Answers in Genesis: Are we more moral than God?

This week a read an article in Answers in Genesis' Answers Magazine asserting that if you think God's cruel for sending people to eternal torture in hell, well, you just don't truly understand God's goodness (yes, yes that is indeed their argument), and a post by the Slacktivist in which muses that it must be awful to believe that God isn't as loving as you want him to be. Reading these two in tandem brought to mind the "wager" I created while exiting religion. So hang on to your seats as we set … [Read more...]

Worthwhile Reads: An answer for everything

Blogger Sober Second Look has another piece you should read: The conservative brands of Islam that I came to know intimately all had one thing in common: they gave you knowledge of everything. Everything in this world that mattered, anyway, as well as a glimpse of the next.Whatever question you might have, there was a plausible-sounding, coherent answer for. Often, a fairly straightforward answer. All you had to do was to ask an imam, a shaykh, or a person known for their Islamic … [Read more...]

Theology 101: Reading the Bible “Literally”

I've been asked by several people in various comments or emails what fundamentalists and evangelicals mean when they speak of taking the Bible "literally." I'm going to take a moment to hash that out here.First off, I don't know a single fundamentalist or evangelical who takes Jesus' parables "literally." Similarly, none of them look at the Proverbs or Song of Solomon and take them "literally" either. Even the most fundamentalist fundamentalist understands that there are different genres, … [Read more...]

Worthwhile Reads: The Leavers

These are a bit old, but I just came upon them and wanted to share.First, this from Christianity Today:The Leavers: Young Doubters Exit the ChurchThen a response on Camels with Hammers:Sex And Apostasy … [Read more...]

Republicans, Muslim Schools, and the Separation of Church and State

You've probably heard the story by now. It's been going around the internet for the past week or so, I think. Apparently a in Louisiana Muslim school applied to receive students with vouchers under a new law there. And, predictably, Republican lawmakers - those who had pushed the voucher law in the first place - freaked out. In their minds, giving state money to fundamentalist Christian schools is just fine and dandy - some might say it's the reason behind the new voucher law in the first place - … [Read more...]

I have another piece on Offbeat Mama

Click here:Preschoolers and the Art of PersuasionEnjoy! … [Read more...]

Positive Parenting: Get Some Perspective

On a recent weekend we were visiting relatives - this happens a lot in the summer - and we went to church with them. Sally sat through the service with us, because the church did not have Sunday school or even a nursery during the service. She did a pretty good job, for the most part, but like any young preschooler she was a bit antsy.Toward the end of the service, Sally started to get especially wiggly. I picked her up and held her, shushing her and telling her to sit still.Come on, … [Read more...]