Basket of Deplorables: Millions of People Can Be Bigoted

Stop ignoring the reality. Stop claiming that the mere fact that the claim is big makes it untrue. You only make yourself look foolish. [Read more…]

Dating Advice for Men

Here are eight useful advice for any man looking to have a successful date. [Read more…]

Is Quran Open to Multiple Interpretations?

I’m writing this post in order to bring two new posts on Quranist and Apostate blog, a joint blog with me and progressive Muslim blogger Farouk A. Peru. This time we basically asked if Quran is a book which has an absolutist or relativist approach when it comes to interpretations. While both of us first [Read More…]

Oppose Burkini Ban Without Resorting to False Equivalences

I make this post in order to bring an excellent article to your attention. The article is written by my dear friend and awesome ex-Muslim author Hiba Krisht, and it argues against the flaws in the arguments of those who want to attack the recent burkini ban. [Read more…]

Mike Pence Is Not “Boring”

Mike Pence is an extremist Christian, a science denier, and someone who worked actively to fuck with LGBT people and abortion in Indiana. He is one of the most right-wing candidate for VP ever. That shouldn’t bore you. That should scare you. [Read more…]

Who Is Hillary Clinton to Me, Personally

A personal reading of Hillary Clinton. [Read more…]

And Atheist and a Muslim Discuss Reforming Islam

This is the new installment in my new collaborative project, conversations with Farouk A. Peru of Personal Al Islam. This week we talk about reforming in Islam. This is the opening: Today let’s talk about the idea of reform in Islam. I’m an anti-theist, which means that I disagree with the interpretations of Islam as [Read More…]

US Politicians Should Stop Embracing the Authoritarian Terrorist Group, MEK

This group is worse than the Islamic Republic. It’s worse than radical extremist and conservative elements of the regime, let alone reformists and moderates. They’re much more authoritarian, theocratic, and repressive than any regime in our entire history. Human rights activists and liberals, and those who claim to value democracy, should have nothing to do with this group. [Read more…]

Top 8 Most Evil People in History

A list of evil people. [Read more…]

A Quranist Muslim and an Iranian Atheist Walk Into Patheos….

And start a new blog! I’m proud to be a part of a new blog project here on Patheos, in collaboration with Farouk A. Peru. He is is a Muslim Quranist, born and raised in Malaysia and currently living in London England. He is a Ph.D. candidate in Islam and Postmodernism and teaches Islamic Studies [Read More…]