What Choice Is a Free Choice? And Why Religion Destroys the Freedom of Choice.

When we talk about freedom of choice we usually mean that in a legal sense, but we can argue that there are many layers and aspects to what makes a choice truly free, when we think about this concept in terms that are not legal. Freedom is a concept which takes different forms in different [Read More...]

Liberty Interviews Episode 4: Neil Carter

This is the third episode of hopefully many weekly interviews I plan to conduct on the subject of liberty from people with varying standpoints and views. Check out the previous episodes here. Neil is a high school Geometry teacher, a tutor, a swim coach, a writer, a father of five children, and a skeptic living in the [Read More...]

Give Me Your Answer

This is a thought experiment. I’m curious to know your answer, but please don’t try to “deconstruct” the experiment itself, to say it’s impossible or things like this. So please use your imagination and work within it. [Read more...]

Hire Alex Gabriel or Donate

Alex, my friend and colleague, is in financial crisis. If you need a designer or a text editor, make sure to hire him, he’s fantastic. He edited something for me and I really appreciated his work. He has quoted me in his article dealing with this. Here’s what I had to say: I have come [Read More...]

Book Review: 13 Reasons to Doubt

The writers of the Skeptic Ink network have written a book together called 13 Reasons to Doubt, and they were kind enough to lend the book to me to read. I enjoyed reading the book, and I guess if you’re someone who enjoys reading skeptic articles you will enjoy reading this book as well. [Read more...]

Recommended Book: Does God Hate Women?

This book was published back in 2009, but I read it recently, and I really loved it, so I want to recommend it here. [Read more...]

Obama Is Right to Be Wrong about IS

President Obama made a speech about the terrorist group IS and laid out his strategy about how to gradually “degrade and destroy” IS. Overall I think it was the best one could do in the current situation, and I believe objections to it would come from reality-divorced ideologues from the right (who want more war at [Read More...]

Book Review: On the Historicity of Jesus: Why We Might Have Reason for Doubt

I’m not someone who’s well-versed in this era of history. I know that the near-consensus of experts is on the other side of the debate, and I know I’m not equipped to judge the merit of this book in a useful way. So this review can only reveal the viewpoint of a layperson who also [Read More...]

Liberty Interviews Episode 3: Jonathan MS Pearce

This is the third episode of hopefully many weekly interviews I plan to conduct on the subject of liberty from people with varying standpoints and views. Check out the previous episodes here. As an author, Jonathan MS Pearce writes about the subjects which fascinate him hugely. His first book “Free Will?” is a work dedicated to [Read More...]

First Day of My Ask.fm Account: Questions on Islam

So I created an Ask.fm account yesterday. I received some interesting question the first day, I thought maybe I share them with blog readers here too. [Read more...]