Dear Jesus: A Letter on Anger and Christianity

We need to have a chat. You see, I’ve been reading the gospels and I have been struck by how angry you constantly were. Have you paused to read through your sermons before delivering them there to read for tone? This sort of anger is really unbecoming. I understand that there are injustices in the world and that you want to fight them, but this is not the proper way to go about things. Read more

That Jewish-Baker-Swastika-Cake Analogy Is Backwards

Next time you hear someone compare an evangelical baker being forced to bake a cake for a gay couple to a Jewish baker being forced to bake a swastika flag for a Nazi customer, turn the example around and whether a Nazi baker should be allowed to refuse to serve Jewish customers. You might just surprise someone and cause them a moment of reflection. Read more

Marissa Jenae Johnson: Radical Christian, Palin Supporter

This post is not about whether Johnson was right in her approach or about Johnson’s specific relation to the Black Lives Matter movement. I have been extremely busy lately and haven’t had the time to engage more than superficially with the news. I simply wanted to step in to push back against Stone’s suggestion that one’s politics in high school should permanently impugn one’s character and his positioning of Christianity as only and solely an oppressor of people of color. Read more

By Faith Alone? The Boundaries of Evangelicalism

A few weeks ago, a reader took issue with my statement that evangelicals believe that salvation is by faith alone, wondering why, if that is the case, they hold such a complicated litmus test for being a True Christian. This is an excellent question! In theory, evangelicals believe that all it takes to achieve salvation is to acknowledge that you are a sinner and accept Jesus’ gift of salvation. But there’s a big but that is rarely discussed. Read more

The State of Children’s Rights in Our Society Is Abysmal

As a society, we recognize that bruising a child is abuse. But unfortunately we do not, as a society, have much awareness of the sad reality that parents can severely abuse their children without ever laying a hand to them. Something is broken here and is in dire need of fixing, especially when it comes to teens. Read more

Lesbian Duplex 28: An Open Thread

It’s time for another Lesbian Duplex thread! Read more

Evangelicals and Their Strange Definitions of Persecution

I live in one of the bluest areas of my red state, but there are still churches on every corner. I barely have to leave town to see billboards urging me to repent to avoid hell. The idea that Christians are persecuted is surreal. Read more

Anonymous Tip: The Proselytizing Lawyer

And now we have arrived at lawyer Peter Barron’s much awaited meeting with his Christian mentor/accountability partner, Aaron. Aaron, as you will remember, is a regional computer expert and the father of four homeschooled children. Read more

Masturbation: A Selfish, Addictive, Vicious Cycle

The biggest argument in both videos seems to be that masturbation is selfish. Indeed, this is very much the argument Josh Harris made in his 2005 book, Sex Is Not the Problem (Lust Is). In that book, he argued that masturbation within marriage is wrong because sexual pleasure within marriage should always be mutual. As someone who is married and masturbates, I have to disagree. Sometimes it is masturbation that is unselfish. Read more

Maintaining a Relationship with Difficult Parents

I’m not sure I’m the best person to give advice on dealing with controlling, manipulative, abusive parents. If this is your situation, what you do will be determined by your desires and the details of your specific situation. I’ve learned some tricks—for example, responding to attempts to begin a conversation you don’t want to have with “I disagree, mom, I disagree” and then refusing to say more can be very effective—but that’s about it. The biggest advice I can give you is to set boundaries with your parents. And if they can’t respect those boundaries? Well, what you do then is up to you. How much are you willing to put up with to keep them in your life? Read more

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