Anonymous Tip: In Which Three Things Happen


A Review Series of Anonymous Tip, by Michael FarrisPp. 90-92We have now come to a number of short bits, so rather than making this section drag out I'm going to hit three in one post. Last week, Gwen gave lawyer Peter a handwritten account of both social worker visits. This week picks up as Peter tells Gwen to check in with him later in the day to find out the scheduling of her exam with Dr. Schram, the psychologist. * * * * * After Gwen leaves, we get this: Peter picked up the phone a … [Read more...]

Sexual Predator Bill Gothard Defends Josh Duggar


Bill Gothard has come out in defense of Josh Duggar.'This is really quite different to what you think. It has been overblown, it is not like he is a sexual predator, he was a teenage boy. 'What he did, touching over the clothing, is not nearly what you think it is. It was wrong, but unfortunately there's a lot of this going on in many families today.'So does everyone remember when Gothard resigned from leadership of IBLP eighteen months ago after dozens of women accused him of … [Read more...]

Sweet Cakes by Melissa Didn’t Just Deny a Lesbian Couple Service, They Also Doxxed Them and Their Kids


While reading Doug Wilson's blog, I came upon this: Now these very nice Christian people have for a number of years been dismissed as brim-full-o-hate, and their carefully chosen words of love and moral concern are always dismissed as mere hypocrisy. People in this class are fined megabucks for politely declining to bake the cake. “No, thank you.” That’s just the worst, capable of causing over seventy forms of trauma in lesbians made out of rice paper. Let's set some facts straight, shall we? F … [Read more...]

Doug Wilson: Black and Tan

vBlack and Tan

In our last post, we dealt with Doug Wilson's 1996 work, Southern Slavery As It Was. Today we turn to his 2005 book, Black and Tan, in which Wilson restated and defended the argument his earlier argument. Wilson wrote Black and Tan after being forced to pull Southern Slavery As It Was from publication because of serious plagiarism issues (which should tell you something about him as a scholar). I've seen people suggest that Black and Tan was simply a slightly revised republishing of Southern Sl … [Read more...]

Doug Wilson: Slavery As It Was


I wrote yesterday about Doug Wilson's statement that supporting marriage equality is a worse sin than supporting slavery. In the course of writing this post, I took some time to read some of Wilson's past work more thoroughly, and I want to take a moment to share with you more of what I learned. In this post I'm going to look at Wilson's 1996 pamphlet, Southern Slavery As It Was. In another post, I will examine Wilson's 2005 followup book, Black and Tan. Finally, I will turn to Wilson's 2013 … [Read more...]

Game of Thrones Open Thread!

Iron Throne

I found myself on the edge of my seat as Game of Thrones season 5 wrapped up last month. What were the producers going to change from the book? How were they going to resolve certain storylines? And first on everyone's list of concerns, what was going to happen to Sansa?! Unfortunately, the finale opened more questions than it offered answers---is anyone else dying to know what actually happened to Jon?One thing I find really fascinating about Game of Thrones are the theories spun by the … [Read more...]

Doug Wilson: Supporting Marriage Equality Is a “Far More Serious” Problem Than Supporting Slavery


One thing I have found especially heartening over the past few weeks has been the way progressive and moderate Christians have stepped up to the plate on marriage equality. And no, they're not just stepping up to say "not all Christians," they're stepping up to do battle on this issue with other Christians.On July 1, Kevin DeYoung published an article on the Gospel Coalition website titled 40 Questions for Christians Now Waving Rainbow Flags. It was, of course, an attempt to discredit … [Read more...]