Doug Phillips on the Threat of Population Decline

I recently ran across an article on Vision Forum president Doug Phillips' blog, in which he repeats a line I heard so often growing up: Our world isn't facing an overpopulation crisis, but is rather headed toward a demographic decline that will result in economic catastrophe. In other words, having 12+ children doesn't contribute to overpopulation but rather serves as a way to fight and avert the potential problems of demographic decline.This idea is frequently put forward by the conservative … [Read more...]

Who are the Real Babies? House-Proofing and Modesty

I was raised on the Pearls' disciplinary methods. The Pearls teach that you don't child-proof your house, you house-proof your child. As soon as a child is old enough to move around, say nine or ten months, you teach her what not to touch. If she reaches for a laptop left out on the couch, you tell her "no" and give her a little slap on the hand. If she does it again, you repeat, over and over, until she eventually learns not to touch it.I was also raised on the modesty teachings of the purity … [Read more...]

Worthwhile Reads: Santorum, environmentalism, and more

Julie Ingersoll's excellent article, "Obama’s 'Phony Religion' is Environmentalism, Santorum Explains," discusses the anti-environmentalism rhetoric of the right and even draws connections to leading Christian Patriarchy group Vision Forum.Feministe is beginning a series on Evangelical Christianity, and I am keenly interested to read their take. Read the introduction here.Sierra discusses my post on Christian Patriarchy's concerns about women voting by pointing out an egregious c … [Read more...]

In Group, Out Group

In many, many ways, growing up as an evangelical was great. I was surrounded by friends who shared my views, and we had good times together. Sermons were generally interesting, the worship music was uplifting, and we were firmly positioned within a dynamic evangelical culture. There was a real sense of community, purpose, and love.What I didn't realize while growing up was that this community had carefully policed boundaries. I was a bit naive, I think, when during my college years I started … [Read more...]

The Duggars, Rick Santorum, and a Religious Realignment

The Duggars have been campaigning for Rick Santorum, endorsing him wholeheartedly. The evangelicals of the Christian Right have embraced Santorum, and he is now their candidate of choice. There's just one thing that's odd about this picture. Santorum is Catholic.Just over fifty years ago, when John F. Kennedy was running for president, he had to convince evangelicals and Protestants in general that he was not going to let his Catholic religious affiliation influence his politics. In fact, he … [Read more...]

Coming out (as an atheist) is a journey not an event

For those raised in religious families surrounded by religious friends and relatives, coming out as an atheist is a big deal. It means risking the potential - and in many cases the likelihood - of losing friends and experiencing damaged relationships with relatives. It may even mean facing emotional manipulation and the pain of rejection. It means a complete change of identity.Personally, I don't see coming out as an atheist as a one time thing. For some it may be, but for me at least, it has … [Read more...]

On anonymous blogging and “coming out” as an atheist

I hope my readers don't think less of me for this, but there is a reason I blog anonymously. The truth is, I'm not out completely to all of my family members. And at the moment, that's okay. For me, coming out as an atheist is a journey rather than an event.Basically, I stopped talking to my parents about my spiritual journey some years ago, and they probably assume I am still frozen where I was: Christian, but not of their specific brand. For the time being, I let them assume that. Why?I … [Read more...]