I Love Bill Maher’s Lastest Rant

I love Bill Maher, I’m a huge fan of his. I especially loved his latest rant against all religions. It’s funny, eloquent, irreverent, and most importantly, true. I loved the last episode overall (14th March episode), as it included a great panel, and great discussions. Andrew Sullivan, the great legend Salman Rushdie, Amy Chua, and Seth McFarlane – it’s a dream panel. Watch the rant below and make sure to watch the episode.


About Kaveh Mousavi

Kaveh Mousavi is the pseudonym of an atheist ex-Muslim living in Iran, subject to one of the world’s remaining theocracies. He is a student of English Literature, an aspiring novelist, and part-time English teacher. He is passionate about politics, video games, heavy metal music, and cinema. He was born at the tenth anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. He has ditched the Islamic part, but has kept some of the revolutionary spirit.

  • Al Dente

    “Isn’t life hard enough without making shit up out of thin air to fuck with yourself?”


  • Rike

    I can’t believe he could say all that without some Republican getting him blacked out! I don’t watch TV at all, so thank you for showing this.

    I also wanted to tell you that I really appreciate your writing. I’ve been reading your blog since you started on FTB and I have learned something new every day!

    Thanks again.

    • Kaveh Mousavi

      Thanks for the kind words. :)

  • dysomniak “They are unanimous in their hate for me, and I welcome their hatred!”

    So the fact that he’s a sexist, warmongering, woo-pushing, limousine liberal doesn’t bother you then? Great, one less blog to read.

    • Menyambal

      It doesn’t bother me that you have left.

    • http://onhandcomments.blogspot.com/ left0ver1under

      Are you living under the delusion that you’re going to find some perfect being atheist to follow? Go learn how Richard Dawkins screwed up on “elevatorgate” and “Dear Muslima”. Stop reading Hitchens because he was a warmongering boor and a drunk. Etc., ad nauseum.

      Everybody’s got warts, Maher more than a lot of people. But you’re looking for an airbrushed picture to worship.

      • dysomniak “They are unanimous in their hate for me, and I welcome their hatred!”

        Worship? Project Much? It’s not that complicated: Anyone who “loves” filth like Maher (or Dawkins or Hitchens, cute that you think I’m unaware of the facts there) is clearly so far misaligned from my humanist values as to be not worth reading. Just like I wouldn’t bother withes someone who posts approvingly about Limbaugh or Beck.

        • Kaveh Mousavi

          I love Dawkins and Hitchens too.

    • Brandon

      Uh oh Kaveh, you didn’t pass this guy’s ideological purity test!

      Somehow, I doubt that’s much of a concern.

  • benkvi

    Oh so Kavehs writing doesn’t matter now then, because you disagree with…Maher? Think elsewhere then :) I’m sure we’ll get by somehow….

  • Aaron

    This is off-topic, but you mention in your sidebar a passion for heavy metal music. I have a couple of questions about that:

    1) I assume that there isn’t much of a Heavy Metal “scene” in Iran. Is this accurate? If not, who do you see locally, and where do you go to see them?

    2) More broadly, who do you listen to?

    • Kaveh Mousavi

      1) It is accurate. There are some underground bands, but I haven’t looked them up. I’m not a big fan of Iranian music in general and I miss much of it.

      2) I listen to all genres of metal, from the most mainstream to Swedish and Norwegian black metal. Symphonic metal is rising in my taste, as it seems to me that Epica is becoming my most favorite band (I listen to it more than all the others), but still, all my life I have loved Metallica, Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Arch Enemy, Opeth, Mastadon, Brocas Helm, and Slayer.

      • Aaron

        Awesome. Symphonic metal became something I really enjoyed for a while in particular. Your entire list is stuff I either really like or need to look up (I’d never heard of Brocas Helm or Arch Enemy). I’d also suggest looking up Amon Amarth, Kamelot (which has an album titled Epica, coincidentally) and Nemesea on the symphonic side, and Finntroll on the blacker side, if you haven’t already heard of them.

        • Kaveh Mousavi

          I hadn’t heard of Nemesea and Finntroll, thanks for the suggestions very much.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001826206983 jeanettecorlett-black

    Have you ever heard Nightwish? I prefer their older music as I don’t like the new lead singer as much. There is lots of their music on YouTube.

    • Kaveh Mousavi

      I like Nightwish a lot too, but not as much as the other bands I listed. One that I absolutely forgot was Marilyn Manson – I love him.

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