On 911 Caller’s Racial Bias and Police Brutality

As we continue the longer conversation about race and police brutality, let’s make sure we talk about the role race plays in 911 callers’ decisions and in what they report, and also the role these 911 calls have in framing the situation for police officers who respond to the scene. And while we’re at it, let’s do what we can to recognize and correct our own implicit racial biases. Read more

Jesus the Enabler

I find it somewhat maddening when someone who claims to take the Bible at face value—like Pat Robertson—so flagrantly goes directly against exactly what the Bible says at face value. I find it maddening, I think, because it is so hypocritical, and perhaps also because the former evangelical in me feels lied to when I see evangelical religious leaders saying things like this. Read more

No, Praising Children Will Not Make Them Selfish

I would argue that responding to children who think themselves above the rules and better than other children with criticism of parental praise for children is a red herring. If we model respect for the rules and value for others, building our children up will only reflect positively on others, and on their peers. Read more

The Lesbian Duplex 38: An Open Thread

It’s time for another chatter thread! Read more

Rand Paul: If Gay People Don’t Want to Be Discriminated Against, They Should Keep Their Gayness at Home

Rand Paul spoke with college students in Iowa last week. Read more

Anonymous Tip: In the Judge’s Chambers

It is now Tuesday morning, and Peter, Stan, June, and Gwen have arrived early. After they’ve had some time for last-minute prepping, Judge Romer’s clerk summons Peter and Gail to the judge’s chambers and begins going through some (I assume) routine questions about what witnesses they planned to call and how much time they’d need for their “case in chief.” Read more

Marriage Is Not a Magical Social Cure

It is true that children in married parent homes do better than children in unmarried parent homes on a variety of measures. It is false, however, to assume that the solution is marrying all of those unmarried parents. This confuses correlation with causation. Just because poor performance in school, etc., correlates with unmarried parent homes does not mean it is caused by unmarried parent homes, and the fact that children in married parent homes tend to perform better by various measures does not mean that children in unmarried parent homes would perform better if their parents married. Read more

The Evangelical Christian Martyrdom Complex

Last week I noticed a headline on the Friendly Atheist titled Evangelist Wants to Know If You’d Say “Yes, I’m a Christian” with a Gun to Your Head. This brought to mind what I was taught as an evangelical child—that if anyone ever asked me to deny the faith, I was to refuse, even to death. We read stories of Christians martyred in other countries because they refused to spit on the Bible or renounce their faith. Read more

The Problem with Gendering Kids’ Halloween Costumes Is Othering, Not Sexualizing

I have a serious problem with the increased gendering of children’s career-based Halloween costumes. As I see it, the problem is not about “sexualizing” young girls. Rather, the problem is an extension of the othering of girls that we we see throughout products marketed to children. Too often the standard option of a product is marketed to boys, and a “girlified” option is marketed to girls. This is not what true inclusion looks like. Read more

Liberating Moments: Ex-Pentacostals Cut Their Hair

All this came to mind when I watched this youtube video of two former Apostolic Pentecostals cutting their hair. They explain, in the video, why they had kept their hair long, and how momentous it feels to cut it. Read more

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