CTBHHM: How to Make an Appeal


Created To Be His Help Meet, p. 253Since the very beginning of her book, Debi has been promising readers that she will tell them how to "make an appeal" to their husbands. Here, on page 253, she finally does so---and it takes her exactly one page. Learning to Make an AppealThere were a few times in our early married life when I had differences with my husband that I felt had to be resolved. I felt I had to speak to him and that he must listen. Frankly, if you are in a relationship your … [Read more...]

Stuff White People Say


When we talk about "privilege" one thing we mean is that it can be easy to miss the little everyday indignities or challenges minorities face when you are not yourself a minority. I remember reading an article written by a black alumnus trying to explain to his white brothers and sisters in Christ what it was like to be a minority at an evangelical college. He talked about all those little things, things white students may not even notice, and how they pile up.I thought these videos did a … [Read more...]

Religious Tolerance and Christianity


I recently came upon an old blog post by a Christian homeschooling father. In the post he described being at an Institute for Basic Life Life Principles (IBLP) conference in 2007. What I found really interesting was his description of a sermon he heard there about Islam---and religious tolerance. Bill Federer shared a powerful message on the history of Islam. We sat in rapt attention as he wove story after story together to give a startling but accurate assessment of Mohammed’s life and tea … [Read more...]

It Starts at Five


Sally is five years old and will be heading off to kindergarten in the fall. She climbs trees and looks for worms in the dirt and gets bruises on her shins. She's an active and perfectly normal little girl. On a recent visit to my parents' house, Sally showed off a new dress to my mother. This dress, which has a slit up to the knee on one side, has become one of Sally's favorites. Why? Because she says it makes her look like Elsa from the movie Frozen, of course!"Grandma, look at my dress!" … [Read more...]

Can We Please Not Defend White Supremacists?


Several months ago I took a stroll through some rather scary youtube videos about the English Defense League. Basically, the United Kingdom has a racism problem. The country has a growing Muslim population, mostly a result of immigration, and the English Defense League and other groups have sprung up in reaction, reminiscent to the Ku Klux Klan. This is not about protecting the separation of church and state (it's worth remembering that England actually does have an official church, the Anglican … [Read more...]

What Is Real—and What Is Not

Fairy-fairies-18369095-1024-768 (1)

Now five years old, Sally has been working overtime trying to differentiate between "real" and "pretend." She has finally determined that fairies and magic are not real. I'm not completely sure how she determined this, but it matters a lot to her right now. This is a natural stage of development for children her age, this desire to distinguish between "real" and "pretend." Still, part of me is a bit nostalgic. I liked her fantasy world in which fairies were as real as kittens. I mean, at one … [Read more...]

I Was in a College Cult

Missionary Prayer Band_1

I've been blogging for three years now, but there's an entire chapter of my life I've never really shared. When I was in college, I became part of a small close-knit group that veered in the direction of a cult. A friend and I clued in to what was happening and were able to shut the whole thing down before it went too far, but some rather frightening things happened in the meantime.Frankly, I haven't talked about what happened because it seems too weird. I wasn't sure even I had a framework … [Read more...]