What if abortion were illegal? In this post I explore some of the ramifications of restricting and banning abortion, including increased poverty and a greater chance of being stuck in abusive relationships, as well as dangerous illegal abortions, folk remedies, and obtaining abortifacient chemicals across the borders or through the mail. I finish with a twist. Read more

Sometimes atheists who hear my story respond by saying “wouldn’t it be great if your whole family deconverts?” The reality is, I don’t give a fig whether or not my siblings – or my children – become atheists. I do, however, care a great deal about whether they are caring, compassionate, loving people who do good to others and not harm. Read more

The American College of OBGYNs has just released a recommendation that the birth control pill should be available over the counter. In the wake of the ignorance coming from the Right over the availability of birth control and even how birth control functioned, I think this development is promising. Read more

Right after Thanksgiving and heading into the holidays, right now might not seem like a very good time to talk about body image. But then again, maybe it’s actually the best time to talk about body image. I want to share something I read about body image a few months ago that changed my life. Maybe it will change yours too. Read more

Throughout her book, Debi’s attitude toward women is bizarre. In this passage, Debi tells a story to illustrate her point about the importance of having a cheerful spirit. But like all of the stories Debi tells, this one comes off as just, well, off somehow. Read more

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m sure you’re all enjoying your Turkey and pumpkin pie, but I thought I’d offer something to read in case you need a break from family and frivolity. You see, Mark Twain had a thing or two to say about Thanksgiving. Enjoy! Read more

“There’s a five-alarm fire at a fertility clinic, and you’re the first firefighter to enter the building. On one side of the building, there’s a petri dish with half a dozen frozen embryos. On the other side, there’s a cowering five-year-old girl. You only have time to save one. Which would you choose and why?” This and other questions no one asks opponents of abortion, courtesy of blogger Adam Lee and inspired by The Gospel Coalition. Read more

Thanksgiving is upon us. In this post I share some of my family’s traditions and encourage readers to share some of their own. Read more

It was breakfast, and Sally had shredded her biscuit and was asking for another. I was annoyed. She was insistent. As my frustration bubbled, my commitment to positive parenting was put to the test. Read more

Conservative Calvinist evangelical and Christian Patriarchy leader Doug Wilson has posted some of this thoughts on the election on his blog. He argues that Obama’s election is God pouring out his judgement on mankind (but also that those who voted for Obama brought down judgment on the nation) and that Christians should respond by repenting not mobilizing or organizing (but also that Christians should be turning to new strategies in fighting the “culture wars”). Let’s take a look, shall we? Read more

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