Would I Pray to Make a Religious Person Happy? Hell No.

In religiously hegemonic countries, the best thing an atheist can do is to not exist. The second best thing is to exist in a manner that makes their existence invisible, like pray. I will never pray for any living or dying person because I refuse to become invisible. I’m an atheist, and I will make you accept it by refusing to act along and to respect your symbolism. [Read more...]


You Can’t Wash the Blood from the Hands of Religion

In our history, religion has either caused the tyrant to be tyrannical, or it has inspired him, or it has justified him, or it has provided a convenient excuse for him. And it has done all of these things. So we can confidently claim that religion has been a very harmful force in our human history, and it remains mainly an obstacle in the path of progress to this day. This is the ant-theist claim, and it will not be disproved by inconsequential fact that religion was not alone in its atrocities, or that other factors have contributed to those atrocities. Religion’s hands still remain unwashed from the bloods it has shed. [Read more...]


Iranian Democracy Activists Support the Iran Deal

A large group of Iranian pro-democracy and human rights activists support the recent nuclear deal and ask the American Congress not to derail it. These supporters include former and current political prisoners, lawyers working for human rights, feminists, filmmakers, and a Noble Peace Prize laureate. It shows how the overwhelming majority of Iranians fighting for freedom support the deal, and the opponents of the deal are the enemies of freedom for Iranian people. [Read more...]


Book Review: Parenting Without God by Dan Arel

Parenting Without God by Dan Arel is a thoughtful and comprehensive book about the challenges of being an atheist parents and it is a perfect read for the casual atheist struggling with raising a children in our theocratic world and it is definitely recommended. [Read more...]


If You’re Considering Travelling to Iran

Iran has everything a traveler could wish: beautiful nature, (from forests to green places to deserts to mountains to beaches), lots of fascinating cultural and historical monuments, great local food, good shopping malls, and hospitable people. [Read more...]

In Which I “Mansplain” to Muslim Women What Changes They Need

Fatima Bhutto says “It should be perfectly obvious that only Muslim women are qualified to speak/act on the changes they need”, but my freedom as an atheist in an Islamic theocracy is threatened and limited by Muslim women on a daily basis. The well-being of me and all my loved ones is directly tied to a feminist revolution in Muslim countries and Islamic theology. [Read more...]


E. L Doctorow (1931-2015): The Man Who Made Me Fall In Love with America

Ragtime spoke to me on a deeper level than most other masterpieces. I was fascinated by the paradoxical complexities of the American society, of the strong role of popular culture, by the way racism was portrayed, by the strange mixture of socialism and capitalism in the mindset, and most of all by the bizarre ability of the American mind to be self-deprecating and extremely conceited of itself at the same time. [Read more...]


Lies of the Opponents of the Iran Nuclear Deal: Debunked

The opponents of the nuclear deal rely only on falsehoods. I have never felt so vindicated n in a position I have, because I haven’t seen a single honest disagreement based on facts, only fabrication and distortion. Here I enumerate some of the lies perpetuated by those who falsely claim that the Iran deal is a “bad deal”, and I compare their points with the text of the agreement to debunk them.. [Read more...]


Iranian Nuclear Deal: What Will It Mean for Iran

Back in 2013, we had less reasons to hope. What we faced was an extremely repressive political climate, an illegitimate president, a defeated uprising, the shadow of war, crippling sanctions, an economy on the verge of complete collapse, and an entirely conservative regime. But we did not lose hope and we campaigned and voted for Rouhani, and now our president is democratically elected, the regime is again divided and reformists and pragmatists have a voice, the shadow of war is lifted, the sanctions are about to go, and the economy has slightly improved. We hoped then, we will hope now, and our hope created real change, and it will. [Read more...]

Tsipras Mosaddegh

Is Alexis Tsipras the Mosaddegh of Our Time?

As I’m writing this blogpost a referendum is undergoing in Greece which will determine the fate of the government of Alexis Tsipras and probably the future of the European Union and the Euro currency. There has been lots of discussion surrounding this, but what has really caught my attention in this is that how much Tsipras reminds me of my own national hero, Mohammad Mosaddegh, who fought for freedom and democracy domestically and for independence and nationalization of Iran’s oil with foreign adversaries and was removed in a coup by the CIA. [Read more...]