Hey NYC! Leah Libresco is coming your way!

The vivacious and ever-interesting Leah Libresco is coming to NYC in August and if you are interested in hearing her speak on her wide array of interests ranging across math geekery, Turing tests, gaming, Ren Faires, Catholic faith, becoming Catholic, and beyond to all manner of other interests and activities, she is equally interested in coming to speak for you.  Go here to get the details.

I’ve corresponded with Leah over the years, back when she was my favorite atheist and on till these days when she is now one of my favorite Catholics.  She has a lithe and huge intellect, immense and joyous curiosity, a big heart, and a great and geeky sense of humor, as well as great love for God. I had the treat of meeting her out in Baltimore last November, along with a bunch of other Patheosi and other bloggers.  (The photo below was taken after I’d had a bit too much milk and she and Tom McDonald, both rock-ribbed and sober beer drinkers, were keeping me steady on my feet for the camera.  Good times.  Good times.)

I think the world of her and am glad she’s one of my fellow Patheosi.  New York:  Ask her to come speak!  She’s a pistol!

  • wlinden

    This proves that you were secretly controlling her when she was pretending to be an atheist as a conduit for your Catholic propaganda!

    • Roki

      Heh, I’d like to see anyone try to “control” Leah Libresco!

      Meanwhile, our Dark Lord’s ambitions of controlling the world … remain ambitions. ;-)

    • chezami

      All her earnings as a speaker are funnelled back to me to pay for the Dark Tower heating bills.