The State of Children’s Rights in Our Society Is Abysmal


"No, I'm sorry, if there are no bruises CPS won't even take the report," the woman from the ChildHelp hotline told me over the phone. "There's nothing they can do.""But her mom keeps yelling at her, and they're going through her stuff," I insisted as I pulled up to a red light. Making the call in the car wasn't my initial plan, but it would have to do. "Surely there is something I can do?""No, I'm sorry, if there are no bruises they're not doing anything against the law.""Okay, thank … [Read more...]

Lesbian Duplex 28: An Open Thread


It’s time for another Lesbian Duplex thread! If you have a link or article or interesting thought that’s not relevant to an ongoing thread, you can share it here. If a conversation on another post has turned entirely off topic, you can bring it here also. Every so often, as the number of comments on a given Lesbian Duplex post becomes unmanageable, I put up a fresh post. I’ve added a “chatter” tab under my blog banner that will direct readers to these discussion threads, so no one will have to wo … [Read more...]

Evangelicals and Their Strange Definitions of Persecution


The Daily show recently covered "anti-Christian discrimination."Do you know what that video brought to mind? I recently spent an evening at our local county fair, and happened to overhear the band playing on the music stage. It was right there, by the cow barns, the prize cucumbers on display, and the stands selling corndogs and cotton candy. The man with the microphone was sharing the gospel, explaining to those listening that they needed to cling close to Jesus. The band struck up a so … [Read more...]

Anonymous Tip: The Proselytizing Lawyer


A Review Series of Anonymous Tip, by Michael FarrisPp. 107-109And now we have arrived at lawyer Peter Barron's much awaited meeting with his Christian mentor/accountability partner, Aaron. Aaron, as you will remember, is a regional computer expert and the father of four homeschooled children. Peter and Aaron met at their usual spot---The Red Lion Coffee Shop just off the Pines Road exit from Interstate 90. It was about a fifteen-minute drive for each of them and allowed them to hop … [Read more...]

Masturbation: A Selfish, Addictive, Vicious Cycle


I recently came upon two videos on why Christians shouldn't masturbate. For each, I will offer the video and then the transcript with commentary. While the unnamed actor in each video works to be hip, these videos are nonetheless good examples of how evangelicals tend to approach masturbation (and it's not pretty).First the video for women:I'm going to provide the transcript for each, with commentary. We'll start with the video for women, just to shake things up. Hey girl, I was j … [Read more...]

Maintaining a Relationship with Difficult Parents


Over the years, I have sometimes gotten emails from readers wanting advice on how to deal with controlling and manipulative (if not downright abusive) parents. As my regular readers will know, I have maintained my relationship with my parents in spite of the no good very bad treatment I received from them as I came of age. My parents' actions---their efforts to control and manipulate and guilt me into being the daughter they wanted me to be---were emotionally abusive. Why did I decided to keep … [Read more...]

Are Creationists Withholding Information from Children?


I recently came upon an article by Lou Doench responding to a response by Neil Carter to a comment made by Lawrence Krauss. If you're confused, don't worry! I was too! Basically, theoretical physicist Lawrence Krauss said that parents who teach their children creationism are committing child abuse.“It’s like not allowing your children to have medicine, not allowing you children to be vaccinated, for example, is child abuse, because you are doing them harm.” “In some sense, if you withhold in … [Read more...]