Our Islamic studies teacher at school would tell us, “Women must always cover their chest, and men must always lower their gaze.” I believe that instruction for men was merely my teacher’s way of making the rules of modesty look equal for both men and women (when they really aren’t). In any case, the whole thing seemed ridiculous to me, it seemed like a very rigid and conservative view of sexuality and sexual attraction. It was also heteronormative to its… Read more

I believed in heaven and hell even after I had stopped believing in god and religion. It wasn’t this strong, righteous, assertive belief but in some small subconscious way, I continued to believe in heaven and hell. I believed in hell much more so than heaven. Or perhaps, you could say that the fear of hell was not a thing I could quite completely shake. Hell had been my worst nightmare for about 18 years or so, it had been… Read more

If we can’t call the Bible fairy-tale, here are four alternatives. Read more

I had bacon for the first time ever, more than three years ago. It was a crisp Summer day. It was with my then-boyfriend. At Milestones. In a burger. And was that burger fucking delicious or what. It wasn’t planned, just so you know. It wasn’t like I told my ex to take me to Milestones so I could have bacon for the first time. But when we got there and the waitress asked whether or not I wanted bacon… Read more

Hello there, people! I hope you all are doing well. I recently had the wonderful opportunity to be interviewed by Trav Mamone on their Bi Any Means podcast. It was actually my first interview so I was kind of shy and nervous. I apologize for the weird audio quality on my end, but you can still make out most of what I am saying. I actually had fun doing this interview. I talked about my de-conversion, growing up in Pakistan,… Read more

For good or ill, no Iranian equals the influence he left in our recent history. Read more

As long as American liberals/progressives stick to the destructive myth that social media is not ‘real’ and activism on it is useless, they will be played by their opponents. Whether you like it or not, Donald Trump would have never won without social media. Read more

A personal experience is no reliable argument for a fundamentally rational and political question. Read more

Theists don’t need God to have an enriched life, and it’s insulting to them to assume that they do. Read more

In South Asian Muslim communities, marriage is what ultimately makes a couple’s love legitimate in the eyes of society. And I mean this in the most literal sense possible. No one will question you, no one will label you a “whore” for having sex in a relationship that has NOT been religiously sanctioned. You’re the worthy and good woman if you’re fucking within marriage! You will be so highly praised for following religious guidelines. Your love for your partner would… Read more

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