The only color that matters at the Olympics is the tone of the winners’ medals. Not so for President Trump. Yet the future of the US is bronzed. Read more

Why would God create non-functional eyes in cave-dwellers? Creationists thrive in the darkness of ignorance, blinded to insight. Read more

A Darwin Day trip through the evolution of evolutionary thought. Visit four key moments on the journey, capped by Darwin’s great idea. Read more

Yes, creationists, evolution CAN be observed. Just in time for Darwin Day, new research has revealed evolution — and even speciation — in real time. Read more

If history repeats as farce, Trump and his GOP stooges have turned the Nunes memo into a slapstick routine. Read more

A recent tribalistic, Reddit rake across the coals reminded me why I’m glad I’m part of the Patheos tribe instead. Read more

The SOTU speech of Stephen Miller’s dreams, plus a peek at the id of President Trump during his Davos speech. Where satire meets sorrow. Read more

If there were a hell, I would surely burn in it. In my ignorance, this girl of Jewish heritage stood in front of class and pretended I was Adolf Hitler. Read more

America survived Trump’s first year in office. Barely. But there aren’t enough antacids in the world to cope with the backwash of bile to come. Read more

A politician walks away from politics to stand on principle. Now that’s a movie Frank Capra could’ve written. If only I could convince fellow progressives. Read more

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