60% of Candidates Barred From Iranian Parliamentary Elections

While the regime showed enough rationality to allow moderates to reach reconciliation with the Western powers, they did not show the same rationality in the domestic arena: more than 60% of candidates who registered for the Parliamentary elections were barred from the elections by the Guardian Council. The vast majority of reformist and moderate candidates were barred, and in many cities there are no reformist candidates. [Read more...]

Check Out My Guest Appearance at Naked Diner Podcast

I was on the Naked Diner Podcast with Andrew Hall and his friend Jack. I had a really great time chatting with these guys. I really enjoyed it. You should definitely listen! I talk about Iranian elections, Iranian politics, the experience as an atheist in Iran, an interesting anecdote about my involvement with Iranian Satanists, [Read More...]


Lemmy, Bowie, Alan Rickman: Men

Rebel like Lemmy. Perform like David Bowie. Love like Alan Rickman. These were all mortal men, as we were so cruelly reminded recently. But they all walked their own path relentlessly, and their individuality was unique, and each perfected his craft in his own way. And this is how aspire to be live my life as a man. [Read more...]

Embassy of  Saudi Arabia in Tehran. Photo by مانفی. Via Wikipedia.

Why the West Can Side with Iran in the Recent Feud with Saudi Arabia

Recently Saudi Arabia executed Nimr al-Nimr, a Saudi Shiite cleric with close ties to Iran, which caused riots all around the region in Shiite countries. In Iran extremist Shiites attacked Saudi embassy, and in response to that Saudi Arabia cut all diplomatic ties with Iran and many Sunni-dominated countries followed suit. In this latest feud in the region, it’s wise for US and the West to not automatically side with the Saudis. [Read more...]


2016 Iranian Elections: Everything You Need to Know

In February 2016 Iranians will go to the polls for the first elections since 2013, in which the moderate President Hassan Rouhani came to power. There will be two elections at the same time: The Parliamentary Elections and the Council of Experts Elections. In this blogpost I will point out why these elections are so important, and why they could change the future of Iran. [Read more...]

The Unbearable Toxicity of “Native Informant”

Anti-colonialist activists must avoid a pitfall. If they want to stand against colonialism and Islamophobia, they should refrain from creating a black and white image in which the Islamic culture is the absolute good guy, and the internal dissidents and critiques become a blind spot of such a worldview, and brushed aside as “Native Informants”. This will ignore the multitudes of people oppressed within those cultures – women, LGBT, apostates, minority religions, etc – and instead of a liberating movement, this type of post-colonialism ends up being the first line of defense in favor of totalitarianism. [Read more...]

#Prayershaming and Masturbation

I will end my war on prayer when religious people end their war on masturbation. Because that’s how I calm myself in private. [Read more...]

Why I’m Not Ready To “End” Atheism

Ryan Bell, my neighbor at Year Without God, tried atheism for a year and he liked that year so much that now he’s ready to “end” it, that is, move to some kind of “post-theist” era. Now it might be my prejudice against things that start with “post” – (post-modernism, post-colonialism, post-mortem), but here I am, ready to tell you how I think we are not ready to move from the Age of Atheism to our post-theist paradise. [Read more...]


If IS Wants War, Then We Should Give IS Precisely What It Wants

A policy position should be accepted or rejected based on its own merits, and “This is precisely what IS wants” is fallacious reasoning, and irrelevant to the validity of a policy. There is no guarantee that IS wants things that are in its best interest. We should make our decisions based on reason, not the mentality of a terrorist theocratic cult. [Read more...]

Another Terrorist Attack, the Same Faulty Arguments

“In case of a terrorist attack, pick up the nearest simplistic argument and drop nuance immediately.” That must be in some safety guidebook based on how quick people act on this advice. [Read more...]