Reindeer (War) Games

Reindeer (War) Games November 28, 2016



Editor’s Comment: NoGod Blog is BACK after a bit of an unplanned hiatus due in part to post-election blues and the unexpected intrusion of life events as life events sometimes tend to do. 

Now that we are back, upcoming posts will include many more posts from Frank Zindler’s excellent series on fictional Jesus as well as commentary on the current events of the day.

Thanksgiving is past us and we have entered the winter holiday season during which we will be hearing (again!) about the entirely fictional War on Christmas.  This is the merry time of year where Christians imagine their imaginary friend’s birthday celebration is under attack and where a simple statement of “Seasons Greetings” is a statement of anti-Christian hostility.

Stay tuned for reports from the front lines of the War on Christmas!

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