Link Round-Up #1

I’m going to do this on my blog from now on.

Dan Fincke reviews God is Not Dead in detail. Part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4. Now all these are as long as a novella, but Dan’s articles are worth much more, make sure to read them.

Peter Mosley brings seven reasons why saying “I will pray for you pisses off atheists”.

Marwa Berro takes care of her Muslim critic quite successfully.

An article by Michelle Goldberg on #CancelColbert with which I agree.

Alyssa Carlson starts a new atheist blog. Let’s read her. There are already very interesting posts.

Alan Sokal shares some reasons about the absurdity of post-modernism.

Infidel753 explains France’s nationalist wave.

Alex Gabriel has some thought-provoking observations about Fred Phelps’s death and his role for him as a queer man and his reactions to it.

Maryam Namazie shares an important petition.

Ophelia Benson blogs about the British-Iranian woman who’s been arrested. I assure you that unlike what has been commented, it’s not true “And it’s likely the iranian government issued the visa precisely to be able to arrest her on arrival.” Point is, Rouhani wants to become friendly with the west, so throwing western nationals in prison is not a smart move, but those who arrested her WANT to make things worse between Iran and the west.


"Then good for them. My point was that it's not my responsibility."

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