Strong-Willed Child: Flushing Dobson Down the Toilet


By VictoriaOriginally posted on Saving Victoria StrongThe Strong-Willed Child, chapter 2, pp. 29-30So we begin Chapter 2 with a wordy story about a mother of a 3-year-old girl in Kansas City who meets Dobson and at first thanks him for his book Dare to Discipline. Apparently, “…they (this girl’s parents) bought the book and learned therein that it is appropriate to spank a child under certain well-defined circumstances. My recommendation made sense to these harassed parents, wh … [Read more...]

The Binary Is Collapsing


I've blogged for years against patriarchal Christian homeschooling. I've blogged against courtship and modesty teachings, against the belie that adult daughters remain under their fathers' authority, and against the idea that women's only place is in the home. This is the world I grew up in, but it is not the world I live in today. And as I've blogged, my opponents have loomed large, each different in their own way but all united, all standing strongly on the side of patriarchy and strongly … [Read more...]

In Which Kevin Swanson Faces Consequences


There has been a new development in the events we've been following all week. If you don't have the background, reading my piece on the WORLD Magazine article, my piece on Farris's recent white paper, and my piece on Swanson's radio broadcast will bring you up to speed. The gist is that WORLD Magazine published an article covering abuse and neglect in the Christian homeschooling world, Michael Farris published a white paper condemning "patriarchal" homeschool leaders and abuse and neglect, and Ke … [Read more...]

CTBHHM: The Bottomless Line


Created To Be His Help Meet, p. 270Today Debi sums up her section on when women are allowed to disobey their husbands. Next week we'll cover the story she finishes this section with---that of Abigail. The Bottom LineIf a wife has an attitude of rebellion, she can find a thousand different exceptions to obedience. But if a wife is really seeking God and asking for wisdom from on high, she will be able to discern the difference between her own controlling spirit and those rare instances … [Read more...]

In Which I Am the Greatest Threat to Homeschooling


Remember Thomas Umstattd, that homeschool blogger who spoke out against courtship a few weeks ago? Today he put up a post congratulating Michael Farris for speaking out against patriarchy. And, wow. The problems abound. Homeschool Alumni – The New Internal Threat to Homeschooling We are entering a new era as a movement where our biggest threats are no longer external but internal. Homeschoolers Anonymous (HARO) poses a bigger threat to homeschooling than any teacher’s union. These are homesc … [Read more...]

Kevin Swanson, and Letting the Foxes Guard the Hen House


Do you guys remember last week's WORLD Magazine article on abuse and neglect in the Christian homeschooling community? The two solutions suggested by WORLD (and by the Home School Legal Defense Association) were these: (1) the homeschooling community should self police, including investigating educational neglect tips through agreements with state child protective services; and (2) homeschool families should be active members of churches, which will step in if there is a prob … [Read more...]

Patriarchy: What’s in a Word?


Today Michael Farris published a white paper titled "A Line in the Sand." In it, he called out patriarchy and legalism directly, and condemned both. I am grateful for any additional freedom his words may bring children in Christian homeschooling families influenced by his words, but I am very concerned that we are once again getting caught up in what amounts to a word game.I'm going to leave aside that the biggest reason Farris gives for "treating children well and treating women well" is … [Read more...]