Killing CSRs: Which Supervillain Does Donald Trump Resemble Most?

President Trump is killing Obamacare cost-sharing reduction payments (CSRs) for lower income people. Is his resemblance to a supervillain a coincidence? Read more

Association Health Plans: Obamacare Death by a Thousand Cuts

Is Trump’s authorization of association health plans designed to cause the death spiral Obamacare has avoided on its own? Read more

Empathy: Missing from the Vegas Shooter and Cauterized by Tribalism

Empathy is the essence of humanity…and the quality the Las Vegas shooter lacked. Do we really want tribalism to destroy our empathy too? Read more

Mass Shootings: Death from Above, the Evil Lives Inside

No demons need apply when explaining mass shootings like the Las Vegas massacre. The evil in the human ‘soul’ comes from within. Read more

Trolls: Warping the Internet into a Sadist’s Playground

Trolls, like the poor, will always be with us. But is there any way to combat them? Read more

Pre-existing Conditions: When the Foxes Own the Healthcare Coop

Trumpcare is dead. Again. But GOP predators haven’t stopped stalking Medicaid and threatening the healthcare of millions of people with pre-existing conditions. Read more

Graham-Cassidy: The Final Trumpcare Resurrection

Hatred of the Affordable Care Act is the ultimate zombie, eating the brains of the GOP. And Graham-Cassidy is the final result. Read more

True Grit: Discovering Your Strength Within and Without

It took a coma and some strangers to show me the grit and determination that lay within me. You have it in you, too. Read more

You Are Here; the Cassini Spacecraft Isn’t Anymore

Cassini gave its life for science. It’s up to humans to dedicate themselves to improving life here at home. Read more

Religious Curiosity: What Draws the Faithful Into the Fold?

For this secular-raised girl, the road to Christian Sunday schools was paved with religious curiosity. Read more

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