A Note on My Commenting Policy

I just wanted to let my readers know that if you post a comment and I don't respond it's because I don't make a policy of responding to every comment or even every comment that poses a question. When I first started blogging almost a year ago, I did. But now I don't, and that's for two reasons:First, time. It takes time to write these posts, so I really don't have time to go around responding to every comment. I mean, I do have a husband and family and I am in grad school and all!Second, … [Read more...]

Melissa’s Series Part 1: A Secret Revealed

Melissa just put up the first segment of her new series, which I mentioned yesterday. The series is called Unwrapping the Onion, and Part 1 is called A Secret Revealed. Here's an excerpt: "When you talk about seeing stuff on the internet, is it about transsexuals like we saw on the Tyra Banks show that one time?"I wasn’t sure when I had ever seen him this uncomfortable, but he had always been such a terrible liar, I think he knew it would be pointless to try and dodge the question."Um, y … [Read more...]

Dear Libby: How can I be a good role model?

Dear LibbyI have a situation that I thought you may be able to help me with.  I'm a liberal Christian whose brand of faith has more to do with living out Jesus' example of love than anything else -- I tend to identify more with Quakers than most denominations I've run across, but the absence of a meetinghouse in my area has kept me from becoming more involved.I have a dearly, dearly beloved aunt who, over the years, has become increasingly fundamentalist in her political and religious … [Read more...]

One of the Bravest People I Know

Melissa of Permission to Live is quite literally and without exaggeration one of the bravest people I know. I've linked to her work before, but if you haven't spent time on her site, you really should. She's starting an important new series. Head over and read her introduction and then stick around as she posts the entire thing in the coming weeks. Here's an excerpt from her introduction, and then I'll offer some further background on Melissa: I am about to publish the most intensely vulnerable … [Read more...]

Picking Your Healthcare Provider

In the past, I've never before thought about whether my healthcare provider was anti-abortion or pro-choice. When I was newly pregnant and looking for a doctor, it's not something I really considered.That is, until I was laying back on the bed in my doctor's office with my shirt up and the ultrasound stick on my belly and was taken completely by surprise by the doctor and nurse going off on a pro-life tangent.Now to be fair, it started with a joke. I said I wanted to put one of the … [Read more...]

Documentaries: The Education of Shelby Knox

In putting together my blog's tabs, I've been trying to incorporate documentaries I've found useful or informative or interesting. This one, The Education of Shelby Knox, is fascinating. It's about a high school aged evangelical girl who realizes that abstinence only sex education isn't working in her school and works to enact a change. Little does she realize that she will herself change! Sorry I can only offer you the preview!Feel free to share your thoughts!  … [Read more...]

On Raising Progressive Children


The other day my daughter asked me why I wear a ring. I told her it's because I'm married, and I called my husband over and showed her his ring, too. I told her that when two people get married they wear rings.But of course this meant I had to explain what "getting married" meant. So I told her that when two people love each other very much and want to be life partners, they get married. I told her that when she grows up and finds someone she loves very much and wants to share her life with, … [Read more...]