Anonymous Tip: In Which Gwen Loses Casey


A Review Series of Anonymous Tip, by Michael Farris Remember that we left off as Bill Walinski, Gwen, and Stan entered the court room, leaving little Casey outside the room with her grandmother, June. Farris tells us that the hearing, in which social worker Donna Corliss and prosecutor Gail Willet sought to have Casey taken into foster care for a week for observation and evaluation, was presided over by Judge Philip Romer. Judge Philip Romer had been appointed to the bench six years earlier … [Read more...]

Sometimes All I Can Say Is UGH


I've had a lot of ugh today, so I thought I'd share some.Did you hear what Phil Robertson recently said about atheists? I'm not going to quote his entire statements, because frankly, I now wish I hadn't read them. In essence, he described, in graphic detail, a hypothetical brutal home invasion of an atheist family, complete with the rape of the family's two daughters, and finished by putting these words in the perpetrators' mouths:“Wouldn’t it be something if this [sic] was something wro … [Read more...]

Convention on the Rights of the Child, Articles 6-10: The Child’s Right to Know and Be Cared for by Their Parents


Here we are again, for another look at the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC)! For readers who may be new to this feature, the CRC has been ratified (or is in the process of being ratified) by every nation in the world accept for the U.S. The U.S. has not signed it in part because of general anti-UN sentiment, but also in part because of opposition from organizations like the Home School Legal Defense Association (founded by Christian homeschool leader Michael Farris), which promote … [Read more...]

Monogamy Isn’t Biblical, It’s Roman

roman marriage

Here are the first lines of Ken Ham's blog post, "Why Is Marriage Just for Two?" For years I have been asking the question “why only two?” to those people who support gay marriage. You see, the idea of marriage being between only two people is biblically based.  Where to even start?The Bible is a collection of 66 books written by 40 authors over a period of hundreds of years. The Old and New Testament are contradictory on a number of points, such as whether God requires his followers to fol … [Read more...]

The Radical Notion that Children Can Have Anxiety Too


By SamanthaOriginally posted on Defeating the DragonsI was in a conversation a few days ago that has stayed with me, and I think what I noticed is important. A few moms brought up how their children respond to church services, and as a part of that discussion, one mother mentioned that her son said “the music gave him a stomach ache.” Responses were along the lines of “well, no wonder, rock concerts in church aren’t very restful.” It seemed to me that they were chalking up this toddler’s … [Read more...]

I Co-sleep, But: Some Thoughts on Attachment Parenting


I've written before about not feeling "crunchy" enough for my hippie college town. I'm not sure, though, whether I've touched directly on Attachment Parenting (AP). I know I've wanted to. When I first left the authoritarian parenting and corporal punishment behind, I found AP very attractive. What is AP? Attachment parenting focuses on the nurturing connection that parents can develop with their children. That nurturing connection is viewed as the ideal way to raise secure, independent, and e … [Read more...]

Anonymous Tip: In Which Gwen Lies to Casey

Gwen and Casey

A Review Series of Anonymous Tip, by Michael Farris Writing a novel must be a lot of work, so I feel kind of bad picking on the writing itself, but I find bits like this just confusing: The thought of telling Casey about the impending court appearance added further layers of anxiety to her already-laden soul. But she knew putting it off further was not fair to Casey. After all, the court order specifically directed her to bring her daughter to court. Walinski advised Casey to sit with her … [Read more...]