Prince of Egypt modifies a Bible story

I recently re-watched the 1998 animated movie Prince of Egypt. I've always loved that movie, with its beautiful animation and awesome songs (it's a bit of a musical). And that was all just as I remembered it, and just as moving. But there was one thing I noticed this time through that I don't remember noticing before. Specifically, the movie has a significant plot change from the original Biblical story of Moses on which it is based.The basic layout is that the Hebrews are slaves in Egypt, a … [Read more...]

HSLDA, the CPS, and fear: Quick, kids – hide!

I grew up afraid of the CPS (Child Protective Services). My parents carefully instructed us children on what to do if the CPS ever came to the door. We were never to let a social worker into the house, never to talk to one, and especially never to let one talk to any of us children alone. I used to have nightmares about this, where the CPS took us children away from our parents, interrogated us, and never let us return.The weird thing is, we had nothing to fear from the CPS. My parents did … [Read more...]

Suddenly the world got so much bigger

I grew up believing that the world was created in 4004 B.C.E. and that the world would end within my lifetime. In other words, I believed that the entire length of the world's existence would be something just over 6000 years.As a young adult I learned the scientific evidence behind evolution and found that the world was much, much, older than I had ever thought. As I left religion I suddenly realized that this mean that the world was not going to end with the return of Christ, whether … [Read more...]

On Ethics, Atheists, and “Absolute Morality”

As a child, I was taught that atheists had no basis for morality, no ethics, no nothing. Atheists just believed in . . . nothing. They did whatever they felt best, whatever pleased them most. If atheists ever followed the law, it was because they were afraid they might be sent to jail if they liked. Atheists had no check on their selfishness and lived hedonistic lifestyles as a result.In fact, I was even told that many atheists were atheists so that they could do whatever they liked, without … [Read more...]

Even purity-minded Christians can oppose purity balls

It's a mistake to think that every Christian, or even every Christian who believes in abstinence until marriage, thinks purity balls are a good thing. The reality is that there are purity-minded Christians who absolutely oppose purity balls and purity pledges, and they have their reasons. I think this is great, because let's face it, someone who is into things like purity balls and purity pledges would be way more likely to listen to critiques from a fellow Christian than from a heathen like … [Read more...]

Worthwhile Reads:

Joe of Incongruous Circumspection is starting a series reviewing and refuting Bill Gothard's manual on how wives should meet their husbands' "seven basic needs."Sarah of Enigma, who was raised Quiverfull and has since left, writes about the pain she feels because a friend who grew up with her has cut her out of her life. She gave birth to a daughter this week; A little baby girl that I will never meet. She will never call me “Aunty” and I will never get to tell her stories of how adventurous an … [Read more...]

I never had “faith”

I just read a post discussing the definition of "faith" at Camels with Hammers, and I realized something. By his definition, I don't think I ever really had "faith." Or if I did, not very much of it. Let me explain. defines faith as "belief that is not based on proof." Dan adds more detail, defining faith as follows: Faith is deliberately believing a proposition more strongly than evidence warrants (either when you think that the proposition is not strongly supported by … [Read more...]