Singer Recommendation: Giorgia

I don’t know how many of you already know her – she’s not famous at all in Iran because a very small percentage of people listen to Italian music. Of course, she’s globally famous, and if you’re interested in Pavarotti and Friends series (I love them) you have already seen her. Anyway, she’s a singer I really adore, because I think she does magic by her voice. I usually don’t like listening to music without understanding lyrics, but Italian music in general is so beautiful that I make an exception. Among Italian singers Giorgia is my favorite.


She became internationally famous by singing Queen’s “Who Wants to Live Forever” in 1994 in Pavarotti and Friends 2. She’s amazing. Here it is:

She’s also very famous for her collaboration with Andrea Bocelli in song “Vivo per Lei”:

She has released an album last year, with two awesome singles:

If you like what you saw, check out her Vevo account for more music videos.

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