Check out my guest post at Ex-Hijabi Photo Journal about Ramadan

The great Hiba Krisht, aka Marwa Berro who has recently come out, and will soon grace FTB, and whom I very proud to call a friend, honored me and ran a post of my mine on her fantastic project Ex-Hijabi Photo Journal few days ago. I had no Internet access recently and my VPN was not completely in order and I was posting from my phone. Well, she asked for these submissions:

In this holy month for Muslims, many of us who have chosen to not practice and/or not believe are still enmeshed within communities and situations where we cannot live by our choices. Many of us are compelled to fast, pray, read Qur’an, and more. Many of us are subjected to greater scrutiny regarding our actions, and our “sinfulness” is treated with greater denigration. It can be exhausting, depressing, and very difficult.

Let us celebrate the choice to ‘sin’. Let us celebrate Haramadan! Did you sneak off to grab a bite to eat or some water? Snap a photo an send it in! Have you gone out with your friends while your family thinks you’re at Taraweeh? Snap a photo and send it in? Reading some philosophy or erotica tucked into the pages of your prayer book? Snap a photo and send it in! Send in photos of kisses in corners, cocktails you quaff on the side, stolen moments and opportunities for self-expression and respite. These are just examples. Send in whatever you like. Send in photos and/or your stories. Hold hands. Let the wind into your hair. Be happy.

This is a place where you can air your grievances and celebrate the small moments of pleasure and joy you’re barred from. No matter who you are. Submissions welcome regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, ethnicity, race, age, size, etc.

Send your submission to OR use the submit page:

Haramadan Kareem!

I submitted my own version. So check out my blog post there and I will be back in full capacity soon.

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