About Stephanie Savage

Miracle Girl is a soufflé of skepticism, science, and politics, served with a generous portion of satire and spiced with all manners of geekery. And it all began with a Miracle of God™.
You wouldn’t think God would save the life of someone the Washington Post later called, “Funny, profane and adamantly atheistic.” Stephanie Savage’s attitude is naturally born of a childhood free of religion. Indeed, her first published work appeared in American Atheist Magazine.
Yet, the birth of Miracle Girl truly began when Stephanie emerged from a series of strokes and a six-week coma to proclamations of a miracle. Since then, she has refocused her career from satirical fiction to secularist nonfiction, publishing an article in Skeptical Inquirer and multiple essays in Free Inquiry. If God saved her for a reason, he certainly does work in mysterious ways.

The Owen Lab: On the Road to Widespread Covert Awareness Testing

False hope is a danger, yet false doom can be deadly. Mobile testing by the Owen Lab may save the lives of countless covertly aware vegetative patients. [Read more…]

Pottery Barn Rule: You Break the Healthcare System, You Bought It

Forgetting the Pottery Barn Rule, the president has vowed to smash Obamacare. While Trump will buy the blame, the American people will pay the price. [Read more…]

Better Care Recovery Act II: Dean Heller Highwater

If the BCRA fails, the healthcare coverage of millions will have been saved by senators covering something else. [Read more…]

Covert Awareness: Into and Out of the Gray Zone of Consciousness

Few consciousness disorder patients recover as fully from the ‘gray zone’ as I have. But the work of dedicated researchers may change that. [Read more…]

Humans and Neanderthals: Kissin’ Cousins in More Ways Than One

Our early Homo sapiens ancestors shagged Neanderthals and any related species, looking past superficial differences. Maybe we’re not as advanced as we think. [Read more…]

Separationism: The Battle of Our Founding Fathers is Our Fight Too

Instead of lighting fireworks on Independence Day, we should light a candle for Church/State separationism. [Read more…]

Can a Pro-Truth Pledge Combat the Post-Truth Age of President Tantrum?

Our Enlightenment-era Founding Fathers would’ve wept to learn that a Pro-Truth Pledge was even necessary. [Read more…]

CBO Report: 22 Million Lost in Trumpcare’s Tangled Thicket

What can we do to prevent 22 million from losing their healthcare (according to the CBO report)? Plenty. [Read more…]

BCRA: Senate Trumpcare Bill Starves Medicaid to Feed the Rich

To pay for a massive tax cut for the rich, the BCRA — the Senate version of Trumpcare — throws Medicaid recipients under the bus…even the disabled. [Read more…]

Father’s Day: My Search for Connection with a Long-Lost Dad

I thought my father wanted nothing to do with me, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. [Read more…]