I’m Not an Anti-Theist Because It Works


So, effectiveness is not a factor I take into consideration when I decide whether I should call myself an anti-theist or not. Truth is the only factor – if anti-theist arguments are reasonable or not. And humanity needs people who value truth beyond all else and are not afraid of being unpopular. Of course if the situation warrants it, and if the outcome justifies it, I’m willing to support diplomatic approaches and all kinds of savory and unsavory alliances, because I’m a pragmatist. I’m a pragmatist anti-theist. [Read more...]

Atheists Don’t Owe Religious People Anything

I live somewhere where I can be killed or imprisoned and I have almost no civil rights, and while in other countries atheists have it better they are oppressed almost everywhere, but the best solution is to not fight back, to not express our opinions in a voice that might disturb the delicate sensibilities of religious people, but to service them and to please them into tolerating us. The burden of responsibility is on the atheist to stop being unpleasant, not on the person who is responsible for the actual oppression. That is absurd and offensive. The moral burden of oppression is on the oppressor, and trivializing and dismissing the hardships of atheists like this is absolutely absurd. [Read more...]

Link Roundup 3/23/2015


From Bibi winning elections in Iran to feminists rising in Iran, from Terry Pratchett to Yasar Kemal, from machined never running our lives to Biblical couples, from St. Patrick’s day to preaching to the choir, and of course 15 things you (probably) didn’t know about farts, here’s the latest roundup of links. [Read more...]

Nowrouz: Everyone’s Sending Messages of Peace (Except One Guy)


It’s the first day of Nowrouz. Barack Obama, John Kerry, and David Cameron have sent their Nowrouz messages which are all beautiful and about diplomacy and reconciliation and looking for a better future. But Ayatollah Ali “Buzzkill” Khamenei had to ruin everything by giving a cold reply and making a demand which would sabotage the nuclear deal. [Read more...]

Iranian New Year: What Lies Ahead


Spring solstice has come and Iranians (among other nations) are celebrating the Nowrouz holidays. At the same time, Iranian calendar’s New Year has arrived, as we move from the year 1393 to 1394. Iranians are busy with travels and celebrations and visits to their family now, but what is mostly on my mind is that the next year – 1394 – is going to be a very important year for Iranians, a year which will greatly affect our future, as the conclusion to the nuclear deal and the Parliamentary and Assembly of Experts elections will happen next year. [Read more...]

American Sniper Is an Anti-War Movie


American Sniper is a movie about violence and the deep effect it leaves on people’s soul. It’s about wounded individuals. I think its anti-war message has gone unnoticed for two main reasons: firstly, the movie is very sympathetic towards Chris Kyle, picturing him as the product and the victim of a violent culture, and secondly, it’s very subtle in its imagery and how it conveys its message. But watching the movie carefully will reveal that it is deeply anti-war. [Read more...]

You’re an Atheist Just Because You Want to Sin: My 6th Response


I didn’t become an atheist because I wanted to sin, but the ability to sin is one of the reasons I’m glad I became one. As an atheist you have an opportunity to free yourself from the nonsensical and reactionary morality of the Jewish religion and its two illegitimate children without feeling unnecessary guilt over natural and honorable human faculties. [Read more...]

Tom Cotton: GOP’s Latest Anti-Iran Clown


There’s a new senator competing for the crown of the vilest anti-Iran voice in the senate, the freshman Tom Cotton, who not only seems hell-bent on sabotaging diplomacy but he is being extra childish, petty, and ignorant about it. In addition to that controversial letter, he has insulted Iran’s Foreign Minister on Twitter, said there are no moderates in Iran, and has asked Iran to disarm nuclear weapons it doesn’t have. [Read more...]

Awful News: Radical Conservative Elected as the Chairman of the Assembly of Experts


Today Iran’s Assembly of Experts (in charge of choosing and monitoring the Supreme Leader) had its internal election and the worst case scenario came true: Mohammad Yazdi, a radical conservative and Islamist extremist, was elected as the Chairman, a defeat for the reformists and an indication that the higher echelons of the regime are still controlled by radical conservatives – not traditional establishment conservatives, not moderate conservatives, but radical extremist conservatives. [Read more...]

Netanyahu’s Address to Congress Was Filled with Lies and Hatred


Reading through Netanyahu’s speech, we see that he lies plentifully and shamelessly about Iran and relies on the absolute ignorance of his audience, and reveals a strong hatred of Iranian people, and advocates policies that would be disastrous to Iran and the region. This speech reveals Netanyahu to be a mindless warmonger and a reactionary radical right-winger. [Read more...]