Looking Back at President Bernie Sanders, Six Months Into His Tenure

President Bernie Sanders narrowly won election in 2016. And now, six months in, we look back and see what he has accomplished so far. [Read more…]

Check Out My Appearance on Recovering from Religion Podcast About Islam

Episode 22 of Recovering from Religion podcast, hosted by Emily Karp and Scott Smith is out, and I make a cameo! The podcast begins with a long interview with Adam Wadi, a closeted ex-Muslim who has written the book Atheism For Muslims: A Guide to Questioning Islam, Religion and God for a Better Future. His interview is very [Read More…]

Iranians Use Twitter to Voice Support for Rouhani after Tensions

As the elected and unelected sectors of the Iranian regime are locked in an unprecedented open tension, Iranians use social media to voice their support for the president. [Read more…]

Why I signed the Pro-Truth Pledge (And You Should Too)

I signed the Pro-Truth pledge in order to promote skepticism and critical thinking, important tools of a functioning democracy. [Read more…]

Template Statement on Islamic Terrorism for Politicians

The perfect statement for a fictional politician on the subject of Islamic terrorism, touching on all aspects of the issue. [Read more…]

Epicurus Wants You To Stop Fearing Death, But He Is Not Convincing

Epicurus fails to convince when it comes to the object of death. The absence of life is what we fear about it, it’s hardly any consolation. [Read more…]

Hassan Rouhani: the President We Need, the Candidate We Deserve

A formal endorsement of Hassan Rouhani for the president of Iran in 2017. [Read more…]

My New Patheos Blog! (Farah here)

Hey everyone, I got my own Patheos blog a few weeks back, so if you liked the writing I did for Kaveh’s blog, you should start following my new blog The Blameless Sky And I am so, so very excited that I have my own individual platform now! I haven’t made that many blog posts [Read More…]

Meet 6 People Running for 2017 Iranian Presidential Elections

A diplomat reformists, three conservatives, one a killer, one a thief, and one a nobody, plus two other dudes. [Read more…]

Meet Rouhani’s Main Rival: Murderous Extremist

Conservative’s nominee in the next presidential election is an extremist mass murderer. [Read more…]