Iranian Volleyball Watchers Protest Censorship and Political Prisoners

Iran’s volleyball team is good, becoming the fourth in the World League. Women were recently banned from watching the game in the stadium, which justifiably caused the volleyball world federation is banning Iran from taking part in future tournaments for its sexist policies. And when TV broadcasts the games taking place in other countries, it heavily censors the games, omitting all footage of female audience.

Some Iranians in Italy used this opportunity to protest by holding signs while watching the games.


The sign says: “Great job, censor!”


The sign says: “Thank you censor”.


It says “Our censor brother, support us, support us” (A culturally loaded slogan going back to Islamic Revolution and used later by reformists as well for multiple people, usually addressed to oppressors) and the other sign says “Mousavi and Karroubi must be freed”.

These photos made me feel very good and I shared them with you too. Cheers.

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