First Day of My Account: Questions on Islam

So I created an account yesterday. I received some interesting question the first day, I thought maybe I share them with blog readers here too. [Read more...]

Loose Muslims Vs. Moderate Muslims

I have come across a sentiment, both from Iranians and non-Iranians, and today I suddenly realized it’s demonstrably false. Usually westerners (and some Iranians) say “Yes, I know a lot of Iranians who are completely different from the regime, they drink alcohol, have sex, etc, they’re very moderate!” And I think that’s false. [Read more...]

New Rule Added to the Comment Policy: No Off-Topic Comments

I didn’t want to enact a rule concerning the topicality, but since there are inconsiderate commenters who keep on hijacking the comment thread and show no remorse for littering the blog with their irrelevant musings, and have indicated that they will go on polluting the comment section, you will not be able to post off-topic [Read More...]

When Religions Teach Slaughter, Some People Learn the Lesson

Ed Brayton wrote something in his blog yesterday with which I couldn’t disagree more, and I think it’s the wrong way to look at religions. In a post entitled Yes, President Obama, Some Religions Do Teach Slaughter he wrote: It’s trivially easy to cite chapter and verse from the Bible and the Quran not just encouraging but demanding [Read More...]

Movie to Look Forward to: Humbling

Philip Roth is a great author, and Humbling is a great novel, a masterpiece. When I heard that it’s going to be adapted into a film and Al Pacino is playing the lead, I was very excited, as Pacino really is the perfect choice, I even imagined the protagonist as Pacino when I read the [Read More...]

In Iran: The Noose Around Reformists’ Neck Gets Tighter

A little more than a year has passed since Rouhani became the president of Iran, but it seems that the conservatives are in full oppression mode. I have already told you how Rouhani’s minister of science was removed by the conservative parliament for the “crime” of doing his job and implementing reforms. But the events [Read More...]

Liberty Interviews Episode 2: James Croft

This is the first episode of hopefully many weekly interviews I plan to conduct on the subject of liberty from people with varying standpoints and views. James Croft is the Leader in Training at the Ethical Culture Society of St. Louis – one of the largest Humanist congregations in the world. He is a graduate [Read More...]

10 Books Which Stayed with You

OK, in Persian we have something called “I ate shit”, and people say that in many situations, but also when they boast something and then realize how difficult it is. I wanted to participate in a Facebook game in which we name ten books which stayed with us and we love. Now my dear friends were [Read More...]

Link Round-Up 9/2/2014

Story of the week: One of the greatest voices of atheism, Victor Stenger, is dead at 79. Here are some eulogies: Hemant Mehta’s, JT Eberhard’s, PZ Myers, and Peter Boghossian’s. Rest in peace. [Read more...]

Why As An Iranian I’m Skeptical of Jon Stewart’s “Rosewater”

The trailer of Jon Stewart’s Rosewater was released. I ought to be very  excited. No event was more defining of my life than the 2009′s Green Movement. Jon Stewart is a witty comedian with honorable sensibilities, whose coverage of 2009 events, sending Jason Jones to Iran to cover the election and then how he handled [Read More...]