Not Caring about Skeptic Issues Does Not Make You Cool

Josh Horgan is not pleased with the allegedly “soft” targets of skeptics, but he is wrong and he is ignoring the bigger context. [Read more…]

Happy Deathday Willy Shakes! A Link Roundup

Yeah, it’s weird to wish someone a happy deathday, but I’m happy to celebrate William Shakespeare at every opportunity, and since 400 years have passed since his death, I’m here to offer some interesting links for you to get your Shakespeare needs fulfilled. It’s gonna be fun! [Read more…]

Is Charlie Hebdo’s Latest Editorial Racist?

The editorial is not clear enough for me to decide if the authors are making hasty generalizations or not, but my ultimate impression is no. What I know for sure is this though: Chris Hall’s reasoning is inadequate and unconvincing. Calling violent extremism the tip of the iceberg and pointing out the culpability of the Muslim community at large is not bigotry, it’s simply laying the ground for reforms. [Read more…]

Iranian Extremist Ultra-Conservative Agrees with Donald Trump

One of Iran’s most radical extremists finds common ground with Donald Trump. [Read more…]

Kaveh’s Answers to Ten Questions For Every Atheist

Today Christian asks 10 questions from every atheist, Kaveh Mousavi gives his own answers. [Read more…]

Why Freedom of Speech Should Go Beyond Government

To me, the idea of freedom of speech is not a legal issue. I don’t care how the freedom of speech is defined in the First Amendment of the USA Constitution or in the various laws of different countries. To me freedom of speech is mainly a principle that should be respected by every individual as they function in the world. Freedom of speech must be the etiquette of a modern human being. [Read more…]

How a Taxi Discussion Encapsulates Iran

Yesterday, I took a taxi to take me from one point of the city I was in to another. (I was not in Tehran, but in Karaj, a city close to Tehran). The driver engaged me in conversation along the way, and he asked me why I was not married. I told him that I [Read More…]

Welcome the Orbit to the World of Online Atheism

I call many of the people working at the Orbit my dear friends, and I respect and admire the writings of many. They have changed my mind, they have been kind to me, and even when we have disagreed, I have learned from them. I write this post in order to extend my own welcome to them. Good luck, my friends, have a great experience with your network! [Read more…]

Illogical Is Not Wrong: Why Your Reason for Leaving Religion Doesn’t Have to Be Rational

Many people reject religion for supposedly “bad” reasons, that are not admissible in a rational debate. In this article I argue why these reasons are not invalid for leaving religion. [Read more…]

Why The 2016 Iranian Elections Were a Resounding Victory for Reformists

The next Iranian Parliament will not have a majority of reformists, but nevertheless, the results prove a resounding victory for the reformist movement and Rouhani’s administration. [Read more…]