Anonymous Tip: Doctoring the Timeline


Anonymous Tip: A Review SeriesFarris tells us that Donna the social worker went to see Gail the prosecutor on Wednesday. This means that after speaking with her supervisor, Blackburn, on Thursday, Donna waited six days before filing her report and speaking with the prosecutor. This was of course the plan, to ensure that when she falsely reported having seen fading bruises, there would be no way to verify if there had actually been such bruises, because by then they would have faded away rega … [Read more...]

The Latest Threat to Homeschooling—a Citizenship Test

Test Graphic

Have you heard about the latest threat to homeschooling? I hadn't until I came upon this headline! And yes, this post comes with snark, because some days taking the entire world seriously just takes too much effort!Federal citizenship test threatening homeschoolers' freedomOh no! The horrors! Wait---what?The New Hampshire Legislature is reviewing a bill requiring all homeschoolers to take the same citizenship test that conventional public and private school students must take in … [Read more...]

Bill Gothard Was Brought Down by a Blog: Thoughts on the “Proper” Channels for Making Abuse Allegations


Do you know how Bill Gothard was brought down?By a blog.Sexual harassment allegations had been made against Gothard for decades---yes, decades---but he was very good at silencing them, and at convincing his associates that he was blameless. Then a couple of years ago a variety of young adults who were raised in Bill Gothard's ministry came together to create a blog: Recovering Grace. They used this blog as a forum to criticize Gothard's teachings and practices, and to discuss the harm … [Read more...]

There Are No Good People, Only Good Actions

good people

Several weeks ago I called Rachel Held Evans out for the way she responded to Julie McMahon's allegations of abuse by her ex-husband Tony Jones. Rachel and Tony were co-sponsoring a convention, and one of Rachel's followers posted a comment asking her about the abuse allegations against Tony. Rachel responded by saying that there was no truth to the allegations, that this was not the right place to air abuse allegations, and that time spent on the allegations detracted from the church and from … [Read more...]

Why We Need to Talk about Narcissism: Tony Jones Edition


I have grown increasingly uncomfortable with the Tony Jones situation over the last week, and I'm afraid I'm going to have to weigh in again. By word of background, Tony is a leader in the emergent church movement, a branch of evangelical Christianity strives to be less judgmental and more open, works to create space for women and LGBT individuals, makes use of new styles of worship, and focuses on personal connection with the divine. Recently, Tony's ex-wife Julie has gone public with … [Read more...]

Today I’m Proud of Joshua Harris


So, have you heard the news? Joshua Harris is stepping down from his role of head pastor of Covenant Life Church and heading to Vancouver to attend seminary at Regent College. I don't know much about Regent, though the Washington Post described it as "mainstream." Not only that, but Josh is planning to send his kids to public school while he attends seminary. Public school. This is huge, and it's hard to describe how much it means to me.Josh Harris was the oldest child of Greg Harris, a w … [Read more...]

The Educational Inequality That Begins at Home


I recently came upon an article titled Teacher: I see the difference in educational privilege every day. I live it. I am disgusted by it. In it the author says this: Where there is money, there is education. Where there isn’t money, there is excessive testing, lack of curricular options, and struggle. There is the struggle to give students the tools they need to fight their way through a system that is designed to hold them back from the moment they take their first breath, from the moment they … [Read more...]