GOP and Religious Right: Blowing Smoke While My Head Reels

My head reels as evangelicals defend a child molester with the bible, while the hypocrisy of the GOP takes my breath away. Read more

My Personal War on Christmas

Christmas is a season of mawkishness and awkwardness for deconverts. I was simply confused. Here’s a satiric antidote for both. Read more

Hyperactive Students: Emerging from the ADHD Dark Ages

Can I have a do-over for my childhood? Hyperactive and ADD kids now receive academic aid, giving them a hand up instead of stiff arm in school. Read more

Not Seeing God: Patheos Nonreligious Bloggers Unite!

In ‘Not Seeing God: Atheism in the 21st Century,’ the voices of 24 Patheos Nonreligious bloggers come together in a chorus of godless dissent. Read more

Weight: Giving Thanks for My Metabolism (Please Don’t Hate Me)

My weight has been feast or famine. But you probably won’t empathize with me as visions of pounds gained dance in your head. Read more

Christian Hypocrisy: Can the Unholy Still Be True Believers?

Hypocrisy, thy name is the Religious Right. But does being a hypocrite mean they don’t really believe Christian doctrine? Read more

Roy Moore and My Molestations: When Political News is a Painful Trigger

Many Alabama Republicans excuse Roy Moore’s assaults. Will child molestation soon join the list of inexcusable behaviors normalized in the Trump era? Read more

Democratic Wave: A Change is Gonna Come

Grassroots begin with a single blade. And a Democratic wave starts as a ripple before it gathers into a political tsunami. Read more

Northam/Gillespie Race: Is Trumpism Coming to an Election Near You?

Trumpian racial fear mongering in the Northam/Gillespie gubernatorial contest shows that Virginia isn’t just for lovers. It’s for haters, too. Read more

Aggressively Affectionate Cats: Pawed and Dangerous

How can defenseless humans combat aggressive, but affectionate, cats armed — and pawed — with ice picks and sabers? Read more

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