Thanksgiving is upon us. In this post I share some of my family’s traditions and encourage readers to share some of their own. Read more

It was breakfast, and Sally had shredded her biscuit and was asking for another. I was annoyed. She was insistent. As my frustration bubbled, my commitment to positive parenting was put to the test. Read more

Conservative Calvinist evangelical and Christian Patriarchy leader Doug Wilson has posted some of this thoughts on the election on his blog. He argues that Obama’s election is God pouring out his judgement on mankind (but also that those who voted for Obama brought down judgment on the nation) and that Christians should respond by repenting not mobilizing or organizing (but also that Christians should be turning to new strategies in fighting the “culture wars”). Let’s take a look, shall we? Read more

The very first lines of Obama’s victory speech illustrate what I see as the key difference between Democrats and Republicans. Read more

“My name is Joy; I am a 42-year-old wife and working mother of 2. I was raised in an evangelical home that was fairly well-integrated into mainstream culture. My mother is a conservative evangelical and my father is a progressive evangelical (think Jim Wallis). I grew up to question some of the foundational evangelical tenets I was taught due to personal experiences and academic explorations. I still identify as a Christian, but a liberal/progressive one. Which means sometimes I am a little bit agnostic and other times I feel fairly traditionally mainline Christian.” Read more

I had thought until today that Savita Hallapanavar’s death could not have happen in the United States because the “right of conscience” bill put forward in the House last winter, which would have allowed doctors with religious objections to abortion refuse to perform an abortion if a woman’s life was at stake, ultimately failed. However, I just learned that I was wrong, and I am sitting here in a bit of shock. Read more

When I suggested that birth control would decrease the abortion rate, some prolifers argued that if we don’t want unwanted pregnancies, well, then people should just be “responsible” and wait until they get married to have sex. Well guess what? Being married does not make pregnancy magically “wanted”! Revolutionary, I know! Read more

At the rate I am currently reviewing Created To Be His Help Meet, I will be reviewing it for years. This isn’t necessarily a problem except that I have other books I want to review in the same way. So I thought I’d solicit your opinions. Read more

I just found a chilling short video released last September by a “pro-life” group in Ireland. I’ve embedded it in this post. I am learning that more “pro-life” groups than I had thought advance the argument that there is no such thing as an abortion necessary to save a woman’s life, and that there should be no “life of the mother” exemption. Read more

Debi Pearl encourages women to have a “cheerful spirit.” On the surface, this actually sounds like good advice – it’s a lot more pleasant to dwell on the positive than the negative, and cheerfulness is uplifting, attractive, and contagious. The trouble starts when Debi begins describing just what she means when she tells women to have a “cheerful spirit.” Read more

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