Check Out Heina Dadabhoy’s Speech on Islam and Taboos

Heina Dadabhoy’s talk at Skepticon7 covers Islam and taboos and it’s awesome. [Read more...]

Will the Tyrants Ever Stop Playing Dick Measuring Contests with Their People’s Livelihoods?

Russian economy is tanking and Iranian nuclear talks have faced obstacles because of the “pride” of their rulers. It seems all these tyrants have one thing in common and that is that their version of “national pride” and “resistance” completely excludes all concern for people actually living in those nations. [Read more...]

Middle East Needs All Kinds of Feminism

There’s usually a rather unconvincing argument leveled against certain feminist arguments and it involves comparing the experience of Western women to that of Middle Eastern women. One of the most famous examples is Richard Dawkins. The basic argument is that western feminists are prioritizing in a wrong way, since there are larger problems in the world. But Dawkins is wrong because Middle Eastern women also face the same kinds of problems. So when feminists, whether American or Middle Eastern, try to raise awareness of these issues, try to make sure everyone understands consent and private space and personal boundaries, they are not distracting from the fight against Islamists, a very necessary fight, and it doesn’t mean it’s solely a “first world problem”, it is our problem too – we just lack the awareness, and we need much more activism to get where west is now today, even considering those “lesser” problems. Middle East needs feminism, all kinds of it. [Read more...]

The Revolutionary Guard’s “Cold Coup” Against the Rouhani Administration

Sahamnews, a major Green Movement websites, has released a report which chronicles the attempts of the Revolutionary Guards against the Rouhani administration, which are organized, calculated, and obviously defy the law and people’s vote. The website dubs these organized efforts a “cold coup”, as they don’t intend to overthrow the administration but to make it so crippled and ineffective that there’s virtually no difference. [Read more...]

My Tolerant Moderate Student Is the Reason I’m an Antitheist, Not Fundementalists

So yesterday in the class I asked my students what they thought of death, if they were afraid of it or not, and they all gave various replies. I didn’t bring up this morbid topic. One of them did. Among my students some are deeply religious. One of them is very progressive. She’s always on my [Read More...]

Credible Polling Agency: 86% of Iranians Want a Nuclear Deal

According to a new survey, 86 percent of Iranians support a diplomatic nuclear deal. In addition, 80 percent of Iranian approves the President Rouhani’s administration job in handling the negotiation over Iran’s nuclear activities. [Read more...]

Maryam Namazie Gives Predictable Reply to My Piece

So my article Maryam Namazie Frequently Publishes Misrepresentations about Iranian Politics was brought to Maryam Namazie’s attention, and she chooses to accuse me of being a regime supporter instead of actually addressing the points I had brought up against her. Well, she sort of addresses only one point, except she really doesn’t. It was recently [Read More...]

Then Who Is It About, Exactly?

My dear friend and Patheos co-blogger Neil Carter wrote a blog posts called Why I Broke Up with Jesus. The basic premise is comparing the relationship with Jesus to a romantic relationship and as you’ve guessed one side of the relationship displays absolutely no interest in reciprocating. Another Patheos blogger, however, is not amused. Frederick Schmidt of What God Wants for Your Life has written a piece called It’s not all about you. In that piece he admonishes Neil for his narcissism and taking it all personally thinking it’s all about him. Here I write a reply to that piece. [Read more...]

Reblog: Why Iran Needs Reform and Not Revolution

What Iran needs is reform, not revolution and an overthrow of the regime, although this might sound counter intuitive at first. [Read more...]

My Favorite English Poetry

I love poetry. Friends have asked me to recommend some good poetry to them, and I figured out I could make a list. The list might seem very obvious to people who already love poetry, but if you are someone who is just beginning to enjoy poetry, the list may be useful to you. I [Read More...]