Link Round-Up #2

First off, I didn’t know siblings day existed. Happy siblings day! I don’t have any siblings, so I’ll celebrate with this picture instead:


Now on to the links!

Ayaan Hirsi Ali Brandeis Controversy Links:

Ophelia Benson has done a fantastic job of covering this issue. From breaking the news, to calling out the stupid Brandeis statement, to the doctoring of their press release statement, (I loved the “We have always been at war with Eastasia” comment), to dealing with an Imam’s gloating piece, to pointing out how this plays into the hand of people who threatened her, to calling out BBC’s hypocrisy and its bias in reporting the story in a one-sided manner, to CAIR’s hypocritical use of the word pluralism, to CAIR shutting down her movie and also a bit of history. Her blog is the best place to know the timeline, also she has shared some of the stories I’ll link to bellow.

But before moving on, let me state here how much I admire Ophelia Benson for her work. I complained (and I was right) about western liberals who are more concerned with their own inner political climate when it comes to Islam, to not appear racist, more than what they should care about human rights, and lack an international scope – Ophelia Benson is one of the skeptics who’s the opposite of that. She gives voice to the ex-Muslims, covers the issues we face with, has an international scope, and applies the same human rights values to everywhere in the world. Now, moving on.

This is Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s speech which was never delivered. And this is her response to the whole mess.

I loved David Silverman’s open letter about this.

A former Brandeis student exposes the hypocrisy.

Jason Linkins’s article is very good. He is a genuine liberal, disagreeing with Ali’s views but defending her and not asking for her to be sidelined.

James Kirchick has also a good article, called “Ayaan Hirsi Ali vs. the Campus Thought Police“.

Other links:

PZ Myers takes down an asinine article on the relationship between Islam and science. Seriously, I’m an atheist and I could defend Islam and its relationship with science much more convincingly.

Jen McCreight’s eulogy to her mother is very moving and well-written.

Not good news: First Official Climate Change Refugees Evacuate Their Island Homes for Good.

I so much agree with this: Being called a ‘fundamentalist secularist’ is an insult I would welcome.

These photos from Tehran make it look real good. I appreciate them. Many people are blind to the beautiful side of Tehran, its residents are chief among them. I’m still leaving this city as soon as I can though.

Maryam Namazie informs us that Rayhaneh is to be reportedly executed on Tuesday, which is sad. Please sign the petition if you haven’t.

I SO MUCH agree with this piece by Notung. “Time to retire Godwin’s Law“. In very near future I’ll write my own piece on it too.

Laura Rozen is my favorite journalist when it comes to Middle East and Iran. Read her piece about Araghchi, Iran’s top negotiator.

Sincere Kirabo has a very interesting interview with a Satanist. I’m very influenced by LaVey, and one of my best friends used to be a Satanist, so none of this is actually news to me, but very good interview.

Ian Crouch of New Yorker explains why Colbert will be successful as Letterman’s replacement.

Infidel753 has a very important piece with which I completely agree, and I’m also mentioned it, woohoo!

Dan Fincke writes yet another fantastic article. “Top 10 Tips For Christian Evangelism (From An Atheist)“. Number 2 especially resonated with me.

Feel free to promote your own blog and/or writings below in the comments. Cheers, until next time!

About Kaveh Mousavi

Kaveh Mousavi is the pseudonym of an atheist ex-Muslim living in Iran, subject to one of the world’s remaining theocracies. He is a student of English Literature, an aspiring novelist, and part-time English teacher. He is passionate about politics, video games, heavy metal music, and cinema. He was born at the tenth anniversary of the Islamic Revolution of Iran. He has ditched the Islamic part, but has kept some of the revolutionary spirit.

  • Infidel753

    Thanks for once again linking to my blog! Thought I’d let you know that I do have a post up on Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Brandeis, as of this morning.

    You say of Tehran, “I’m still leaving this city as soon as I can though.” Is there anywhere in particular you have in mind to go?

    • Kaveh Mousavi

      You’re welcome! I enjoy your work quite a lot.

      Not really. Right now I’m not in a position to move. :/

  • M.S. Yacoob

    I’m not a woman, and I really don’t want to be associated with people like you, thank you. I would greatly appreciate if my blog was unlinked from your site.

    • Kaveh Mousavi

      Sorry for the gender mistake, and sure.

      • M.S. Yacoob

        Thank you. God bless.

        Also noticed “People like you” came out very aggressively. I meant more like my blog is for Muslims talking about Islam, and I don’t want an attack to be “look who is using your material” etc. It’s an easy and powerful emotional position to take.

        • Kaveh Mousavi

          Yes I was very amazed by it, actually. I thought everything in your blog was very rational and moderate and I wanted my readers to see that there are Muslim voices who are making the right argument as well. But I understand that you may dislike the fact that an atheist might use your material.

          Hopefully we will have opportunity for a dialog later. Take care.

  • Ophelia Benson

    Aw thanks Kaveh.

    • Kaveh Mousavi

      I say it because it’s true :)

  • Infidel753

    Not being a Game of Thrones fan, I only just now caught the significance of the picture chosen — I must say I approve :-)

    • Kaveh Mousavi

      Great, I was a bit sad that my twisted sense of humor was going unappreciated. Also I recommend the show, but more the books.

  • atheist

    I for one am really unimpressed with Hirsi, so I’m fine with Brandeis withdrawing her award, even in the mealymouthed manner that they did it. I really think she goes beyond criticism of religion into bigotry. She may have good personal reasons to hate Islam but that is not relevant.

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