Over the past couple of weeks I’ve received a good number of emails from people who grew up with similar beliefs. They write to thank me for for my blog. “More of us need to speak up,” they tell me. That made me wonder? Why don’t we? What keeps us silent? First I think is the desire not to upset our parents. After all, parents who come to the beliefs of Christian Patriarchy do so because they love their children… Read more

I received an anonymous comment today on the last segment of my story from an evangelical desirous of explaining to me that my parents acted rationally and not wrongly when I began to question their beliefs, and that I need to realize that they are acting out of love in what they do. I appreciate the comment, but there was an inference was that I shouldn’t be upset because of what happened or speak out against these beliefs because it’s… Read more

A few days ago I received the following comment in response to my Men and Women in Christian Patriarchy post, and I thought it illustrated an excellent point. Growing up, I was taught that men and women are equal but have different roles. My point in my Men and Women post was that “different but equal” is a lie. I used an article by Debi Pearl to illustrate this point. The following commenter took issue with what Debi said, but… Read more

When you have a lot of different terms floating around, it’s easy for things to get mixed up. So let me be clear about something: evangelicalism, fundamentalism, Christian Patriarchy/Quiverfull, and the homeschool movement are not synonymous. In an attempt to avoid confusion, I’m going to take a moment to define each and to explain how they relate to each other. In brief, evangelicalism and fundamentalism are both religious movements that share some commonalities but also have distinctions – evangelicals are… Read more

My post about training “dominion-oriented” daughters was discussed on Butterflies and Wheels yesterday and a question came up: Why would women buy into that? It’s a very good question: why would women choose to buy into a system where men are to lead and women are to submit, where men and women have completely different spheres, one dominion in the public realm and the other in the home? I have to say, I was really impressed with some of the… Read more

My parents taught me to be skeptical of scientists. After all, they told me, scientists and have agendas, and evolution and climate change are frauds. My parents taught me to be skeptical of doctors. After all, they told me, vaccines cause autism and doctors are too quick to prescribe medicines.   My parents taught me to be skeptical of academia. After all, they told me, professors are leftist Marxists who brainwash their unwitting students. My parents taught me to be… Read more

Vision Forum talks a lot about things like multigenerational faithfulness (i.e., your kids should be clones of you) and the importance of taking dominion (i.e., take over the country and institute Biblical law complete with stoning). Naturally, then, they put out resources on topics like “Training Dominion-Oriented Daughters.” It appears from the cover of this DVD that daughters take dominion by doing laundry. Nice. I mean seriously, thought goes into cover images like these (we hope), and someone really truly… Read more

As I approached puberty, my parents told me that “we’re not going to do that whole teenager thing.” They said that this whole idea of teenage angst and rebellion is a modern social construct, and that the word “teenager” was less than a hundred years old. Children, they asserted, were supposed to move straight from childhood to adulthood, no questions asked, no angst or rebellion permitted, no being teenagers allowed. This is actually fairly common in the world of Christian… Read more

I have on several different occasions been called “condescending” for stating that, as an atheist, I think that those who believe in a God, or in the spiritual, are mistaken. It makes me think of something P.Z. Myers once said: S.E. Cupp [an atheist blogger] is a peculiar creature: she insists that she is an atheist, but I’ve never actually seen her defend or promote or even accept the idea of atheism. Instead, all she ever does is carp at atheists… Read more

College was incredibly important for me. It gave me room to learn, grow, and try out new ideas. It gave me space and freedom. It gave me acceptance and encouragement. It gave me new information I had never heard of. In this post, I will explore what I studied and learned in college. One way in which college was very eye opening to me was that it allowed me to interact with people from a wide range of different backgrounds…. Read more

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