Worthwhile Reads: The Duggars, Modesty, and the Beach

The Duggar Family Doesn’t Go to the Beach, and Why That’s Bad for Their Kids, by Sierra’ This kind of article infuriates me. It does. I start chugging smoke out of my nostrils and seeing the world with an extra shiny pink tint, like a greasy undercooked steak. Is it because the idea of broadcasting your modesty to the world via a platform given to you by your televangelism (oh, excuse me, “reality show”) is stunningly hypocritical? Is it because of… Read more

Answers in Genesis wants to have its cake and eat it too

I noticed a few short articles in the July-September 2012 issue of Answers in Genesis that I found interesting (page 13). Here is an excerpt from one called Hoosier Hopes Dashed: Though Answers magazine has never advocated forcing public school instructors to teach creation, at a minimum teachers should have the freedom to present significant problems with evolution. Such academic freedom would serve the best interests of all scientific research and teach students to think analytically, rather than accepting popular… Read more

Worthwhile Reads: Having It All Is Not a “Woman’s Issue”

Having It All: Not a “Woman’s Issue” As an aside, I have a secret fantasy of gathering a team of men to go to every male-dominated discussion (on specific issues in the law or a certain genre of film or investigative journalism or whatever) and when it’s Q& A time, earnestly ask the male panelists how they balance work and family. As a not-aside, the harder question is what to do here. I think there are a few solutions, at least… Read more

Blog Housekeeping

You may wonder has been going on with the crazy posting the last two days… You may also be wondering what will be changing now that the last of the Raised Quiverfull panel posts has been posted. So, here’s some blog housekeeping for you! Raised Quiverfull Wrap Up I had some requests for me to post the Raised Quiverfull project in individual story form as well as panel form. Because I’d already posted all the responses in panel form, I… Read more

Still looking for additional Raised Quiverfull Perspectives!

Now that the Raised Quiverfull project has been posted in its entirety, I wanted to make sure to mention once again that I am still looking for additional voices to add to the project in the coming weeks and months. If you know someone who might be interested, please send the link on! The more perspectives the better! Read more

Raised Quiverfull: Tricia’s Story

“At the first homeschool convention my parents attended, they heard one of the “big names” in the movement speak and were dazzled. They actively pursued more of the same kind, and Doug Philips, Jonathan Lindvall, Bill Gothard, and Michael Pearl all soon became household words in our family. There were several other less well-known teachers in the same general stream that we followed as well. We subscribed to the magazines/newsletters, bought the books and tapes, went to the seminars, etc. Our home was literally littered with patriarchal propaganda.” Read more

Raised Quiverfull: Sierra’s Story

“I was not born into fundamentalism. My mother was an ordinary evangelical and my extended family was made up of lapsed Catholics. We went to various non-denominational Bible churches as my mother searched for her spiritual home. When I was 7, my mother had a miscarriage. She fell deep into mourning and leaned on one of her homeschool friends for support. That friend was a fundamentalist. We were rapidly sucked down the rabbit hole of Christian patriarchy and quiverfull as my mother began attending a church that followed the charismatic fundamentalist preacher William Branham.” Read more

Raised Quiverfull: Sarah’s Story

“My parents were already slipping into PF/QF teachings by the time I was born. They both came from chaotic backgrounds and were looking for a way to ensure that their children would never experience the things they had to go through. My older sisters had to watch things go from normal to terrible, but I have no memories from before. My earliest memories involve skirts and braids and spanking spoons. We had every book and magazine ever published by Vision Forum, Michael Pearl, Debbi Pearl, David Wilkerson, Above Rubies, Answers in Genesis, The Harris’s, The Farris’s, and the Botkins. I’m sure there were more.” Read more

Raised Quiverfull: Melissa’s Story

“When I was 5 my parents decided to homeschool me. At around age 8 some things started to change, my dad told us that all the girls would have to dress modestly from now on, because it wouldn’t be fair for him to “spring that on us when we hit our teens” and we might as well get used to it now. When I was 10 we quit going to church and began “homechurching”. I remember my dad subscribed to “Patriarch Magazine” and “Quit You Like Men” magazines. My mother started to get “Gentle Spirit” and eventually “Above Rubies.”” Read more

Raised Quiverfull: Mattie’s Story

“My parents consider themselves to be first-generation Christians. They were heavily influenced by Mary Pride during their engagement, and always planned to homeschool and have their children court, rather than date. They were involved in both Vineyard and Sovereign Grace Ministries churches, and subscribed to WORLD Magazine and Above Rubies (and later I would be subscribed to The King’s Daughter Magazine). For school, we used Sonlight Curriculum, Rod & Staff, Beautiful Feet, Gileskirk, Apologia Science, and Alpha Omega LifePacs, and we were involved in AWANA.” Read more

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