth. Here is an excerpt: As a little Christian homeschooled boy, there wasn’t much information on LGBT people, but one day at about 11 years of age, he was reading a large illustrated history of the 20th century when a small paragraph near the bottom of the page caught his eye. The title of the sect … [Read more...]

Creationism: Fitting Science into the Bible

Growing up, I honestly thought that creationism was a scientific theory. I thought that if you looked at the evidence out there and evaluated it honestly and without bias, it would point to a young earth creation. I thought that if, say, a Muslim or a Hindu or a Taoist looked at the earth without preconceived evolutionary ideas, they would conclude that it was created six thousand years ago and destroyed by a flood fifteen hundred years later, and that genetics similarly showed that humans all de … [Read more...]

Worthwhile Reads: More on Vision Forum and Titanic

Julie Ingersoll is at it again, this time taking on Vision Forum's Titanic 100: International Centennial Event, taking place this weekend, with her article, Biblical Patriarchy Advocates Celebrate Titanic 100th with "Women and Children First" Theme.Take a minute to compare these two quotes, the first from Vision Forum's video on preparing what to wear to the Edwardian Tea that will be held at the event and the second from Ingersoll's article: Spend just over two days singing, remembering, r … [Read more...]

Creationism Evolves

Thee was a time when creationists simply argued that Neanderthals and all the other "supposed" missing links in human evolution were simply fakes. They continuously argued that these bones were hoaxes. When it comes to Answers in Genesis, though, the argument regarding human evolution has changed. Or, one might say, evolved.Today, rather than denying the existence of Neanderthals, Cro-Magnon Man, Homo Erectus, and Homo Floriensis, Answers in Genesis argues that the descendants of the eight … [Read more...]

Worthwhile Reads: Monumental and Titanic

First, Julie Ingersoll examines What Kirk Cameron's Monumental Reveals about the Subtle Influence of Reconstructionism. This is a must read.Second, with the anniversary of the Titanic's sinking coming up, Doug Phillips is planning a centennial celebration - and arguing that the movie "Titanic" Dishonors the Sacrifice of Brave Men. This is an example of Vision Forum's Titanic Worship. … [Read more...]

Melissa’s Series Part 2: Research 101

Part 2 of Melissa's story, Unwrapping the Onion, is now posted. This one is titled Research 101. Here is an excerpt: Many of these links said that they could help fix people with these perverse tendencies, but I still struggled to match what they were claiming with my Hunnie. These groups claimed that they had all the answers as to how these “perversions” were started, so I investigated, but all of the questions I bombard my spouse with met dead ends. He had never been sexually abused. He had ne … [Read more...]

Homeschooling, the family, and agents of socialization


I attended an academic talk on homeschooling not too long ago, and one of the speakers asked this: For the homeschooled student, when does the family stop being the primary agent of socialization? He went on to explain that for most children, school becomes a primary agent of socialization alongside the family. This does not happen for homeschoolers, though, who generally continue to go where their family goes, see who their family sees, and be where their family is. The family continues to be … [Read more...]