Hey everyone, I got my own Patheos blog a few weeks back, so if you liked the writing I did for Kaveh’s blog, you should start following my new blog The Blameless Sky And I am so, so very excited that I have my own individual platform now! I haven’t made that many blog posts as yet, but I hope you like what I got so far. I still have a lot of new, budding ideas that I will be… Read more

A diplomat reformists, three conservatives, one a killer, one a thief, and one a nobody, plus two other dudes. Read more

Conservative’s nominee in the next presidential election is an extremist mass murderer. Read more

An all too familiar story. Via Radio Farda [in Persian]: According to a number of pro-human rights websites, the Iranian Supreme Court upheld the death sentence of Sina Dehghan, 21 year old prisoner in the city of Arak, for insulting the Prophet Muhammad. He used to insult the prophet in social networks. When he was arrested, he was only 19. He has said that he has committed an error and that he would repent, and his family was informed that… Read more

Some days I worry that I am migrating away from my language a little every day. It’s like words of Urdu are almost slipping away from me. Urdu was the language in which I spoke my first few words. English, on the other hand, I started learning because it was important to be learned if one wanted to get somewhere in life (so I was told). In my school, there were these rules about how we must always speak with… Read more

Chuck Berry, the father of Rock ‘n Roll, has passed away. No matter what you thought of him as a person, there’s no denying the fact that he was the most instrumental man in shaping Rock ‘n Roll, as tributes paid to him by the giants of the genre such as Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, John Lennon, Mic Jagger, and others have paid him. The king is dead. To commemorate his memory, I thought of sharing the works of some… Read more

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has been going around calling western countries “Nazis”. First he did it to Germany, which has caused them to — understandably — get angry and ask him to knock it off. Via the Telegraph:  Comments from Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and other Turkish officials accusing Germany of “Nazi practices” cannot be tolerated and need to stop, Chancellor Angela Merkel told Parliament on Thursday. In her strongest comments so far about Erdogan’s statement, Merkel said the Nazi comparisons were “sad”… Read more

Are you tired of reading about American elections, especially considering the awful outcome? Well, take a break by reading about the Iranian one! Less than three months remain until President Hassan Rouhani, the reformist who came to power in 2013, will have to face his conservative rivals for reelection. If you have followed this blog, you know that I support him, that I was very stoked for his most major achievement which is the nuclear deal, and I will gladly… Read more

I am not really part of the Muslim community in a real sense anymore. I do not know if I necessarily feel like part of the Atheist community either. I am not sure what an Atheist community entails at this point, I just happen to find more people that I can click with in the Atheist community. I continue to feel like I still belong to Muslim community while not really belonging in it. I am read as Muslim after… Read more

It is an education you receive in secret, hidden places. An education you receive in subtle ways at your school when that dude harasses you and tells you his thing is x inches long and no one really cares about your discomfort with that. It is an education you receive in the religious preaching about the things you should not do. The “don’t talk to boys”, the “don’t leave your hair and chest uncovered”. Sometimes, the education is dirty jokes… Read more

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