5 Articles that Changed My Mind Recently

I wanted to post about how Heina Dadabhoy taught me about prison and showed me something I reflexively repeated was wrong, but then I decided I would gather all the recent examples. Here are five articles I’ve read recently, that have changed my mind on something. This is an appreciation post, an acknowledgment of those [Read More...]

Victory: #TwitterTheocracy Is No More

Via British Humanist Association: Twitter has unblocked a number of tweets and users of its service, which it had blocked on May 18 following requests from Pakistan, following last week’s successful campaign, led by a number of humanist and non-religious organisations. The British Humanist Association (BHA) was a signatory to a letter addressed to the UN [Read More...]

FTBCon 3 Is Coming

Via Miri’s Brute Reason: FtBCon 3 is fast approaching: August 22-24, 2014. As always, we’re going to have a full weekend of panels, talks, and Cards Against Humanity. This time, we’re going to be more organized about how we plan the sessions, so we’re giving you until July 22 to submit a proposal for a panel [Read More...]

Link Round-Up 6/18/2014

Story of the Week: Alex Gabriel is writing his memoir in a serialized form, Dickens-style. It is very moving and very well-written, I definitely recommend it. I have shared every chapter on Twitter, but here I link to the Foreword which includes the table of contents. Nine chapters published so far. The Other Story of [Read More...]

“10 Scientific Ideas That Scientists Wish You Would Stop Misusing” Article Is Either Wrong or Needs Clarification

An article is being shared widely on Facebook and Twitter. PZ Myers and Vandy Beth Glenn have also blogged about it. Which is… how shall I put it… wrong. Well, not all of it, of course, but a great portion of it. Or actually it might not be wrong, but it needs clarification. The article [Read More...]

Support the Ex-Hijabi Fashion Photo Journal

Marwa Berro has a very great idea, and she has started an awesome fashion blog for ex-hijabis. Here she introduces this new venture: I’m very excited about launching this new project: the Ex-Hijabi Fashion Photo Journal! Featuring ex-hijabis with awesome hairstyles and tattoos and piercings. Ex-hijabis in bikinis and little black dresses and cargo pants [Read More...]

Did Khomeini Deceive Iranians Before the Revolution?

Gretchen Robinson, someone I’m really honored and privileged to call a friend on Facebook, asked me this question on Facebook, and I decided to turn it into a blogpost because it’s really a very difficult question to answer truthfully to. I heard that people in Iran didn’t know Khomeni was a Muslim fundamentalist. That he [Read More...]

History Can’t Wait: What Is The Significance of Rouhani’s Election?

A year has passed since Rouhani was elected. Many people are using this to evaluate Rouhani’s year, but I will hold off of that for now ans wait until his inauguration anniversary two months from now. In this post I want to explain something else, why Rouhani’s election is significant? Why did his win reshape [Read More...]

Human Rights Watch: “Iran: Halt Execution of 33 Sunnis”

Via Human Rights Watch: The Iranian authorities should quash the death sentences of 33 Sunni Muslim men, including possibly a juvenile offender, convicted of “enmity against God” (moharebeh), and impose an immediate moratorium on all executions, 18 human rights organizations and one prominent human rights lawyer said today. The call comes amid serious concerns about [Read More...]

Rouhani Continues to Stand Firm, People Chant for Green Movement Leaders’ Freedom

So yesterday was the anniversary of Rouhani’s election, and two days before that was the anniversary of 2009 elections that led to the protests and the house arrest of Mir-Hossein Mousavi and Mehdi Karroubi, the candidates who had “lost” that election, and Zahran Rahnavard, Mousavi’s wife. As someone who lives in Tehran, I can attest [Read More...]