Andrée Seu Peterson’s Appalling Column on Bisexuality


Regular readers will know that I'm no fan of Andrée Seu Peterson, a columnist for World Magazine. In the past, I've written about her sexist discussion of taking a man's name in marriage and her dismissal of protections put in place to prevent child sexual abuse. But I have to say, this week's column really takes the cake.The title? "'B' Is for Bogus." "B" as in bisexuality.Oh yes.Someone in our Saturday morning women’s prayer group prayed for LGBT people to come to faith in Christ. F … [Read more...]

Anonymous Tip: In Which Peter Is Good with Kids


A Review Series of Anonymous Tip, by Michael Farrispp. 65-66Having completed their lunch, Gwen and Peter head back to the conference room at the courthouse to meet Stan, June, and Casey. Gwen and Peter made it back to the conference room before Casey and her grandparents. Peter stepped out to the clerk's office and used the phone to tell Sally that he would be about twenty minutes late. He asked that she apologize profusely to the clients and suggest that they begin reading their … [Read more...]

Gamergate Comes Home


I am not and never have been a gamer. My interest in various fandoms (I'm a Whovian) and my friendship with progressive feminist women who do identify as gamers has given me a window into the community, but it has always been as an outsider looking in. As I've followed Gamergate and various controversies over sex and gender in video games and in the wider cosplay community, it has always been with a certain feeling of detachment.And now, here I am.My six-year-old daughter hangs with the … [Read more...]

The Real Travesty of the “Hero Mom” Story


I don't have a lot of time at the moment, but I did want to drop a quick note to say how disgusting I find white America's reaction to video footage of a black mother, Toya Graham, beating her teenage son as she drags him away from the violence between protesters and police in Baltimore. This mom has been dubbed "Hero Mom" "Mom of the Year" on media networks and twitter, trending from coast to coast.I want to be clear that I'm not angry so much with Toya Graham as I am with white A … [Read more...]

Condescending Self-Righteous Parents Make Parenting Sound Terrible


I recently came upon a screed I found rather horrifying. It is titled "10 Things I Hate So Much It Destroys My Happiness." First of all, if you hate something so much it literally destroys your happiness, you may want to see a therapist. You should be able to hate things and still be happy. But honestly that's completely beside the point. I get that the title is hyperbole. I think I'm just feeling a bit nitpicky because . . . well. You shall see.I'm not going to cover each of the ten items. … [Read more...]

A Letter from Hell, and Self-Reinforcing Beliefs


I recently read a piece titled "A Young Man's Letter from Hell." It goes like this: Dear Zack,I died today. It’s a lot different than I expected. You see, I always thought that dying would bring me to a world that is foggy and hazy. But this place is crystal clear… It’s even more real than my life on Earth.I can think. I can talk. I can even feel.Right after the wreck I could feel my spirit leaving my body. It was the weirdest thing, Zack. I thought I heard you screaming out to me, m … [Read more...]

My Kindergartener Knows What It Means to Be Transgender (and the Sky Hasn’t Fallen)


This week I saw this story on Fox Nation: Teachers at Mitchell Primary School in Maine read a book to the children called I Am Jazz. It's the story about a young child with a boy's body, but a girl's brain.The transgender storytime was part of a lesson on tolerance and acceptance. Parents say they were not informed until after the fact, and one very irate mom reached out to my colleague Sean Hannity, firing off an email that reads, in part, "I feel like my thoughts, feelings and beliefs … [Read more...]