CTBHHM: Why Was Marian’s Husband So Loving?


Created To Be His Help Meet, pp. 286-86 Dear Mr. and Mrs. Pearl,I thought you might be interested to hear of my husband's passing, and what a blessing it is to have been married to a husband who lived what you teach. He went out to do yard work in the afternoon of September 24 and as he went out the door, he turned and said to me, "It has been a wonderful life with you." Those were the last words I ever heard him say. He came in a few minutes later, went into a back room, and dropped dead … [Read more...]

HSLDA Explains Its Complicity in Child Abuse Coverup: We’re Not the Police Force of the Homeschooling Movement


HSLDA has finally responded to The Old Schoolhouse scandal. As you may remember, this scandal involves prominent homeschool speakers and publishers Paul and Gena Suarez hiding and covering up child sexual abuse and protecting child molesters from exposure. Earlier this year Gena Suarez's sister and fellow homeschool speaker, Jenefer Igarashi, became so concerned by her sister's actions that she determined she had to do something about it and reached out to other homeschool leaders, including … [Read more...]

When Up Is Down and Down Is Up, Submission Edition

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I recently came upon an old article explaining the concept of wifely submission. While I'm unsure who wrote it, and it appears to be from the 1990s, it's similar enough to the ideas taught by many evangelicals and fundamentalists that it bears addressing.There are a lot of misconceptions about submission and submissive people.  Before we can intelligently consider what the Bible has to say on the subject of submissive wives we need to clear these misconceptions out of our way.  Let me begin w … [Read more...]

What Ebola Tells Us about Ourselves


I remember having conversations about ebola while it was still "safely" in West Africa. I remember reading that part of the problem in West Africa was that many people had become convinced that ebola was a government hoax, and that among some there was a distrust of "western" medicine. We wouldn't have to worry about ebola if it came to the U.S., others assured me, because we wouldn't have these problems, and ebola would be quickly contained.Now granted, there are other differences---we have … [Read more...]

World Magazine’s Hypocrisy on Patriarchy and Child Abuse


Growing up in an evangelical home, I read World Magazine regularly. Today, I'm honestly not sure World knows what direction it is headed. Over the past year or so, the publication has been simultaneously distancing itself from the patriarchy movement within Christian homeschooling and promoting that same movement, and simultaneously calling for the self-policing of child abuse in Christian communities and allying itself with organizations actively involved in child abuse coverups.This past Ap … [Read more...]

Complicating the “Islam Is Especially Violent” Narrative


There is a common narrative in the West that Islam is more violent that other religions. I want to is complicate this overly simplistic---and, frankly, wrong---narrative. It is absolutely true that some Muslims use Islam to justify violence, but those who use this to tie Islam to violence are quick to erase peaceful Muslims (who don't tend to make the news) and quick to ignore violence perpetrated by the West. In this post I will look at justifications of violence against civilians, human rights … [Read more...]

Women Over There Have It Worse!


As some of you may know, Bill Maher and Sam Harris have been criticizing Islam lately, with pushback from Reza Aslan and Ben Affleck, among others. For an interesting discussion of one of these conversations, see this post by Avicenna. Heck, if you want more reading, see this post with a video of Reza Aslan, this response on the Friendly Atheist, and Reza Aslan's recent piece in the New York Times. But in this post I want to touch on a very specific statement made by Sam Harris (during this seg … [Read more...]