3 Ways Homeschoolers Actually Socialize Differently than School Kids


I recently came upon a post titled 3 Ways Homeschoolers Socialize Differently than School Kids. Curious, I clicked. I should have known better. Predictably, the post was written by a homeschooling mother who has no idea what it's like to actually be a homeschooled child. In this post I will respond to the points made by blogger Jennifer Fitz, speaking from my experience as a homeschool alumna.1. Homeschool kids break their own ice. I picked up my son from his Confirmation kick-off event, a … [Read more...]

HSLDA Defends Special Needs Cages Family, Redux


Last year my post, HSLDA: Man Who Kept Children in Cages 'a Hero', garnered enough attention that HSLDA felt the need to respond. In a nutshell, HSLDA chose to respond to child abuse accusations against homeschooling father Michael Gravelle by praising him as a hero for adopting special needs kids. The allegations were subsequently found to be true. HSLDA ostensibly exists to protect the legality of homeschooling, but in practice the organization defends its various members against charges of chi … [Read more...]

Sexual Repression, the Duggar Parents, and Mine


When people on the outside think about fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals and others who teach that sex before marriage is sin, they often seem to have this picture of people who are completely sexually repressed, who feel shame about having sex and can't bring themselves to say the word "sex." Now I'm not denying that such people exist---they certainly do. What I want to point out is simply that this does not describe all fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals who teach that … [Read more...]

In Which Bobby Tries to Communicate

Blond Boy Crying

Last week Sean and I decided to take the children to run a quick errand and then for ice cream after school. When it was time to leave the store and head for the ice cream shop, two-year-old Bobby resisted. He became upset, even when we told him the plan was to get ice cream next. Finally, Sean picked him up and buckled him in his carseat out front, kicking and screaming. I was about to broach the subject of skipping the ice cream stop when I realized what Bobby was saying. "My cars! MY CARS! … [Read more...]

Dispelling Some Duggar Rumors


The Stir has been coming out with some "interesting" reports on Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald's wedding. According to writers for The Stir, Jessa and Ben's decision to have their first kiss in private was made in the moment, and wasn't something the Duggar parents knew of ahead of time (or were very happy with either), and also according to writers for The Stir, when Jinger went back to get Jessa at the conclusion of her private moment with Ben, the couple were caught in the middle having sex. … [Read more...]

What Kirk Cameron Doesn’t Know about Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald


I really can't let this go by without commenting on it. It seems Kirk Cameron took his daughters to Jessa Duggar's wedding because he wanted them to see the wedding of a couple that chose not to kiss until marriage---to serve as an example, of course. As a read through a news article that quoted Kirk Cameron explaining this, I found myself becoming both angry and frustrated. I don't understand how people so much older than I can be so clueless about relationships. It boggles the … [Read more...]

Don’t Try to Fix It—Pray!


I recently came upon this image: Text: When life doesn't fit, don't worry, be critical, or try to fix it. Instead, take your problem to Jesus and leave it there. It's one thing to pray in addition to actually doing things to fix a problem in your life, but praying instead of doing things to fix a problem in your life is something else altogether, and that seems to be what Max Lucado is promoting here.Of course, this idea that prayer alone can be sufficient to fix a pro … [Read more...]