I want to take a quick break from all of my posting about the Planned Parenthood shootings to shine a light the Coalition for Responsible Home Education’s annual December fund drive. I have been a big supporter of the Coalition for Responsible Home Education (CRHE) since its founding two years ago. Read more

Teenage anti-abortion activist turned critical blogger Kathryn Elizabeth has started a blog series on the Army of God. This is important reading, because at this point America is far too unaware of the depth and history of anti-abortion violence in this country. It is this ignorance that led so many to argue that Dear’s shooting must have nothing to do with abortion or Planned Parenthood. Dear is no mere loner. Dear fits within a wider—and violent and dangerous—context. Read more

Words matter. A lot. Read more

And this, too, is part of the problem. Aside from the murder of George Tiller in 2009, we haven’t seen anti-abortion violence escalate this far since the 1990s, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a history of such violence, in both deed and act. And this violence is inextricably tied to Christianity. There’s this idea held by many, I think, that there is no Christian terrorism. This is false. No one is saying every Christian is a terrorist or even that most are or that all or most pro-life activists are terrorists. All we’re saying is that there’s a history of Christian pro-life terrorism that does exist and is very real. Read more

Today we’ll finish up the chapter on “emotion control.” As a reminder, we’re reviewing Michael Pearl’s child rearing manual, To Train Up A Child. My parents used this book with me as I grew up. As I became a parent myself I came to see Michael’s advice as toxic and even abusive. And indeed, his book has been linked to three children’s deaths. In this series we dismantle it piece by piece. Read more

It’s time for another chatter thread! Read more

New feature! Read more

After Dr. Schram’s testimony concluded, Peter called Gordon to testify. Remember, Peter had earlier told Judge Romer that he would not be calling anyone else, because he hadn’t thought Gordon would show. I have to wonder what Gordon did during the recess, because there’s no mention of Gwen or Peter (or Stan or June) speaking with him. It’s as if he was just forgotten. Anyway, Judge Romer tells Peter he can call Gordon, but says it has to be brief as there’s only fifteen minutes left. Read more

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I’m taking the day off, and I hope you are too! Also, what is with Black Friday shopping beginning at 5pm today instead of, you know, on Friday?! Seriously, people! It’s Thanksgiving! Read more

Given my interest in homeschool reform, I am familiar with many if not most of the entries at the Coalition for Responsible Home Education’s Homeschooling’s Invisible Children database. This database was started by homeschool alumni concerned about the role homeschooling can play in intensifying and hiding abuse by allowing abusive parents to isolate their children. (I suppose this is where I add the caveat that I am not anti-homeschooling, just pro-accountability.) Read more

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