I just found a chilling short video released last September by a “pro-life” group in Ireland. I’ve embedded it in this post. I am learning that more “pro-life” groups than I had thought advance the argument that there is no such thing as an abortion necessary to save a woman’s life, and that there should be no “life of the mother” exemption. Read more

Debi Pearl encourages women to have a “cheerful spirit.” On the surface, this actually sounds like good advice – it’s a lot more pleasant to dwell on the positive than the negative, and cheerfulness is uplifting, attractive, and contagious. The trouble starts when Debi begins describing just what she means when she tells women to have a “cheerful spirit.” Read more

A few anecdotes regarding whether bigotry is innate or learned. Read more

I recently had occasion to ask myself how it was that I, having been raised a social conservative, became a progressive. The reality is that it was the seeds planted in me during my time in the Catholic Church that made me progressive – and the irony is that when those seeds blossomed and grew, it was they that then pushed me out of the Catholic Church. Read more

Two weeks ago Savita, a young woman in Ireland, died after her doctors refused to perform a medically necessary abortion. How could this happen? A professor at the medical school attached to the hospital where she died recently organized a conference concluding that abortion is never medically necessary to save a woman’s life. This is almost certainly part of the answer. Read more

Savita Hallappanavar was pregnant, and was miscarrying. The miscarriage was taking time, and was poisoning her in the process. What she needed was for the doctors to finish the miscarriage. They refused. They let her die. She was already miscarrying. The fetus was already doomed. But the location was Ireland, and Ireland is a Catholic country. Read more

Dan Fincke of Camels with Hammers has been writing an ongoing series about his deconversion from evangelical Christianity to atheism. While it’s long, it’s quite good, because Dan takes the time to really analyze what challenged his faith, how he fought to keep it, and how and why he eventually found he could not hold onto it. Read more

For two full years, I didn’t go to church. I enjoyed sleeping in on Sunday mornings and I enjoyed not feeling obligated to go to church each Sunday and guilty if I did not. During this time I attended a local atheist group off and on. But at the end of this past August I began attending the local Unitarian Universalist church. In this post I explain why. Read more

The NAE has tentatively embraced contraceptive use among unmarried evangelical young people in an effort to cut the abortion rate. I explain this huge shift in position in the context of other things I have written about the pro-life movement, suggest that the movement may be shifting to align its actions more with its “save the babies” rhetoric, and suggest a future split in the pro-life movement. Read more

I’ve been attending the local Unitarian Universalist church since the end of the summer. Here are a few things I love about it. Read more

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