Blogger: Affirmative Consent Will End the Sexual Revolution


Earlier today a post from the Patheos family channel, came across my facebook feed. It was titled "Men: The Sexual Revolution Is Over." Curious, I clicked on it and found myself on a blog titled "Church for Men," run by a man named David Murrow. The purpose of the blog appears to be finding ways to combat the feminized nature of American evangelical Christianity. But that was not the topic of this particular post. Not in the least. The topic of this post was far different. Let's have a look, shal … [Read more...]

When Abortion Restrictions Mean Jail Time


A Pennsylvania woman has been sentenced to up to 18 months in prison for obtaining so-called abortion pills online and providing them to her teenage daughter to end her pregnancy. Yes, you read that right. Jennifer Ann Whalen, 39, of Washingtonville, a single mother who works as a nursing home aide, pleaded guilty in August to obtaining the miscarriage-inducing pills from an online site in Europe for her daughter, 16, who did not want to have the child.Whalen was sentenced on Friday by M … [Read more...]

“Daddy, Is the Devil Real?” A Response


A few weeks ago, a reader sent me a post from a blog on the progressive Christian channel and asked for my opinion. The post is called Daddy, is the Devil Real? The author, Morgan Guyton, explains that the devil came up during scary story telling with his sons, and that his five-year-old asked if the devil was real, and that he said yes, which very much concerned his son. Guyton explains his belief as follows:  I really do believe that somebody’s out there who’s behind the world’s evil. People r … [Read more...]

On Feminism and Embracing the Homemaker


I was fascinated by a recent comment by a reader named Alberta Rose: In the last seven years my son has seen me drift from the women who say “Why aren’t you?” and towards women who say “This is how I live life”. He’s seen me leave behind bitterness, pettiness and jealousy. I’ve become at peace with saying “God blessed us with one child”. I’ve gone from feeling like I let down the Women’s Liberation by placing a higher value on marriage and motherhood to feeling like I’m living life as God would … [Read more...]

Charisma News Publishes a Call for Genocide


Charisma News---a sort of charismatic version of the conservative evangelical publication Christianity Today---recently published a piece by Reverend Gary Cass titled "Why I Absolutely Am Islamaphobic." I opened the link expecting something bad, but was in no way prepared for what I read. Cass calls for genocide against the world's Muslims. In this post I will quote from Cass's article and respond, generally with actual points but sometimes with simple shock. I confess: I'm "Islamaphobic," but … [Read more...]

I am a Homeschool Alumna. I Care.


You know what I'm growing really tired of? Comments like this: There are vastly more kids in public school than are homeschooled, and abuse and educational failure are widespread in those institutions. More kids are affected by the incompetence of the public schools, yet you have devoted quite a bit of time and space here to homeschooling failures. Your interest in homeschoolers seems disproportionate to the problem.  I'm sorry, what? It reminds me of Heidi St. John's comment:The … [Read more...]

Pastor Mark Driscoll Called Women “Penis Homes”


Things have been getting worse and worse for Mark Driscoll in recent weeks. But what I want to point out for a moment is one of Driscoll's posts from 2001, when he was posting to a church message board under the name William Wallace II. I have rarely seen an evangelical man assert male superiority and prominence this directly. The first thing to know about your penis is, that despite the way it may see, it is not your penis. Ultimately, God created you and it is his penis. You are simply … [Read more...]