It’s a Hard Luck Life: My Pre-Coma Mindset

I didn’t realize how lucky and resilient I was until I suffered the worst luck imaginable…and not only survived, but thrived. Read more

Tennis Study: Revealing Active Minds Adrift in Inactivated Bodies

A seemingly vegetative patient participated in his own care using the tennis study technique. But thousand of covertly aware patients languish…for now. Read more

Changing Lady Liberty’s Beacon to Immigrants Into a Stiff-Arm

Like the travel ban, the Trump administration’s revised admittance policies for immigrants is a cover for the total ban they wish they could impose. Read more

Juan Torres: Another Member of the ‘Miraculous’ Coma Recovery Club

Juan Torres’s recovery was more remarkable than mine. Doctors gave up on another now-recovered man. How many others have their plugs pulled? Read more

Medicaid Redetermination: For Me and the Future of Millions

It’s Medicaid redetermination time for me. Will Medicaid’s future be redetermined too? Read more

Obamacare Cost-Sharing Reduction Payments: Their Money or Your Life

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Skinny Repeal and GOP Moderates: Compromising or Compromised?

If Skinny Repeal passes, it will be the healthcare of the American people skinned. Read more

Mitch McConnell’s Deadly Game of Obamacare Repeal Darts

Mitch McConnell hopes one of his legislative darts will hit the Obamacare repeal mark, but it’s the healthcare of millions in his bulls-eye. Read more

The Owen Lab: On the Road to Widespread Covert Awareness Testing

False hope is a danger, yet false doom can be deadly. Mobile testing by the Owen Lab may save the lives of countless covertly aware vegetative patients. Read more

Pottery Barn Rule: You Break the Healthcare System, You Bought It

Forgetting the Pottery Barn Rule, the president has vowed to smash Obamacare. While Trump will buy the blame, the American people will pay the price. Read more