Theists don’t need God to have an enriched life, and it’s insulting to them to assume that they do. Read more

In South Asian Muslim communities, marriage is what ultimately makes a couple’s love legitimate in the eyes of society. And I mean this in the most literal sense possible. No one will question you, no one will label you a “whore” for having sex in a relationship that has NOT been religiously sanctioned. You’re the worthy and good woman if you’re fucking within marriage! You will be so highly praised for following religious guidelines. Your love for your partner would… Read more

To call God of these mythologies a “Mother” and refer to Him with feminine pronouns is not that much different from trying to solve racism by pretending the KKK founder was black or to change the Swastika to the Star of David. Read more

It was a rainy March night, or April? I forget. Pretty sure it was 2012. Me, and a bunch of other people, were standing at the bus stop outside my college. The bus had been delayed 20 minutes or so. I had no umbrella to keep me from being soaked in the rain, the rain wasn’t all that heavy, but not all that light either. This is when a guy with an umbrella approaches me and offers to share his… Read more

But even when people are not defending Castro, they still portray him under a very false light, claiming he had a “light” side and a “dark” side. The good thing about Castro is how he stood up against USA and Western hegemony. The “bad” thing is that he was a bloodthirsty tyrant. But that’s wrong. Castro’s anti-imperialism cannot be separated from his tyranny, they fuel each other, they’re basically the same thing. Read more

Hardwired… to Self Destruct Is a Great Album! Read more

Yes, wear the heck out of that safety pin. BUT don’t treat it as a means to an end. Wearing the safety pin is not enough but it is appreciated. No symbolic act of solidarity is ever enough in and of itself. But symbolic solidarity is important and often has led to concrete, real action. Symbolic solidarity is what often motivates people to take real actions. Thoughts shape behaviour all the time. They tend to have a kind of snow… Read more

Hello everyone, You might have already seen a few of my guest posts on this blog. Two of them were about the modesty doctrine, and one of them was regarding cultural appropriation. If you liked them, then it will make you happy to know that Kaveh Mousavi has now made me a regular contributor to this blog and I could not be more thankful for that. 🙂 A little bit about me: I currently live in Canada, just outside Toronto…. Read more

Trump has promised to either “tear up the nuclear deal” or to renegotiate it, but the deal will most likely remain completely safe. This is one Obama legacy he cannot touch. Read more

Trump always reminded me of Ahmadinejad. I couldn’t help it. Both men are so bigoted, dishonest, hateful, and authoritarian. During the election I could see people scrambling to find someone to compare Trump with — Andrew Jackson, Zachary Taylor, Ross Perot, Neil Farage, Adolf Hitler, Benito Mussolini, and many others. But none of them make as much sense as Ahmadinejad. Donald Trump is the American Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Read more

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