Anonymous Tip: Gwen Goes to Church


A Review Series of Anonymous Tip, by Michael FarrisToday we learn about Gwen's religious beliefs. I suspect many of my readers have been assuming that Gwen is Christian, but the attentive reader may wonder why there has so far been no mention of God. After all, we would expect a Christian Gwen to be praying about the situation, to rally the support of her church, and so forth, and none of this has happened.Farris tells us that Gwen decided to take a walk and do some shopping while Gordon … [Read more...]

You Can Count Me out of Atheist Tribalism


When I left evangelicalism I thought I was leaving back-patting fence-drawing tribalism behind. How very naive I was.In an Al Jazeera article published today, Usaid Siddiqui writes the following:The Feb. 10 killing in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, of three Arab-American students, allegedly by atheist Craig Stephen Hicks has led some to compare militant atheism to Islamic militancy. Atheists are not happy with the comparison. “The deluge of claims of equivalence between this crime and th … [Read more...]

Bob Jones University Rejects Key Recommendations of the GRACE Report


Remember when I wrote about GRACE's investigation of how Bob Jones University handles sexual assault and other forms of sexual abuse? Well, GRACE released their report in December and BJU has mulled their course of action for several months now, but is now moving ahead---rejecting some of the GRACE report's key recommendations.To be fair to BJU, they have made some changes in recent years. A full-time women’s counselor was hired in 2012. In 2013, the university’s policies on sexual abuse wer … [Read more...]

The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child: Preamble


You may have heard that the only countries in the entire world who have not ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) are the U.S., Somalia, and South Sudan. While this was once true, Somalia ratified the treaty in January of this year, and South Sudan's government has begun the ratification process. In other words, out of all of the countries in the world, the U.S. stands alone in refusing to ratify the CRC.The CRC was adopted by the UN in 1989, and quickly ratified by c … [Read more...]

Stop Saying Kids Aren’t Expensive!


Ladies Against Feminism recently posted a piece titled Kids Aren’t Expensive But Greed Is. When I saw the title, I was reminded of my parents' constant insistence that children aren't expensive. I honestly do not understand why people make this argument. They could argue that while it costs money to raise kids, kids are worth every cent. They could argue that raising children creates memories, moments, and relationships that more than compensate for the financial drain they represent. But no, ins … [Read more...]

Yes, I’m a Mom. I Have Also Been a Child.


I recently came upon an article titled Motherhood: The Strongest Bond. For whatever reason, the article title was later changed to The Most Powerful Thing You Can Say to Another Mom. The basic idea is that we who are mothers are united in a powerful way by our love for our children and our willingness to sacrifice for them, and that that gives us a common sense of understanding for each other.Here's an excerpt from the article:. . . And later I was getting dinner at a takeout r … [Read more...]

What Courtship Was for Me


I grew up in a community where courtship was not only the ideal but also the only option considered godly. Dating was for worldly people who didn't care about things like purity, marriage, or family. And yet, I don't think my parents actually sat down beforehand and hashed out how they were going to handle things. When I was grown and entered the world of romantic relationships, they seemed to be flying by the seat of their pants---in other words, their approach changed over time.My own " … [Read more...]