Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards Is Not Overpaid. Here’s Why.

Next time you hear someone claim that Cecile Richards is overpaid, or that the executive director of a large nonprofit like Planned Parenthood shouldn’t make a six-figure salary because it’s still a nonprofit, let them know that Richards’ salary is on the level with those of executive directors of other nonprofits of similar size and focus, point out that as the executive director of Planned Parenthood Richards has to deal with things like death threats, and explain why paying the executive directors of large nonprofits six-figure salaries is actually good for those nonprofits and for charity. Read more

No, Medicaid and Title X Do Not Subsidize Abortions

Cutting off low-income women’s access to contraceptives and other non-abortion services through Planned Parenthood will in fact increase the demand for abortions and thus increase the amount of abortions provided by Planned Parenthood. Read more

Planned Parenthood’s “Government Funding”: The Same Kind Your Doctor Receives

Next time someone tells you that the government subsidizes Planned Parenthood, ask them to explain what they mean. Next time you hear someone say that we need to cut off Planned Parenthood’s government funding, ask them to desire what this funding looks like. The reality is that Planned Parenthood’s “government funding” is no different from the government funding your doctor or any other local health clinic receives. Read more

Lesbian Duplex 36: An Open Thread

It’s time for another chatter thread! Read more

Anonymous Tip: In Which Bruises Are Not Abuse

It’s Monday morning now, the day before the hearing, and Sally has been sent to exchange the psychologists’ reports. First picked up two copies of Dr. Schram’s report, and then she drove to the Public Safety Building and exchanged a copy of Dr. Schram’s report for a copy of Dr. McGuire’s report. Farris tells us that Dr. McGuire’s report had been “left at the front desk by Gail Willet with strict instructions to only release the report if there was an exchange.” The way this is written suggests we are, once again, to think that there is something wrong with Gail sticking to what I’m fairly certain are, once again, simply the rules. Read more

No, Abortion Is Not 86% of Planned Parenthood’s Revenue

Where did Lummis get her number, is it accurate, and what does it tell us about Planned Parenthood’s funding as a whole? I have answers to all of these questions! Read more

I Grew Up in the Benedict Option. Here’s Why It Didn’t Work.

In the wake of the Obergefell decision, Rob Dreher of the American Conservative and others are discussing what they call the “Benedict Option.” To be perfectly honest, I’m still trying to figure out what Dreher means by the term. He calls for Christians to withdraw from the world and it’s concerns and focus instead on forming intentional Christian communities, but then objects when someone suggests this position is isolationist and insists that it’s not. Read more

Admitting Privileges, Abortion, and the Trojan Horse of Protecting Women’s Health

Abortion is far safer than birth. Troy Newman of Operation Rescue calls 1000 hospitalizations due to abortion in Texas each year “completely unacceptable.” What does he think of the 116 women who died in childbirth in Texas in that same year? While researchers are still discussing the reasons for the U.S.’s unusually high maternal mortality rate, most agree that lack of access to healthcare is a significant part of the problem. And yet, Republicans have blocked both medicaid expansion and other proposals that would extend healthcare to pregnant individuals. If abortion opponents truly cared about women’s health, they would ought to policies that would make pregnancy and maternity care more affordable and more available. Read more

Let’s Talk about Common Core Math

For a lot of people traditional is inherently good and new is inherently frightening. We parents know the old way of teaching math, and as such it is somewhat familiar. For many parents, difference is scary. But difference and change aren’t necessarily bad. Sometimes they’re very very good. I for one am excited that my children may learn to understand math better I did. Read more

My Evangelical Homeschool Mother Taught Me the Five Pillars of Islam

It seems a group of parents in Tennessee are protesting the inclusion of Islam in the state’s seventh grade social studies standards. In fact, some activists urged students to intentionally get an F in the class. And, as you see above, some activists are arguing that parents should homeschool because of curriculum like this. And so, in our highly polarized world, I have something to say. Read more

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