Liberty Interview Episode 5: Helen Dale


In this fifth episode of liberty interviews, I talk to Helen Dale is Senior Advisor to Senator David Leyonhjelm, Liberal Democrats Senator for New South Wales, Australia’s first libertarian federal parliamentarian elected on a classical liberal ticket. Previously, she practiced corporate law in Edinburgh, Scotland. She qualified in English law at Oxford University, and in Scots law at Edinburgh University. She now lives in Sydney. [Read more...]

Bill Maher is No Bigot


Many people accuse Bill Maher of Islamophobia, but his criticisms of the religion and the Muslim majority countries are not racist, and there are no examples of real bigotry and prejudice towards the Muslim minority in the West in his career. [Read more...]

Nobel Prize in Literature’s Wrong Obsession with Anonymity


The French writer Patrick Modiano won the 2014 Nobel Prize in Literature. He is very famous in France, but almost nowhere else. Even if Modiano deserved his Nobel, I generally find this practice of giving the Prize to obscure authors wrong and here I argue why. [Read more...]

Hello to Patheos

Hello everyone! I’m the new atheist blogger at Patheos. I thank everyone and I’m proud to be here among some of my favorite bloggers and close friends. Here I introduce myself to you. I’m and Iranian and I still live in Iran. I’m an ex-Muslim atheist. I used to blog for Freethought Blogs until I [Read More...]

Guest Posts at Camels with Hammers

My dear friend Dan Fincke allowed me to blog for him in the week my blog was transferring from FTB to here, here are my guest posts at his blog these past days: Iran: The Uncertain Nation In this article I talk about how Iran is a confusing country to understand and what situation we [Read More...]

Check Out My Guest Blog for “Camels with Hammers”: “What Kind of Minority is an Ex-Muslim?”

As you already know my blog will be moving to Patheos Atheist soon. Meanwhile my friend Dan is helping me ease my transition into Patheos. So I’m guest blogging for him. This is my first guest post, hopefully there will be more before it happens. The post is called “What Kind of Minority is an [Read More...]

“On the Margin of Error” Is Moving from FTB to Patheos

In a week or two, this blog will change networks, from Freethought Blogs to Patheos Atheist. I ask all my readers to change their bookmarks when the change happens. Of course, I’m sure you would like to know the reason for that, and I will explain that to the best of my ability, but also, [Read More...]

Iranian History’s That Time of Month

This is one of those events that are too domestic when it comes to Iranian politics, but it was SO funny I couldn’t resist posting it. So Abbass Kiarostmai is an internationally renowned Iranian director. (And I’m not a fan of his work, but that a discussion for another day). He recently talked about the [Read More...]

Rouhani in New York: Something Is Wrong

President Rouhani traveled to New York and delivered two speeches, had two interviews (one with Fareed Zakaria and one with Christian Amanpour). The UN general meeting wasn’t devoid of good news, Rouhani met with David Cameron and this a great development for Iran. But overall, his tone worried me greatly. He sounded conservative, irritable, and [Read More...]

Despite Iran’s Human Rights Situation, Please Support Normalizing Relations

Last night I brought you the news that an Iranian man was executed for insulting the Prophet Jonah. And a day before that I brought the news that an Iranian was convicted and sentenced to death for insulting the Prophet Mohammad. This caused many people on Twitter and Facebook to notice, as they should, and [Read More...]