Addressing a post by Marc of Bad Catholic gives me the opportunity to examine further the question of strategies that might reduce the number of abortions that occur. Just what do the Guttmacher Institute’s numbers on abortion rates worldwide tell us? What is the role of poverty? How does relationship between laws restricting abortion and personal a belief that abortion is wrong affect abortion rates? All this and much more. Read more

In this passage, Debi explains that wives are subordinate to their husbands, but are not inferior. I find this distinction strange. More than that, she offers a number of comparisons to the relationship between husband and wife, comparisons that make me wonder a bit about her theology. Finally, she explains just what the life of a “help meet” is to be. Read more

I have been impressed over the last week at the outpouring of interesting and thought-provoking articles being put out regarding the abortion issue. With the election approaching and the increasing role abortion has played in politics recently, I suppose this outpouring only makes sense. In this post I provide links to seven articles I have found interesting, and offer a representative quotation from each. Happy reading! Read more

After reading through the massive comment thread on my post on the pro-life movement, I have put together a list of questions and points to be addressed. I will be writing future, more focused followup posts looking at some of these issues, but I thought I would briefly address some of questions and comments here first. Some of the questions I tackle include whether my sources are guilty of “liberal bias,” why I spend so much time talking about zygotes, whether abortion is a way for people to avoid “responsibility” and the “consequences” of sex, and the difference between causing a death and allowing deaths to occur. Read more

Since the article I posted on losing faith in the pro-life movement went viral, I thought I’d put up a little introduction for new readers. First of all, if you’re new here, welcome! This post will give you an idea of who I am, where I’m coming from, and what I write about. It will also explain the series of guest posts I run on this blog and outline the various projects I’ve put together. Read more

Today is Halloween. Sally is giddy with excitement. I’m taking her trick-or-treating this evening, and she’s been asking every day for a month now if it is “Halloween Day.” Bobby will be going too, his first Halloween. But today, I can’t help but remember experiencing Halloween as a child raised on the border between evangelicalism and fundamentalism. I was taught that Halloween was Satan’s high holy day, complete with sacrifices by covens of witches and increased demonic activity. Halloween scared me to death. Read more

Hazardous Journeys. Leading Christian Patriarchy organization Vision Forum is worried that boys today are not manly enough. It’s solution? Many trips into the wilderness to build courage, risk-taking, leadership, and manhood. In this post I discuss Vision Forum’s Hazardous Journeys Society, post some videos from Vision Forum regarding this project, discuss the historical precedent for this sort of thing, and point out that it’s, you know, just for boys. Read more

The spring of my sophomore year of college I was president of my university’s Students for Life chapter. The fall of my junior year of college I cut my ties with the movement. Five years later I have lost the last shred of faith I had in the pro-life movement. This is my story. I’d like to challenge your thinking on the subject and invite you along for the ride. Read more

A few weeks ago I came upon a blog post by Sarah of Who I Am Without You comparing the number of zygotes – i.e. fertilized eggs – flushed out of a woman’s body when she is on the pill with the number flushed out when she is not on birth control. In this post I analyze Sarah’s numbers and report my findings. You might be surprised. Read more

“I was 17, and the ring ceremony would be held at my church in a few weeks. I wasn’t particularly looking forward to the ceremony. Although I actively participated in my school’s theater program, I always felt awkward and embarrassed in front of my church congregation when it came to religious proclamations. My cheeks would become rosy when asked to lead prayers at youth services.” Read more

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