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Gay kids

What do you find more shocking? Gay men kissing or starving children begging for food? [Read more...]

World Vision Reverses Course


Evangelicals are facing a critical moment of decision. They have to either give on this issue, or they face being marginalized as akin to racists. They have lost the culture war battle over marriage equality and LGBTQ rights, and as time goes on that loss will be solidified. If they cannot find a way to reconcile their religious beliefs with marriage equality and LGBTQ rights, they are in for some serious problems going forward. [Read more...]

What World Vision Says about Evangelical Priorities

Crying for Their Country - Rich Stearns Viusits With Letter  Writers, Irbid

World Vision is a Christian organization that serves children in the third world. It is perhaps well known for its sponsorship program, through which Americans may sponsor needy children in the third world through monthly donations that go to pay for things like school tuition and medical care. This week World Vision demoted the debate over marriage equality to the status of doctrinal dispute on par with that over infant baptism when it changed its policies to allow for the hiring of legally married gay and lesbian employees. [Read more...]

In Heaven We’ll All Be Sociopaths


One question I see tossed around sometimes is how people could be happy in heaven knowing that their loved ones are suffering in hell. It may seem odd, but I never even thought of this problem as an evangelical. It wasn’t until later that I came upon it, already an atheist myself. Curious, I decided to look up how Christian apologists respond to this problem. I have to admit to being kind of horrified by the answers I’ve found. [Read more...]

A Complete Misunderstanding of the Term “Rape Culture”


From her very first sentence, Kitchens makes it clear that she does not understand what is meant by the term “rape culture.” She also completely misses the fact that those feminists who discuss rape culture tend to be the same feminists who argue for PSA campaigns that target potential rapists and make it clear that the actions of individuals cause rape. Rape culture theory does not mean excusing rapists, and suggesting that it does is utterly ignorant. [Read more...]

Someone, Please Save Me From Hell


A relative recently posted this image on facebook, along with a call for all of those “who haven’t repented” to take note. There are a lot of Christians today who either do not believe in hell or downplay the idea of hell. Unfortunately, this is not true of my relatives. For them, hell is as real as you or me, and is the rate of anyone who has not repented and prayed the sinner’s prayer. [Read more...]

Homeschooling, Cheating, and Ease of Access

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Growing up homeschooled, one of the horrible things I heard about public school was the rampant cheating that took place there. This was always listed alongside drugs, bullying, and violence. But in the midst of all the talk about children cheating off each other’s tests in public school, there was very little acknowledgement of our own homeschool cheating problem. [Read more...]

God’s Not Dead (Painful Stereotypes Edition)


If anyone needs me, I’ll be over here studiously avoiding discussing this movie with my parents and siblings. I dislike conflict, and even more than that I dislike one-dimensional caricatures and inaccurate stereotypes. I hate knowing what they think of me, hate feeling judged and looked down on. I’m sick of the boxes, I just want to live. But apparently that’s too much to ask. [Read more...]



A discussion in this morning’s comment section has inspired me to put up a post solely for the purposes of sharing recipes. [Read more...]

TTUAC: Bed Wetting, Cold Hoses, and Hana Williams


In the coverage of Hana Williams, a lot of contradictory claims about To Train Up A Child were thrown around. On the one hand were claims that the book advises parents to give their children cold baths or shut them out in the cold as punishment. On the other hand were fans of Michael Pearl and his child training methods calling this a blatant falsehood. This week we cover Michael’s chapter on potty training. Here is where we get to see first hand what Michael does and does not say about cold baths, and how these teachings impacted the lives of Hana and Immanuel Williams. [Read more...]

Suffer Not a Woman to Teach (at Cedarville University)


I participated in AWANA, a Bible club, from kindergarten through 12th grade. When I was in the high school group, there was a bit of a disagreement over who could serve as our lead teacher. You see, a woman wanted to lead the high school group. You know, a woman. There were Bible study books we would work through, it wasn’t like she would be developing the materials or anything. But still, she was a woman. And therein lay the problem. [Read more...]

CTNAHM: The Heavenly Climax of Spirit!

Michael Pearl

By Aletha. Today we are starting the chapter called Washing of the Word. Supposedly Michael is going to explain how men are to sanctify their wife. Of course, the purpose of sanctification is to turn the wife into the ideal help meet. And by that, I mean turn the wife into what the man wants. Let’s begin, shall we? Also in this section is a rare treat. We are blessed an honored to get a genuine sermon in the midst of all this teaching. Or, in other words, Michael talks on and on and on about how wonderful marriage is. [Read more...]