An International Perspective: Americans, Please Vote Tomorrow

Tomorrow American Midterm elections are held. It seems that in spite of dissatisfaction with the current leadership, the Republicans are going to easily hold the House and also gain the Senate, and based on most reports that I read this is mainly because of gerrymandering and low turn-out. However, living in Iran in the tyrannical system of the Islamic Republic I has taught me that voting always helps and not voting always makes things decidedly worse. Boycotting elections has never made anything better, and Americans need to learn from this international experience and vote. [Read more...]

Blue Cheer: Underrated Legends

Kaveh Mousavi has discovered a new favorite band, Blue Cheer, an audacious and radical band predating Led Zeppelin and wants to share his love for them. [Read more...]

The Debate about Teaching Religion to Children Is Actually a Debate about Religious Hegemony

If you don’t already know, we have begun a debate about teaching religion to children. Wendy Thomas Russell talked about using a neutral language to talk to children about religion, and then I write a post which disagreed with her on just that, using a language which is not neutral about religion. This caused both Wendy and [Read More...]

Teaching Critical Thinking to Children Doesn’t Mean Treating Religion as Valid

The debate on the question of teaching children about religion continues, with me answering some points about critical thinking and tolerance and clarifying some. [Read more...]

Why I Will Teach My Children that Religion is Nonsense

I’ve seen many atheists talking about teaching religion to their children, and it usually involves not teaching them about religion, or some kind of complex way of teaching children about religion without indoctrinating them. Now, I’m here to offer my humble suggestion: just tell them that it’s bogus and move on. [Read more...]

Link Round-Up 10/26/2014

From IS to Truman Copote, from Hirohito to Malala Yusafzai, this is the most recent round of link-round-ups. [Read more...]

Iranians Pour Into Streets to Protest Against Acid Attacks Against Women


Four women were attacked by acid last week in Isfahan. Iranians are now protesting in the streets against this violence against women. [Read more...]

Mohammad-Reza Mahdavi Kani (1931-2014): The Tragedy of Traditional Conservatism


Mohammad-Reza Mahdavi Kani, the Chairman of the Assembly of Experts, died today. He was the face of Iranian traditional conservatives. His life, therefore, means much more than him, it is a symbol of the traditional conservatism in Iran. A movement which was sidelined by reformists who wanted to move towards more modern values and by extremist conservatives who hijacked conservatism. He always wanted to be the “White-beard” who takes the middle ground between the different conservative factions, but Iran’s political climate had long ago passed the point, the white-beards were not useful, and Mahdavi Kani found himself at the end yet again a symbol of traditional conservatives: an old sickly man who should have retired years ago. [Read more...]

Foreign Policy Fails at Journalism Regarding Khomeini and Nuclear WMDs


Foreign Policy publishes a piece about Ayatollah Khomeini issuing a fatwa against WMDs. But the source is a known liar and the story contradicts known facts. [Read more...]

A Rebuttal to NonProphet Status’s “Atheist communities need religious ambassadors”

Wendy Webber argues that we need to have religious messengers of peace and acceptance to come over to atheist communities. But this proposal argues the real need for purely secular spaces and more importantly, there seems to be a profound misunderstanding of the life experience of some atheists at the heart of it. [Read more...]