US Politicians Should Stop Embracing the Authoritarian Terrorist Group, MEK

This group is worse than the Islamic Republic. It’s worse than radical extremist and conservative elements of the regime, let alone reformists and moderates. They’re much more authoritarian, theocratic, and repressive than any regime in our entire history. Human rights activists and liberals, and those who claim to value democracy, should have nothing to do with this group. [Read more…]

Top 8 Most Evil People in History

A list of evil people. [Read more…]

A Quranist Muslim and an Iranian Atheist Walk Into Patheos….

And start a new blog! I’m proud to be a part of a new blog project here on Patheos, in collaboration with Farouk A. Peru. He is is a Muslim Quranist, born and raised in Malaysia and currently living in London England. He is a Ph.D. candidate in Islam and Postmodernism and teaches Islamic Studies [Read More…]

Atheists Should Not Ignore the Bigotry of TJ Kirk

TheAmazingAtheist is a racist, a misogynist, and he does not represent my values as an atheist, and I condemn him thoroughly. [Read more…]

Check My Podcast Appearance at Bi Any Means

My dear friend Trav Mamone was kind enough to interview me on their podcast, Bi Any Means. Trav is an excellent and kind person, and I was very glad to be able to be on the podcast. We talk about my experiences as an atheist in Iran, and what I think Western liberals and human rights activists should do to help ex-Muslims, and the role of Islam in atrocities such as the Orlando shooting which happened recently. [Read more…]

Orlando Shooting: The Sinful Executioner

Many people, including some Muslim apologists such as Yasir Qadhi on his Facebook page, have claimed that the shooter was not a “real” Muslim, therefore you can’t blame his actions on his ideology. But to me that is a simplification of the complexity of human characteristics, and a profound misunderstanding of how radical Muslims work. Being hypocritical does not make your beliefs any less genuine, or your extremism any less extreme. [Read more…]

Guest Post by Anonymous: Dan Linford: An Example of Abusive Behavior in Atheist Community

Dan Linford, not a big name but popular and active in philosophy and atheist and feminist circles, is an admitted rapist and serial harasser. [Read more…]

Congress’s New Anti-Iran Deal Move Is the Most Absurd Thing Yet

The latest Republican attempt at sabotaging the nuclear deal with Iran — out of incompetence or a desire for propaganda — will not only fail to end the deal, but it might enable Iran to ignore one of its obligations without paying a price for it. [Read more…]

Ultra-Conservative Elected Chairman of the Assembly of Experts in a Middle Finger to Iranian People

The previous chairman was odious, the new one is even worse. Not only he is a religious extremist, but he heads the most undemocratic body of our country, and he is really hated by people. His election was clearly meant as a message to Iranian voters that change has not come. [Read more…]

Not Caring about Skeptic Issues Does Not Make You Cool

Josh Horgan is not pleased with the allegedly “soft” targets of skeptics, but he is wrong and he is ignoring the bigger context. [Read more…]