Really, Pew Research? Bad Chart Saturday

Religions on Same Sex Marriage

The above chart was put out by Pew Research, which actually rather surprised me. It's a bad chart! Can you spot the problem with it?The chart claims to be looking at the position of "major religions" even as most of the items it includes are not "major religions" but rather Christian denominations. But while the chart breaks both Christianity and Judaism down by denomination or sect, it fails to do the same for Islam, Buddhism, or Hinduism.Let me ask you this. Where does Christianity stan … [Read more...]

Anonymous Tip: In Which Gwen Calls Bill a Pig


A Review Series of Anonymous Tip, by Michael Farris When we left off last week, Gwen had just collapsed in sobs in her father's arms. Lawyer Bill Walinski flubbed the hearing, just as we had expected based on Farris's portrayal of him, and Judge Romer of the juvenile court had ordered Gwen's four-year-old daughter, Casey, into foster care for one week for observation, based, of course, on social worker Donna Corliss's lie that she had found fading bruises on Casey during a strip search. As I … [Read more...]

The Cold, Unforgiving World of Geoffrey Botkin


By AhabOriginally posted on Republic of GileadSome time ago, after I reviewed the Botkins' "Ready for Real Life" webinar series, a reader pointed me to a 2013 sermon by Geoffrey Botkin. On September 29th, 2013, Botkin delivered a sermon at Christ the King Church in Centerville, Tennessee (where he serves as an elder) entitled "How Bad Company Corrupts Good Morals, Part III", available at Sermon Audio. Geoffrey Botkin is the head of the Western Conservatory of the Arts, a ministry that pr … [Read more...]

Did Ted Cruz Actually Ejaculate into a Cup? Some Thoughts on How We Cover Politics

Ted Cruz

We on the political Left often talk about the political Right's propensity to lob unfair personal attacks at President Obama and his family. We need to be able to look in the mirror and ensure that we do not do the same to politicians in the other direction. By way of example, I have been appalled by some of Amanda Marcotte's recent "coverage" of Ted Cruz.Here are some of the excerpts I found disturbing in an article last week: But like a Christian rock song that has the right structure but … [Read more...]

Steve Is a Man: On Minecraft and Gender


Like just about every American child between the ages five and fifteen, my daughter Sally is a huge Minecraft aficionado. As I've watched her play, I've found myself bothered by gender issues that should be easy to fix but instead seem ubiquitous in our world today.The default Minecraft character is a man named Steve. Mojang recently added a default female-looking character (Alex), but it took them five years to do so. Five years. And even today, the pocket edition of Minecraft---the one pl … [Read more...]

Nine-Year-Old Sluts and Masturbating Dinner Guests

Pearls Modesty

While searching for an image to use to illustrate the concept "modesty," I came upon this image:I noticed that the image was from, so I clicked through. The article was titled "Sobering Issues---Modesty." It began with a letter from a woman who had read Created To Be His Help Meet and disagreed with Debi's treatment of Lydia in the story titled "Bad Bob." If you remember, Lydia, the youth pastor's wife, wore a tight skirt which, well, as the story tells it, basically … [Read more...]

The Modesty Rules—Not So Simple, Really


I often heard, growing up, that dressing modestly wasn't about rules, it was about the heart attitude. In other words, if you were focused on the right thing---on God---you would naturally dress modestly, without having to run through a list of rules. You wouldn't even think about wearing short shorts, or showing your midriff, or wearing clothing that accentuates your bust.Of course, all of this ignores the fact that dressing in unapproved ways does not actually require intent to lead young … [Read more...]