Crosspost: Fundamentalist Approved Feminist Literature


By MelissaOriginally posted at Permission to Live I read constantly. It was a way to find out more about the world outside my parents home, and escape from the day in day out monotony, and other than our family movie nights, some of my only entertainment. Some books that I read, were not approved. I speed-read them without my parents knowledge in the library (The Princess Diaries Series, Star Wars Sci-Fi) and later when I had access to book stores bought them and hid them in the cabinet … [Read more...]

Anonymous Tip: Donna Hatches a Plan


Anonymous Tip: A Review SeriesWhen we finished chapter one last week, it would seem that social worker Donna Corliss's investigation of an anonymous child abuse tip made against Gwen Landis had finally come to its conclusion. Donna used fraudulent means to get into Gwen's house (which included lying to both the police and to Gwen), and then forcibly strip-searched young Casey as she screamed. But they found no bruises, and while Gwen admitted that she sometimes spanked Casey with a wooden … [Read more...]

On Responding to Abuse Allegations

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I write a lot about abuse scandals in conservative Christian circles, such as those involving Doug Phillips and Bill Gothard. But it occurs to me that should be willing to write about similar situations within progressive Christian circles as well. If I ignore problems in groups that agree with me while taking on problems in groups I disagree with, I have a double standard. But there's another reason, too, that I want to write today about the current controversy surrounding Tony Jones, Rachel He … [Read more...]

More Blatant Hypocrisy from Chris Jeub


Last year, many in the homeschool alumni reform movement were encouraged by the support of Chris Jeub, a homeschooling father of 16 (and author and speaker) who denounced "patriarchy" and urged other homeschooling parents to listen to our concerns. But then Chris's daughter Cynthia began blogging, and we learned that Chris was saying one thing and doing another. (I wrote about this at the time.)Today, I want to call out another a piece of hypocrisy on Chris's part. This week the Montgomery … [Read more...]

Things HSLDA Opposes: Marriage Equality

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View series intro here, and all posts here.HSLDA opposes marriage equality. This is perhaps the oddest entry of my "Things HSLDA Opposes" so far. By and large, we have been able to link HSLDA's opposition to things that are not homeschool related---such as required eye examinations for public school students---to their position on parental rights. This one seems more removed. And yet.HSLDA helpfully explains this position in a page titled Why HSLDA Is Fighting Same-Sex Marriage. Let's t … [Read more...]

Why the Pope’s Recent Comments on Limiting Family Size Were Not Actually “Compassionate”

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While in college, I converted to Catholicism. I went through the full process and was received into the Church. I still have the dress I wore that day. As a newly married Catholic, I relied on natural family planning (NFP) to plan and space out my children. Even after I found that I no longer believed in God, I continued using NFP, largely because I liked that it was natural and I was taught growing up that artificial birth control was little better than poison. While today I have an IUD, I used … [Read more...]

Grown Children and Estranged Parents


A recent headline caught my eye:Why Some Grown Kids Cut Off Their Parents Could their estrangement be caused by how we raised them?My immediate response was, wow, you think? Like, you abuse and mistreat your kids and then wonder why they don't want you in their lives when they grow up? Really? But as I read the article itself, I realized that this wasn't what the author meant. And as I read, I was increasingly horrified. The Rise Of Narcissism In The YoungParents tell stories of il … [Read more...]