There Is More to Christianity than Penal Substitutionary Atonement

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I object to the idea that Jesus needed to die on a cross to pay for my sins. For one thing, I object to the way individual sin is conceptualized. Yes, people do unkind and hateful things, but the entire framework of "sin" (and what counts as sin) and the penalty for sin (eternal torture) is fatally flawed. There are much better---and less traumatizing---ways of approaching humanity. For another thing, I object to the idea that an innocent man's death can in some way pay the price for my own s … [Read more...]

Katlyn River, Loved and Grieved: A Story of Late-Term Abortion


A Guest PostThe author writes at On the Road to Crunchy MamaI’ve wanted a baby for as long as I can remember. My mom says as a toddler in daycare, when kids’ parents showed up, I’d be the one getting them in their jackets and chivvying them to the door. I started working in the nursery at church with my mom long before I was officially old enough to do so, and had my first babysitting job at 12. I started working as a nanny shortly after I got married (couldn’t previously because those jo … [Read more...]

Strong-Willed Child: Your Child Is a Defective Grocery Store Cart


By VictoriaOriginally posted on Saving Victoria StrongThe Strong-Willed Child, chapter 1, pp. 19-25We start off this section with a rarity – agreeing with something Dobson says: “I have been watching infants and toddlers during recent years, and have become absolutely convinced that at the moment of birth there exists in children an inborn temperament which will play a role throughout life.” This is true, and since 1978 when this book was published, numerous studies have backe … [Read more...]

Guest Post: I Am Not Planning on Being a Stay-at-Home Mom (part II)


Originally posted at I Turn and BurnRead part I here In my last post, I left off talking about the decision I made during high school not to have children, even though I knew my decision would be frowned upon by others in my Christian community. When I was in high school, I believed that public school damaged children in irreversible ways. I imagined students having sex and performing drug deals right there in the classrooms with the teachers there, condoning their behavior. I imagined … [Read more...]

How about People Don’t Hit People?!


Let's hear from Jason Edwards over at Grove City College's Vision and Values:The public outcry over Roger Goodell’s failure to adequately punish NFL running back Ray Rice for knocking out his girlfriend in an Atlantic City hotel elevator is an encouraging sign that some vestige of civilization remains. It has been heartening to hear from talking heads that even in 2014 some things are still not tolerable. And, that one of those intolerable things is a man hitting a woman. . . . Of course, s … [Read more...]

In Defense of Progressive Religion


On Wednesday, blogger Kaveh Mousavi of FreeThought Blogs wrote a post criticizing my recent posts on progressive Christianity and theistic evolution. Yesterday I responded with a post discussing ethical systems. Today I will respond again, this time looking at Kaveh's claim that progressive values are not compatible with Christianity (or Islam).Kaveh's central argument appears to be this: It’s funny how skeptics suddenly become poststructuralist when it comes to religions and believe in the … [Read more...]

CTBHHM: Cross-Dressing (with a Dose of Transphobia)


Created To Be His Help Meet, p. 267Remember that we're in the section where Debi is discussion exemptions from obedience to one's husband. The trouble is that, as readers have pointed out, she's not actually explaining where the line is. Instead, she's throwing out extreme examples where it's okay to disobey. This is not all that helpful to women in much more typical situations, and in fact it (not unsurprisingly) reinforces the idea that disobeying one's husband can only be done in extreme c … [Read more...]