Saturday Link Love: Kids in Public, Homeless Shelters, and the Peace Corps

Saturday Link Love is a new feature where I collect and post links to various articles I’ve come upon over the past week. Feel free to share any interesting articles you’ve come along as well! The more the merrier. Parenting Kids in Public: And Thus I Have Provided You with a Definitive List of Rules, by Feministe When Kids Simply Won’t Cooperate, by Aha Parenting Reproductive Justice The Right’s Answer to Gutting Planned Parenthood? Elementary Schools, Homeless Shelters, Jails, by RH… Read more

Anonymous Tip: Slutty Lila

I am clearly getting way too worked up about Farris’s Lila-hate. But seriously. Read more

Top Posts of 2015!

As we round out the year, I wanted to share my ten most-read posts this year. I should also note that this has been an incredible year for blogging. I had over nine million page views this year. Yes, you read that right—nine million. A lot of that was due to the Duggar news that broke this year—namely, the scandals (if we must call them that) surrounding Josh. In fact, after the news broke about Josh molesting young girls as a teen, I had nearly a million page views in a single day. What with Doug Phillips’ downfall in 2013, Bill Gothard’s downfall in 2014, and the Duggars’ downfall in 2015, I can only wonder what will come next. Read more

What No One Said about Rey (Star Wars Spoilers!)

I didn’t know until I was sitting in the theater that the main character was female. It wasn’t until several days after I’d seen the movie that I realized that during the entire film, no one said anything about the female lead’s appearance. Wow. Read more

Created To Be His Help Meet: A Compilation of Posts

I began my page-by-page review of Created To Be His Help Meet well over three years ago. I proposed the series in a September 18th, 2012, post, Shall I Review Created To Be His Help Meet?, and received an overwhelmingly affirmative response. And so I began. Reviewing the book, page by page, took over two years and became one of the most well-loved features of this blog. Debi’s writing was often disturbing—she advises women to obey their husband without question and never… Read more

Christian Homeschooling and the Battle of Peer Dependency, Part 1: We’re Not Exaggerating

A Guest Post by Darcy. Sometimes when homeschool alumni tell stories about the way things were — the things we were taught, stuff our parents said, and the teachings we practiced — we are not really believed. Our recollections are met with incredulity, doubt, and outright disbelief. Sometimes, our own parents are the ones telling us “that didn’t happen like that, you aren’t remembering correctly, I never said/did/taught/believed those things”. Those presently homeschooling deny that homeschoolers were like that and tell us “well, you were just part of a small group of extremists”. Read more

Lesbian Duplex 48: An Open Thread

It’s time for another chatter thread! Read more

Saturday Link Love: Breakfast Club, Consent, and Child Marriage

Saturday Link Love is a new feature where I collect and post links to various articles I’ve come upon over the past week. Feel free to share any interesting articles you’ve come along as well! The more the merrier. Kids These Days When Empathy Doesn’t “Work”, by Aha Parenting The Breakfast Club, Updated, by Almost Diamonds Feminism & Gender Crafting Gender, by School of Doubt Is Barbie a Feminist Now? by Sociological Images Consent Isn’t Enough, by Samantha Field Reproductive Justice What’s… Read more

Anonymous Tip: Aaron Gives Peter a Talking To

Now, don’t think I haven’t seen you all in the comments making bets on what happens to Gwen’s husband Gordon! Where do you place the odds now? Does (a) Gordon die in a tragic accident; (b) Peter change his mind about divorced women; or (c) Farris keep the two unmarried at the end of the book. And if you’ve read it, no spoilers! Read more

The Anti-Abortion Movement’s Continued Complicity in the Planned Parenthood Shootings

At the very least, we can refuse to let individuals like Daubenmire and Sorbo off the hook when they repeat the same rhetoric that led to the Planned Parenthood shootings, and we can hold them and other anti-abortion activists accountable for condemning anti-abortion violence without caveats. Condemning the shootings in one sentence while arguing that Robert Dear’s crime is nothing compared to the grisly murder that takes place inside Planned Parenthood clinics every day simply doesn’t cut it. It’s time to hold their feet to the fire. Read more

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