Is This What Religious Persecution Looks Like?


Sometimes reading two very different articles in conjunction with each other can be fascinating. Take this article about Christian homeschool leader Kevin Swanson's persecution complex, on the one hand, and this article about Boko Haram bombing mosques in Nigeria, on the other.First, Kevin Swanson:Swanson told host Tim Wildmon, the president of the American Family Association, that persecution in America is “happening all over the place,” lamenting that now “accountants who refuse to subm … [Read more...]

Anti-Vaxxers Reach New Low in Criticism of Autistic Sesame Street Character


My first grade daughter has a friend---we'll call him Jake---who has Asperger's, an autism spectrum disorder. I've talked with her about the condition in an effort to help her understand her friend, but it's sometimes hard to find the line between providing helpful information and unnecessarily othering or stereotyping a child. In that vein, I was excited when I learned that Sesame Street is introducing an autistic character, Julia. I was glad that other children like my daughter will have ac … [Read more...]

Your Child’s Virginity Is None of Your Business


I recently came upon a wonderfully insightful blog post titled Virginity: As a Parent. It's one of those gems that makes the blogosphere so amazing---a lost written by an ordinary person on a small blog that makes so much sense you just have to share. Here is a statement for you...You child's virginity is none of your business.How about this way?Your child's virginity is NONE of your business.I had a woman in my life some years ago who, anytime she was talking about her teenager … [Read more...]

Lesbian Duplex 38: An Open Thread


It’s time for another Lesbian Duplex thread! If you have a link or article or interesting thought that’s not relevant to an ongoing thread, you can share it here. If a conversation on another post has turned entirely off topic, you can bring it here also. Every so often, as the number of comments on a given Lesbian Duplex post becomes unmanageable, I put up a fresh post. I’ve added a “chatter” tab under my blog banner that will direct readers to these discussion threads, so no one will have to wo … [Read more...]

Halloween & Fall Open Thread!


Halloween is coming! What are your plans? Do you have a costume, or kids to take trick-or-treating, or a party to go to? Or perhaps you're sitting this one out? What about fall in general? Do you celebrate the harvest, or carve pumpkins? Are you annoyed by how the various fall and winter Holidays are all sliding together these days, or do you find that only contributes to a festive atmosphere? Do you like scary Holidays, or prefer to avoid them? Share and discuss!If you're interested in … [Read more...]

Anonymous Tip: Nobody Likes Seattle


A Review Series of Anonymous Tip, by Michael Farrispp. 138-145Peter, Gwen, Stan, and June enter the courtroom. Gail and Donna are there, along with Rita, Dr. McGuire, and Officer Mark Donahue.  Of McGuire, Farris tells us that: His hair was perfect. And he was at his dandy best, wearing a blue silk, patterned jacket, navy wool slacks, and an Italian silk tie. I included that for those of you who were speculating about McGuire based on Farris's description of his attire the last time we … [Read more...]

Texas Violates Its Free Market Principles


I grew up in a conservative home, and if there's one thing I learned it was the importance of the free market. This is supposedly a core conservative principle in American politics today. This week Texas conservatives have acted in direct violation of their supposed conservative and free market principles. Texas officials lobbed another salvo in the ongoing battle to restrict or close abortion clinics in the state, announcing Monday it was cutting off Medicaid money to Planned Pare … [Read more...]