BCRA: Senate Trumpcare Bill Starves Medicaid to Feed the Rich

To pay for a massive tax cut for the rich, the BCRA — the Senate version of Trumpcare — throws Medicaid recipients under the bus…even the disabled. [Read more…]

Father’s Day: My Search for Connection with a Long-Lost Dad

I thought my father wanted nothing to do with me, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. [Read more…]

No, I Don’t Talk Funny, but I DO Need a Speech Therapist

The teachers who complained that I ‘talk funny and need a speech therapist’ would be happy to learn that acid reflux finally caused me to require speech therapy. [Read more…]

Mitch McConnell’s Trumpcare Legislative Hyperspace Bypass

Thanks to Mitch McConnell, Trumpcare will have no committees, testimony, or deliberation in the Senate. Now that’s a bypass demolition worthy of Vogons. [Read more…]

James Comey: Taking Down BOTH Presidential Candidates

James Comey went from villain to hero as he laid the seeds for President Pinocchio’s downfall. [Read more…]

Conditional Deconditioning: The True Handicap Was in My Mind

Deconditioning made me wave the flag of surrender, when my illness should’ve been a call to arms…and legs. [Read more…]

Global Warming and Extinction: Is the Great Dying Coming to an Epoch Near You?

There have been 5 or 6 major extinction events in the history of the earth. Would those species have been as short-sighted as humans if given the chance? [Read more…]

Hyperactive-in-Chief: This is the Presidency on ADHD

Donald Trump displays the symptoms of severe ADHD. I should know, because I have it too. But maybe we should be glad that he can’t get his act together. [Read more…]

Denied Access: Medicaid and Pre-Existing Conditions Under Trumpcare

Trumpcare means no care if you have a pre-existing condition and gained coverage through the Medicaid expansion or ACA marketplaces. Just ask the CBO. [Read more…]

Trans Discrimination: From Lunch Counters to Refused Hot Wings

For a Christian waitress, ‘Thou shalt not serve hot wings to trans youth’ is the 11th commandment. [Read more…]