Raised Quiverfull: What Helps You Today?

What helps you the most today? Joe: Coming soon. Latebloomer: I sometimes get discouraged about my residual childhood baggage, but it helps to remember how far I’ve come.  I also like to think of all the good things that are in my life now, and remember that I wouldn’t have them if I had stayed in the movement. Libby Anne: Having tasted freedom and the ability to make up my own mind and make up my own decisions allows me... Read more

Worthwhile Reads: Home Births

Home Birth: Increasingly Popular, But Dangerous, on The Daily Beast. A few decades ago, home birth in the United States was mostly limited to insular religious communities like the Amish and to dedicated members of the counterculture like Gaskin, whose husband founded The Farm as a commune in the 1970s. In recent years, though, it’s moved toward the mainstream, spurred by the rise of attachment parenting, a reaction against a dysfunctional medical system, and pro-midwife documentaries like The Business of Being... Read more

Worthwhile Reads: Virginity and Creating a New Moral

Same ol’ Story, on Sarah Over The Moon “Once upon a time, there was a girl who was pure, virtuous, an angel in a white dress, and most importantly, a virgin. Then, one day, she met a boy and fell in love. Although the girl was committed to remaining pure, the boy kept pressuring her for more than she was willing to give. Using lies and manipulation, he convinced her to come into his bed. The girl feels dirty and... Read more

Temper tantrums, life, and calming down

Last week I took Sally to the park. When we pulled in, she completely freaked out. She started crying and yelling. No! Not here! Go back out, mommy! I responded as I normally do. Sally, it’s okay, calm down. Tell mommy what’s wrong. … Honey, just take a deep breath, calm down, and use your words. … Sally, I’m trying to listen to you, but I can’t understand what you want while you’re crying. This went back and forth for... Read more

Raised Evangelical: A Call for Participants

I’d like to invite qualifying readers to be involved in my Raised Evangelical project. Being a part of this project involves responding to a list of questions about your experiences being raised in evangelical or fundamentalist families and growing up to leave evangelicalism and/or fundamentalism behind. I will then post these responses and set them up in the Raised Evangelical section of my blog. You qualify to participate in the Raised Evangelical project if: You were raised in an evangelical or fundamentalist family.* **... Read more

Raised Quiverfull: What Helped You When Leaving?

What was most helpful to you when you were questioning and/or leaving the Christian Patriarchy/Quiverfull movement? Joe: Coming soon. Latebloomer: It was extremely beneficial to meet a lot of different kinds of people and just listen to them and their stories as much as possible.  I learned that there is so much variety in the world, and so many good and caring people!  Later, it was also helpful to spend some time away from church and religious culture.  It helped... Read more

Worthwhile Reads: Modesty Flashbacks

Modesty Flashbacks, Part 1, by Katy-Anne I got the cane in Christian school when I was five because I dared to bring a naked Barbie to school. I didn’t understand why it was so wrong to bring a naked Barbie, after all, someone had given me that doll and I had no clothes for her, I usually dressed her in my dad’s handkerchiefs. I felt like I was being punished for being poorer than the other girls, who all had the... Read more

Science: It’s a girl thing?

No, just no. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g032MPrSjFA[/youtube] I appreciate the effort, but I’d like to think that we can get girls interested in science without telling them that science = makeup!

A Brave Review: My baggage gets in the way

I watched the new Disney/Pixar movie Brave over the weekend. I was hoping to like it and even identify with it as much as I had liked Tangled. In the end, I was disappointed, but still slightly conflicted. The entire second half of the movie had me cringing. And then smiling. And then cringing. I find more and more that my background affects how I view a movie. I cried through Tangled because I saw myself in it, and this... Read more

Raised Quiverfull: Advice for Others

What advice do you have for other young adults currently questioning or leaving Christian Patriarchy/Quiverfull ideology? Joe: Coming soon. Latebloomer: Your questions are there, deep down: be honest with God and yourself and acknowledge them.  God is big enough to handle your questions.  Then try to find answers for those questions with the mind that God gave you.  It can be a scary journey but life is much richer and more interesting when you venture out of the box that... Read more