I grew up at the heart of the anti-abortion movement. As a child, I held the signs, marched the marches, and attended the fundraisers. On days like today – the first Sunday in October – I look into the faces of people standing where I stood so many times. It’s at times like these that I’m reminded of how much my life has changed, how much I have changed. Read more

Anti-Abortion Argument #5: “Abortion in the early stages is ok, but abortion after viability should be restricted because the fetus can live outside the uterus and therefore delivery makes more sense as an option since it ends the pregnancy without harming the fetus.” Read more

“I was a teenager in the 90’s and so our church was into all the evangelical youth group culture stuff. I was a little late getting my purity ring. I think my father felt pressured by the other fathers getting these rings for their daughters and he finally got around to it when I was 16. Dad told me to pick out a place to go to dinner and so I researched and found a Cajun restaurant downtown that looked interesting. We went out so that he could have the “talk” with me and give me the ring.” Read more

Sally and Bobby are growing apace. Sally is talking in full paragraphs (forget sentences!) and Bobby is starting to scoot himself around the floor. I consider myself lucky to be the mother of two such awesome kids. And so, I thought I’d treat you all to a bit of an update on them, and a few stories and antics as well. Enjoy the ride! Read more

Anti-Abortion Argument #4: “The fetus MIGHT be a person. It’s hard to say when personhood/self-awareness/thought begins and therefore the fetus might be/have any or all of the above and should be given the benefit of the doubt. After all, everyone agrees that a fetus becomes a person at some point. For some, that point is conception. For others, it’s much later–possibly birth. Scientifically, though, we have no idea. Therefore, to be on the safe side so we don’t kill any people, we should assume that point is as early as possible.” Read more

In this passage of Created To Be His Helpmeet, Debi explains that she knows God’s Plan. We will learn where Debi learned God’s Plan and explore why her ideas might be attractive to evangelical and fundamentalist women – including one scholar’s suggestion that submission can be empowering. Also, Debi once threw rocks at her husband. Read more

I knew three different girls named Mercy as a child, though Bible names were more common in my community. For every Faith or Patience or Grace, there were half a dozen Elijahs and Hannahs and Rebeccas. But there were no Tiffanys or Stephanies or Ryans. Names are very important in families in the orbit of the Quiverfull and Christian Patriarchy movements. Read more

Anti-Abortion Argument #3: “Have you ever seen the video “Silent Scream”? It’s a video of an abortion, and in it you can see the unborn baby trying to move away from the probe, and then screaming as it is murdered. Abortions are incredibly cruel. Some types of abortion involve tearing the still-living unborn baby limb from limb and others involve injecting a saline solution into the womb, essentially burning it alive. Still others involve scrambling a live unborn baby’s brains. Abortions are utterly cruel and inhumane and amount to torture.” Discuss! Read more

Evangelicals and fundamentalists who endorse patriarchy and wifely submission have a problem: teaching that God requires wives to submit to their husbands opens up the door for all manner of abuse. In order to get around this, supporters of patriarchy often respond by saying that God has commanded husbands to love their wives, and that truly loving husbands won’t take advantage of their wives’ submission. But does this idea hold up? Read more

Ever wondered exactly what Quiverfull Christians – along with many Catholics – actually believe about birth control? Well, let me answer all of your questions with a (relatively) short video that I just found via No Longer Quivering. I remember being told most, though not quite all, of the things in this video – especially the point about the coming demographic collapse and the idea that contraception just may kill you. One I don’t remember hearing is that the gay is caused by contraception. Oh yes. Now you really have to watch the video. Read more

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