Talking to Kids about the News

I suppose, in the end, that it’s not just about making sure Sally is aware of the history taking place around her, it’s also about providing her a foundation and context for the world she will grow up to inherit. I want to launch her into adulthood, someday, with a grasp on the major debates and currents swirling around her. Read more

Gay Marriage and the Freedom to Offend

Someone’s priorities feel slightly askew. Read more

“You Did a Wrong Thing, Mommy”: In Which I Tell My Six-Year-Old That I Went to an Anti-Gay Rally as a Teen

What’s unfortunate is that so many people have believed the misinformation rather than taking the time to actually meet a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender person before making a judgement or forming a position. And that, I think, is what I still feel bad about. Yes, I was given misinformation. Yes, I was lied to. But I never took the time to verify any of it before opposing equal rights for an entire group of people, and that was wrong. But in Sally and in other children like her I see our future, and it is a bright future indeed. Read more

An Atheist Parent, an Evangelical Grandmother, and a Six-Year-Old Girl

Believe me, reader, when I say that if my mother becomes coercive or manipulative toward Sally vis a vis religion, I will shut it down in a heartbeat. I’m still trying to balance all of this and haven’t gotten it all figured out. Perhaps I should bar my mother from discussing religion with my daughter upfront, but then, she hasn’t explicitly barred me from discussing my beliefs and ideas with my minor siblings, and I’d rather keep it that way. For now, I suppose, we have struck a tenuous balance of sorts. Read more

Lesbian Duplex 22: An Open Thread

It’s time for another Lesbian Duplex thread! If you have a link or article or interesting thought that’s not relevant to an ongoing thread, you can share it here. If a conversation on another post has turned entirely off topic, you can bring it here also. Every so often, as the number of comments on a given Lesbian Duplex post becomes unmanageable, I put up a fresh post. I’ve added a “chatter” tab under my blog banner that will direct readers to these discussion… Read more

Conservatives Grapple with Marriage Equality

There are really only two things I can say for sure here: First, evangelicals will not be arrested or otherwise rounded up simply on the basis of believing that homosexuality is sin; and Second, the next few years will be interesting indeed. Read more

Marriage Equality: An Open Thread

Happy marriage equality day, everyone! Read more

Anonymous Tip: In Which Gwen Contemplates Running

Gwen hasn’t worried about how Casey is doing, or about whether Casey is upset, or whether Casey is being taken care of. Nope. Nada. Instead, as she looks at the swing set, we’re told that “Casey’s face and giggle were all too real—memories from the morning when Donna Corliss first invaded her life.” It’s not about Gwen worrying whether Casey’s okay, it’s about Gwen feeling sorry for herself that Casey’s not there. And this is Farris’s heroine and model mother. Read more

Guest Post: You Can Call Me Rita: Coming Out Lesbian to My Evangelical Parents

~ A Guest Post by Rita ~ Telling my parents in person I am lesbian was the horrible experience I anticipated, but I am glad I did it because, when it was over and my flight back to Massachusetts lifted into the air, I also lifted. Although Mom and Dad’s voices of dogmatic doom echoed in my ears, I felt new freedom to be me without the gravity of impossible expectations and an urge to conform and keep secrets in order to receive a blessing I knew would never be authentic. Read more

The Charleston Shooting and Christian Persecution

I had assumed conservatives would admit that the shooter was motivated by racism but argue that he was a lone extremist, or that he had mental problems, and thus downplay the extent of racism that still exists in our society today. I hadn’t expected them to argue that an overtly race-based incident was in fact an example of anti-Christian persecution. Dylann Roof left no ambiguity. He stated flat out that he shot those he did because of race, not because they were in a church. But perhaps I expected too much. Read more

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