Reinforcing Other Axes of Oppression Isn’t “Punching Up”


I recently read a skepchick post by Jamie Bernstein titled Even Awful Women Don't Deserve Rape Threats. After discussing gendered slurs and attacks on the appearance of such women as Sarah Palin, Vani Hari, and Ann Coulter, Jamie concludes with this:Look, it’s ok to criticize all these women for the terrible things they have done and said. You should criticize them and do so harshly but without using gendered slurs or threats of violence or comments on their appearance. That type of lang … [Read more...]

Mockery and Alienation: Or, Thoughts on Snark


I was struck by a recent post by fellow homeschool alum Leon Brooks-West.Text here: The unexamined (internalized or otherwise) misogyny of ex-fundies or ex-homeschoolers as they create a stereotyped spectacle of "homeschool girls/moms" further isolates and alienates all those who identify or present as women or girls within the fundie homeschool system, many of whom are subject to a high level of abuse and control. The denim skirts and scrunchies are not the problem. Your notion that … [Read more...]

#DefendTheDuggars (Sort of)


By Kathryn ElizabethOriginally posted on The Life and Opinions of Kathryn Elizabeth, PersonI’ve said it before on social media and I’ll say it again here. The mocking of Duggar children is not something I can get behind. Criticize the Duggar parents for what they’re doing to their children, criticize Jim Bob, Michelle, and Josh for their anti-LGBT activism, that’s fair game. Mocking the kids isn’t.Kids like the Duggars, who aren’t being given a real education (you don’t get a real edu … [Read more...]

Anonymous Tip: Meet the Social Worker


Today we meet the social worker, Donna Corliss. What's really interesting is how Farris introduces her---hungover with her law school boyfriend, lying to her boss and skipping work. The late morning sun crept slowly across the bedroom floor. The first ray of light crawled up the bed, touched her eyes and stabbed deep into her skull like a flash of lightening. Donna Corliss would be getting into nothing that Friday, except the bicarbonate of soda. Yep. This is how we meet social worker Donna … [Read more...]

Do Traditional Gender Roles Lead to Good Sex? No.


I recently read a blog post from several years ago that had me doing that whole "but . . . wait . . . what . . . NO" thing throughout my reading of it. I thought I'd share, because illustrates something we've seen before---the idea that anything good in a marriage must of necessity be a result of following the gender roles God laid out, not, you know, a result of things like communication or compromise. I've covered posts in the past by women who are functionally living in egalitarian marriages … [Read more...]

Things HSLDA Opposes: State-Mandated Medical Exams for Homeschoolers


View series intro here, and all posts here.New Jersey is one of eleven states that do not require homeschooling parents to notify education officials of their intent to homeschool, and from time to time bills introduced into the state's legislature have sought to change this. In 2010, a bill was introduced that would have required parents to provide notice of homeschooling at the beginning of the year and turn in a portfolio documenting the child's educational progress at the end of the yea … [Read more...]

The Longsuffering Godly Abused Wife


One thing we read a lot about in Created To Be His Help Meet was how to win an unsaved of sinning husband. Debi's basic advice was to submit, to be subservient, and to obey with a smile. I recently came upon a blog post from this past summer by a woman who claims she followed this advice, and successfully won over her porn-addicted husband. Let's take a look, shall we?The author begins by describing her childhood and teenage years at length. She writes that she was the target of bullying, a … [Read more...]