Study Literature with W. H. Auden


…. Or at least read the works you find on his syllabus. This Tumbler blog has reproduced the syllabus he thought when he was a literature professor at the University of Michigan for the 1941–42 academic year. His course was named “Fate and the Individual in European Literature”. As you can see it is quite great in [Read More...]

Senate and Iran: Good Guys Versus the Bad Guys

A look at American Senators to see who supports diplomacy and who supports the potentially disastrous policy of imposing more sanctions. [Read more...]

#FTBCon Panel: The True Version of the False: Can Atheists Argue Over the “True” Version of Religion?

This panel on the other hand went swimmingly. I really enjoyed the conversation and I really had fun. I didn’t manage to distort my voice for this one, but I think the risk is really minimal. I just have to hope someone who knows me in person doesn’t watch this and that seems very unlikely. [Read More...]

Understanding Ex-Muslims Panel

So I fucked this one up. I went through a lot of ordeal for this one. I had technical difficulties at home. Then I was originally planning on going to a friend’s house, but he had an emergency and I had to go to another friend’s house and then the anti-filtering proxy simply stopped working [Read More...]

King Abdullah (1924 – 2015): Let’s Not Make Black and White Judgments


King Abdullah was not a significant reformist but a conservative absolute monarch, that being said, he wasn’t the villain some portray him to be, he was effective and relatively moderate in the context of the region. And please, don’t say dangerous things like “the west should end its alliance with the Saudis”. [Read more...]

Catch Me Twice on FTBCon3


I’m proud to take part in two panels this Saturday and Sunday (your weekend) in the third FtB Con. I love the idea of internet conventions which let me participate from Iran. I look forward to interacting with my friends from FtB again, and there are many great people I really admire on these panels. [Read More...]

Conversion Before Deconversion: How I Became a Sunni Muslim


Before I became an atheist, I was born to a Shiite dominated culture, and I was indoctrinated to the Shiite religion at the elementary school and when I began to question my faith, I converted and became a Sunni. And it all began with a single question. “Why can’t we draw the picture of Muhammad?” [Read more...]

#JeSuisCharlie: Link Roundup

This is a special edition of link round ups in which I focus only on articles surrounding the Charlie Hebdo atrocity. Personally, I 100% believe that the magazine was not racist but the very opposite of it, and the murdered satirists are great heroes. I feel I don’t need to argue for this myself as these links do so efficiently. You can use these links to use to dispute people who unfairly defame and sully the memories of these great people. [Read more...]

Iranian Parliament Members Physically Attack Someone So He Doesn’t Demand the Release of Opposition Leaders

Via Today’s Zaman: An Iranian parliament session descended into chaos on Sunday as several hard-line lawmakers disrupted a speech by a moderate colleague criticizing the long-term house arrest of two opposition leaders. Parliamentarian Ali Motahari was speaking out in an open session on the detention orders against Mir Hossein Mousavi and Mahdi Karroubi. The pair [Read More...]

Take Philosophy Classes with Professor Daniel Fincke


Are you interested in philosophy? This is the best opportunity for you to learn some philosophy. I will quote Dan Fincke himself in this post. Let me just tell you that he is a great teacher and an awesome man to have a philosophical debate with, so make sure to take his classes or if [Read More...]