Tyrants’ Crocodile Tears for Ferguson

Of course the thoughts of all people concerned with liberty and human rights go out to the people of Ferguson which is rooted in the racial tensions and inequalities and hope things get better for them. However some suspicious personalities are getting on the bandwagon too. Like the Supreme Leader of Iran:


Of course the Iranian Supreme Leader has no business condemning the USA for either racism or police brutality. Iran is itself an extremely racist country, where Afghans, Kurdish people, and all other racial and ethnic minorities are severely oppressed. And on the subject of police brutality, no one can forget the 2009 protests when the police killed about 100 people and arrested thousands of people and beat people and abused them harshly. Iranian police have beaten and abused women for not abiding by their strict and ridiculous dress code. And Iranian police have dragged criminals known as “thugs” across neighborhoods, beating them and humiliating them in ways completely unjustified. USA has problems but if USA is 12 Iran is 5000.

But the Iranian Supreme Leader was not the only one yapping about Ferguson. Via Al Jazeera:

Egypt’s foreign ministry has called on the US to show restraint in its reaction to protests in Missouri, according to a report in local news provider, Ahram Online.

The country’s foreign ministry told the state-run MENA news agency that US authorities should deal with the protests in the city of Ferguson in accordance with US and international stardards [sic], the report on Tuesday said.

Egyptian foreign ministry spokesman, Badr Abdel-Aty, hoped investigations would reveal the truth about “Mike Brown’s murder”, it added, referring to the black US teenager whose killing by a white police officer triggered protests.

If you have been paying attention to Middle East news lately you are completely aware why Egypt has no business talking about “police restraint”.

Egypt has faced criticism over its own record of dealing with protesters.

A report released by Human Rights Watch (HRW) last week accused Egyptian security forces of systematically and deliberatly killing protesters at a sit-in at Cairo’s Rabaa al-Adawiya square in August 2013.

Up to a thousand supporters of the former president, Mohamed Morsi, were killed in the clashes according to HRW.

The country subsequently introduced laws preventing demonstrations that did not have clearance from authorities.

These tyrants don’t care even a little about the brave people of Ferguson. To them, this is simply an opportunity to say “See, USA violates human rights too”, and that somehow justifies their track record. Every time someone talks about the human rights they bring examples like Guantanamo or Ferguson. The irony is that at least for Iran the USA is supposed to be “the Great Satan” so how USA’s violations of human rights are supposed to justify the Iranian situation no one knows and no one cares because fuck reason.

Hypocrites misusing the plight of people to further their evil agenda, unnerving people deserving of scorn and hatred.

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