Everything You’ve Heard about How Often Jesus Quoted Genesis Is Wrong

It is disconcerting, but it’s more than that. This isn’t just a simple “mistake.” Someone at some point thought it sounded good to say that Jesus quoted more from Genesis than any other book and didn’t bother to double check it. There’s no way you get from the reality that only one of Jesus’ dozens of quotes from the Old Testament come from Genesis, or the reality that only 7% of his references to Old Testament books are from Genesis, to stating that Jesus quotes from (or references) the Old Testament more than any other book unless your intent is to deceive. Read more

Christian Blogger: “Life Will Never Be Fair”

Rupert is preaching the gospel of the privileged. He appears to be uncomfortable with calls for social justice. On some level, I’m not surprised. Rupert is a straight white male, and calls for social justice can be uncomfortable when you’re benefiting from the inequalities present in society. But instead of listening and coming face to face with his privilege, or simply being annoyed and stewing, he has sought to integrate his unease with calls for a more just society into his Christian theology. He has created a theology where Jesus came not to free the oppressed but to silence the victims and overlook societal injustice. Read more

Facebook Celebrates Diversity on Women’s Equality Day

Let’s have a break from the serious stuff, shall we? Read more

Doug Wilson’s Pedophile Problem: The Root of the Issue

I’m not upset that Wilson has chosen to minister to a convicted serial pedophile. I’m upset with how Wilson has chosen to minister to a convicted serial pedophile. But rather than actually listening to these concerns, Wilson would rather throw up his hands and call those critical of the way he has handled the situation “bitter.” Meanwhile, the safety and wellbeing of Sitler’s infant son hangs in the balance. Read more

Doug Wilson’s Pedophile Problem: Sex Offender For Whom Wilson Begged Leniency Back in Court with Infant Son

In 2005, Wilson asked the judge for leniency in sentencing Steven Sitler for molesting young children, declaring him “genuinely repentant.” In 2010, Wilson married Sitler to one of his parishioners and asked God to bless them with children. In 2015, Sitler’s wife gave birth to a baby boy, and Sitler molested him. If that’s all you feel you need to know—and it may be—you can stop reading here. I’m going to provide more of the backstory, and while I won’t be graphic, some readers may find it triggering. Read more

Lesbian Duplex 32: An Open Thread

It’s time for another open thread! Read more

Anonymous Tip: Peter Makes His Move

Remember that we left Peter and Gwen and Casey at Dr. Schram’s office, where they had just finished their appointment. This week Peter plays chauffeur, dropping Casey off at her foster home and taking Gwen back to her car in the parking garage by his office. The drive is, shall we say, not typical lawyer fare. Read more

A Case for Calling the Duggars ATI Rather Than Quiverfull

I wrote recently about some of the many definitional issues surrounding the term “quiverfull.” If you have not already read that post, you can do so here. But in this post I want to go farther and argue that we need to be calling the Duggars ATI, not quiverfull, because their primary identification is with Bill Gothard’s Advanced Training Institute and their quiverfull beliefs stem from that organization. More generally, I would argue that accuracy demands that we be clear about what leaders and what organizations any given Christian homeschooling family follows. This is because umbrella terms like “quiverfull” or “Christian patriarchy” erase and blur distinctions that can be critically important. Read more

We Need to Be Able to Call Out Kim Davis’ Bigotry without Slut-Shaming or Hillbilly-Shaming

Given that Kim Davis has now been sent to jail for refusing to obey a court order, I suspect we’ll be talking about her for a long time to come. As we engage in those conversations—as we discuss issues of religious freedom and point a finger at homophobia—let’s make an effort to avoid using either sexism or classism in our own critiques. I have to believe we can call out bigotry without engaging in it ourselves. Read more

Guess What This Boston Magazine Article about a Harvard-Bound Homeschool Grad Neglected to Mention?

I am all for telling positive stories of homeschooling, and I am by no means saying that Samburg’s article should not have been written. But to write it without noting that homeschooled children are far less likely to attend a school like Harvard than students educated via other methods is misleading and, frankly, irresponsible. Any article spotlighting a homeschooled student’s admission to an Ivy League school should at least note that homeschooled students are much less likely than other students to attend places like Harvard or MIT, and, ideally, also ask why this is and whether it is a problem here that needs addressing. Read more

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