If IS Wants War, Then We Should Give IS Precisely What It Wants

A policy position should be accepted or rejected based on its own merits, and “This is precisely what IS wants” is fallacious reasoning, and irrelevant to the validity of a policy. There is no guarantee that IS wants things that are in its best interest. We should make our decisions based on reason, not the mentality of a terrorist theocratic cult. [Read more...]

Another Terrorist Attack, the Same Faulty Arguments

“In case of a terrorist attack, pick up the nearest simplistic argument and drop nuance immediately.” That must be in some safety guidebook based on how quick people act on this advice. [Read more...]

democratic candidates

An Iranian Reacts to the First Democratic Primary Debate

Sanders and Chafee were excellent, Clinton was flawed but acceptable, O’Malley was bad, and Webb was a disaster. [Read more...]


3 Ways Hatred and Bigotry Are Not the Same Thing

Hatred and bigotry are different things. Hatred is having strong negative feelings towards someone or something. Bigotry is intolerance towards people because of who they are. Treating them as if they are the same thing is a reduction of both concepts. [Read more...]


Religious Beliefs of Presidential Candidates Must Be a Factor in Voting for Them

Unlike race and gender and orientation, religion is a factor that a discerning voter should consider deeply before casting their vote. That is, a voter who claims they consider religion a completely private matter and never consider the candidate’s religious beliefs before voting for them, might as well wipe their elegant behinds with the ballot and throw it into the toilet. [Read more...]


War and Massacre and Me

Recently Iranians were reminded of the anniversary of two traumatizing events in our recent history. One was Iran-Iraq War which lasted from 1980 to 1988 and the other was the massacre of political prisoners by the Islamic Republic which happened shortly after the war. And these anniversaries are meaningful to every Iranian in a personal way. This is how they mean to me. [Read more...]


Rick Santorum is Factually Wrong about What Iranians Believe

Santorum claims that two thirds of Iranian Shiites believe something that is a minority opinion within another minority opinion, and vast majority of Shiite clerics consider it so blasphemous that they would ex-communicate you for holding that opinion. [Read more...]


Would I Pray to Make a Religious Person Happy? Hell No.

In religiously hegemonic countries, the best thing an atheist can do is to not exist. The second best thing is to exist in a manner that makes their existence invisible, like pray. I will never pray for any living or dying person because I refuse to become invisible. I’m an atheist, and I will make you accept it by refusing to act along and to respect your symbolism. [Read more...]


You Can’t Wash the Blood from the Hands of Religion

In our history, religion has either caused the tyrant to be tyrannical, or it has inspired him, or it has justified him, or it has provided a convenient excuse for him. And it has done all of these things. So we can confidently claim that religion has been a very harmful force in our human history, and it remains mainly an obstacle in the path of progress to this day. This is the ant-theist claim, and it will not be disproved by inconsequential fact that religion was not alone in its atrocities, or that other factors have contributed to those atrocities. Religion’s hands still remain unwashed from the bloods it has shed. [Read more...]


Iranian Democracy Activists Support the Iran Deal

A large group of Iranian pro-democracy and human rights activists support the recent nuclear deal and ask the American Congress not to derail it. These supporters include former and current political prisoners, lawyers working for human rights, feminists, filmmakers, and a Noble Peace Prize laureate. It shows how the overwhelming majority of Iranians fighting for freedom support the deal, and the opponents of the deal are the enemies of freedom for Iranian people. [Read more...]