Michael and Debi Pearl’s Life Story on Video

mike and debi

I just found a video of Michael and Debi telling their life story earlier this fall. I haven't watched the whole thing yet, and don't have time to parse through it at the moment. If anyone here wants to post in the comments what is said, or important insights, please do. For some reason, I can't embed it (something about privacy settings), so you'll have to click through to Vimeo to view it.Michael & Debi Pearl: Our Life StoryI do want to make a caveat. No mocking, please. I'm not … [Read more...]

Could Debi Pearl Be Changing Her Mind on Child Training?


I recently came upon an article by Debi on the No Greater Joy website. It was posted this past August, so it's relatively recent. I must say, when I first saw it yesterday I was quite surprised by it. Here's how it begins: My grandson Roland, who just turned one, has taught me more about the development of babies and toddlers than I learned my first sixty-plus years of life. It is not that he is such a fine teacher; it’s just that, now that I’m a grandmother, not responsible for meeting the dai … [Read more...]

CTNAHM: All Men Are Different! Surprise!


A Guest Post by AlethaOriginally posted on Yllom MormonCreated To Need A Help Meet, pp. 64---66 If you remember last post, Michael introduced the section on the 3 types of men: Command Men, Visionary Men, and Mr. Steady. Today we're going more into depth on the differences between them.Alike Yet DifferentGod did not create men alike. "For who maketh thee to differ from another? (1 Cor 4:7)".  God didn't just create all butterflies the same color and shape.  He didn't just create … [Read more...]

“Breeders,” “Spawn,” and the Childfree


Last week I wrote about prejudice against children (which some scholars have termed "childism"). Many commenters focused on conservatives who believe in spanking children and see teenage rebellion as something to be eradicated, and I was indeed talking about this group. This wasn't the only group I was talking about, though. In response to commenters' focus on conservatives, reader Monala had this to say. To be fair, though, some of the worst childist comments I've heard have come from people … [Read more...]

Kate’s Questioning: One Girl’s Journey


Kate recently wrote a post called "My Story: Questioning." In it she wrote a touching and almost poetic account of her own journey from a Christian homeschool past to a more open future. Her story is well worth reading. I want to excerpt the beginning of it for you and then send you over to Kate's blog to read the rest. Kate, as you may remember, grew up with my in the homeschool community years ago, my childhood friend. I lost her when I left all that behind, but in recent years I have gained … [Read more...]

TTUAC: “Child Development” My Foot!

child development

To Train Up A Child, pp. This is the third and last installment in the chapter on children's natural development. Have you noticed anything Michael hasn't talked about in this section? Hmm, let me think. How about children's natural development?I feel like the way Michael is handling this section is very similar to the way Debi handled her section on sex. Debi never actually told us anything about sex. Instead, she told her readers that men need sex, that men connect their value to their … [Read more...]

Michael Pearl Is Not Original

susanna wesley

Michael Pearl's To Train Up a Child is not original, not in the least. It's actually a rehashing of ideas that had been floating around in evangelicalism and fundamentalism for literally hundreds of years. Let me offer a few excerpts from various evangelical or fundamentalist sources to illustrate what I'm talking about.First, have a look at what Susanna Wesley wrote in 1732: When turned a year old (and some before), they were taught to fear the rod, and to cry softly; by which means they … [Read more...]