Ooh! Ooh! Me! Me! I Know!

h/t to Mary Ellen Barrett for the quote and to those that marched IN THE COLD as the voice of the defenseless!

Because we are a Paris Hilton People in an Apocalyptic World?

  • Kevin M.

    Because they can’t sell their shampoo and beer if the viewers aren’t allowed to feel superior to those the camera is watching.

  • The Deuce

    Because if even one life can be prevented from being prevented from being lost, the media has to try!

  • B.E. Ward
  • dpt

    Same will happen with the local media and the San Fran Walk for Life.
    A few anti-fur folks protest at Macy’s and it gets top coverage.

    Thousands upon thousands walk through SF promoting the pro-life message and barely a mention.

  • jacobus

    Heard quite a bit about it on NPR this afternoon, actually.

    • S. Murphy

      Yes, I heard that, too. Sounded like they actually had a reporter there – described the crowd as “diverse” – young and old, college-age, high-school age, people in wheelchairs. They’ve been interviewing pro-life as well as pro choice folks all week, too.

  • Oregon Catholic

    OK. So rather than lamenting, why don’t we brainstorm on how we can force the media to report it?
    Shame and embarassment usually works. How can we do that?

    • B.E. Ward

      Contact Jon Stewart.

    • Oregon Catholic

      Just watched ABC news and they gave it about a 5 sec mention vs at least 1 minute on the demonstrators in Tarir Square.

  • RFlaum

    Well, the March for Life happens every year. It’s really only news the first time. (Not that I think this is a good way to decide what stories to report, but if your goal is to sell papers/advertising space, that’s the calculus)

    • Margaret

      Sorry, but I don’t buy that anymore. MLK Day happens every year, as does Memorial Day, the 4th of July, etc. Those get covered, and they generally don’t involved half a million people converging on the same place.

      • RFlaum

        Are they covered? I mean, local press will talk about local celebrations, but I don’t think national press generally covers them. I get most of my news from specialist, narrow-interest sources, though, so I could be wrong.

        I’m generally skeptical that bias in the press (which is very real) would manifest itself in this way. I’ll buy it influencing tone of coverage, because there it can work unconsciously. On something like this it would have to be a conscious, deliberate decision to not report the March. I find it implausible that the press would intentionally distort the news to reflect their viewpoint.

        • Mark Shea


  • Dude

    The US media is THE world’s biggest problem.

  • http://Www.SaintLouisAcupuncture.com Dr. Eric

    Oceania has always been at war with Eastasia.

    • Jmac

      Actually, I think we’re back on Eurasia now.

    • Kristen inDallas

      And tsunamis/earthquakes/volcanic eruptions have been occuring quite regularly since all that prehistoric business with the earth’s crust… ??

  • “joe”

    sorry, victims, but i’ve heard mention of mention of this from many outlets.
    here are two articles from today’s NYT
    one from the daily news
    i also heard pieces on local radio (wcbs, wnyc) and on channel 12 (local news). these are the ones that came to me just in the normal course of my day.

  • Marv

    Paris Hilton? Really? How passe! We can tell you don’t watch TV We have moved on to Kim Kardashian and Honey Boo Boo.

    • Rosemarie


      Yeah, Paris Hilton is so 2008. Now we’re definitely a Honey Boo Boo People in an Apocalyptic World. And in a few years we’ll be a… who knows????

    • Elmwood

      So true, Paris Hilton is so 2004. Even Jersey Shore is old news.

  • Meggan

    March for Life? Is that happening? I haven’t heard anything about it. I’m too busy watching coverage of the Beyonce lipsynching controversy.

  • AZLori

    Top story listed on Google News is “‘Thousands March in DC for Gun Control.” Seriously. Not even a headline/link for March for Life listed. Plenty found when you search for it, but not otherwise.