My Open Letter to the Southern Poverty Law Center

In which Kaveh asks to be classified as an extremist. Read more

Guest-Post: Modesty Goes Beyond the Hijab

It just becomes very important that when the criticism of hijab is done, it is done in the broader issue of the concept of modesty as a whole and criticize all the ways in which it is enforced – even without the hijab. There are more ways than one of trying to control women’s bodies. Read more

Shame on You, Southern Poverty Law Center

This drivel of an article could be easily be written by an Islamist apologist, misusing the tragic fact of anti-Muslim in the West to silence honest criticisms of Islam by mixing internal dissidents with bigots. It’s dishonest silencing when Muslims do it, and it’s the same when this so called “human rights” organization does it. Read more

Guest-Post: Modesty Is Not Empowering

In a world where women’s bodies are so highly stigmatized and made taboo or highly sexualized, nudity on a woman’s own accord, will always be fucking empowering in a way that modesty never can be. Read more

Why Bob Dylan’s Nobel Win Is Good News

Bob Dylan has won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature. It’s a great award, and it helps the Nobel itself more than it helps Bob Dylan. Read more

Top 10 Iranian Films

Andrew Spitznas was kind enough to allow me to have a guest blog at his blog Secular Cinephile about my selection of top 10 Iranian films. This is the intro: The majority of people who are familiar with Iranian cinema, if they read this list, will vehemently disagree with it. Some of the most internationally renowned Iranian directors, such as Abbass Kiarostami or Jafar Panahi, have no film in this list. Also some of those unknown outside Iran but known… Read more

Mike Pence Lies About Iran Deal in the VP Debate

During the VP debate Pence said that the Deal removes all limitations after 15 years and allows Iran to make bombs and Kaine claimed that the Iranian nuclear weapons were prevented without firing a shot. Looking at the evidence, Kaine is right and Pence is lying. Read more

Basket of Deplorables: Millions of People Can Be Bigoted

Stop ignoring the reality. Stop claiming that the mere fact that the claim is big makes it untrue. You only make yourself look foolish. Read more

Dating Advice for Men

Here are eight useful advice for any man looking to have a successful date. Read more

Is Quran Open to Multiple Interpretations?

I’m writing this post in order to bring two new posts on Quranist and Apostate blog, a joint blog with me and progressive Muslim blogger Farouk A. Peru. This time we basically asked if Quran is a book which has an absolutist or relativist approach when it comes to interpretations. While both of us first agreed that moving away from absolutism is necessary in Islamic reform, we had strong disagreements regarding the text of the Quran itself, which I considered… Read more

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