Debi starts her first chapter with a letter from a reader. This reader explains that she realized after reading one of Debi’s articles that she was a “Jezebel type.” What is this “Jezebel type”? In this post, we explore this reader’s letter and Debi’s earlier letter to answer that question and reveal what it says about how Debi views women – and men. Read more

“Sex is the union of two complementary beings—a male, who God created with a physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual bent to lovingly and self-sacrificially bestow and give, and a female, who God created with a physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual bent to actively and joyfully welcome and receive.” Come along as I dissect this and more in an effort to look at how evangelicals and fundamentalists talk about the man’s role “giving” in sex. Read more

You want to see a fascinating infographic? See, when it comes to sex, the “men need it and women give it” trope is huge in evangelical and fundamentalist circles. Yes, there is being more emphasis today on the fact that women are sexual beings as well, and more and more evangelical and fundamentalist sex manuals instruct the husband to pleasure his wife. But that doesn’t mean the trope has disappeared. And I have an infographic to illustrate this. Read more

What’s right – and wrong – with the role of faith in politics today? In this post, I offer several answers and make suggestions for how we could make things better in the future. I delve into the way many Christians today equate morality and religion, pointing out the way this conflation effects how they approach politics and has helped foment the Christian Right. I also mention the Greek gods and point out the problems that could ensue if we lower the wall of separation between church and state. Read more

The way the poor are talked about in this country is absolutely reprehensible. And the fact that this goes on in a country in which a vast majority of the population follows the teachings of a man who spent his time absolutely blasting the rich while hanging out with the poor and the dregs of society is beyond baffling. In this post I not only explore the way we view the poor in this country but also talk about my own experiences. Read more

“My name is Veronica. I’m currently 35 years old. I was raised by my parents as an Evangelical Christian, and took part in church life all my youth. Today I define myself as a Secular Humanist, which I have for the past 4-5 years. Before that I considered myself an agnostic. My transition from Christian to agnostic took place between 10 and 5 years ago. It was somewhat gradual. I have not identified as religious for the past 7 years at least.” Read more

I grew up at the heart of the anti-abortion movement. As a child, I held the signs, marched the marches, and attended the fundraisers. On days like today – the first Sunday in October – I look into the faces of people standing where I stood so many times. It’s at times like these that I’m reminded of how much my life has changed, how much I have changed. Read more

Anti-Abortion Argument #5: “Abortion in the early stages is ok, but abortion after viability should be restricted because the fetus can live outside the uterus and therefore delivery makes more sense as an option since it ends the pregnancy without harming the fetus.” Read more

“I was a teenager in the 90’s and so our church was into all the evangelical youth group culture stuff. I was a little late getting my purity ring. I think my father felt pressured by the other fathers getting these rings for their daughters and he finally got around to it when I was 16. Dad told me to pick out a place to go to dinner and so I researched and found a Cajun restaurant downtown that looked interesting. We went out so that he could have the “talk” with me and give me the ring.” Read more

Sally and Bobby are growing apace. Sally is talking in full paragraphs (forget sentences!) and Bobby is starting to scoot himself around the floor. I consider myself lucky to be the mother of two such awesome kids. And so, I thought I’d treat you all to a bit of an update on them, and a few stories and antics as well. Enjoy the ride! Read more

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