Once upon a time, I was homeschooled. And yet, I do not plan to homeschool my children. What happened? What was my experience like being homeschooled? What changed my mind about homeschooling? How did I go from an ardent advocate of homeschooling to intending to send my children to public school? Let me see if I can explain. Read more

Why was the UN Disabilities Treaty defeated this week? Part of it had to do with fear mongering about the UN and one world government, yes, but there’s more too it. Homeschoolers like Rick Santorum opposed ratification because, quite simply, they do not believe children have rights, and that includes disabled children. Leaders like Santorum believe that parents’ rights over their children should be supreme. Read more

Debi takes on thankfulness by combining statements like “discontentment is not a product of circumstances, it is the state of the soul” and “we make life so complicated with our demands to be treated fairly.” The problem is that she makes being content with your circumstances the goal and forgets that there is also a place for working to better your circumstances. Read more

Now this is interesting. Patrick Henry College, founded by Home School Legal Defense Association founder Michael Farris as part of his plan to filter homeschool graduates into government and politics, has a group called Queer at Patrick Henry College. And Farris isn’t happy about it, not in the least. In fact, the internet blocking and threats to sue have already commenced. Read more

Many of evangelicals’ attempts to insert creationism into the classroom over the past half decade or so have actually been based in the rhetoric of progressive education. The latest creationist bill in Indiana is yet another example of this. Why is it that on the issue of creation and evolution, conservatives and progressives sometimes seem to swap rhetoric? Could understanding this better help bring a conclusion to this conflict? Read more

I’m afraid I rather made my husband Sean miserable during our engagement and early marriage. Because I was taught that men constantly think about sex and that my husband thinking sexual thoughts about another woman would be the equivalent of adultery, I quizzed him daily on whether he had “cheated on me.” One thing the purity culture doesn’t do well is trust. Read more

As several of you have requested, I’ve created a tip jar in my right sidebar. I’ve also found a local charity opportunity and thought I’d give you the opportunity to participate. What charities are you giving to this holiday season? Please share! Read more

As I’ve spent time learning about Unitarian Universalism, I have come to understand the problem many atheists have with it, and it’s not just that some dislike ritual or congregational gathering. It’s that being a UU means you have to accept UUs who are Christian, or Hindu, or Muslim, and encourage them to follow their own paths rather than criticizing their beliefs as delusions and hoping that they will deconvert. Read more

After eliminating child tax credits and cutting subsidies for childcare, Michigan legislators are proposing a tax credit for pregnant women. Read more

An ex-Muslim convert just wrote on her blog about what her group taught about teenagers, and lo and behold, it’s exactly the same as what the Quiverfull/evangelical/homeschooling community I grew up in taught. As in, word for word. My jaw is still on the ground. And we truly thought we were so very different. Read more

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