The world is ending (yes, again….)

A couple of days ago, I read with interest an article in the Huffington Post that indicated some Utah Mormons are actively preparing for the end of civilization which they believe is imminent. According to the article, they believe the end of September will bring about a host of calamities, all of which we have heard before in other end times predictions. This new incarnation of an old set of beliefs is allegedly partly based upon the writings of a Mormon named… Read more

Mike Huckabee Is Clueless on 9-11

I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when the planes hit on September 11th, 2001, as I’m sure most Americans who were alive at that time do. What I couldn’t know then was how much those events would shape my life throughout the 2000s and continue to shape my life today. As an Iraq war veteran, there is so much I could write about our nation’s actions in the aftermath, which ranged from appropriate to shameful,… Read more

More Atheist Books Headed to Georgia State Parks

Our friends at the Atlanta Freethought Society continue their efforts to deliver Atheist books to Georgia state parks with the help and participation of our past president and current board member, Dr. Ed Buckner. This first became an issue back in 2013 when Buckner discovered nine (yes 9!) bibles in his cabin when staying with his family at Amicalola Falls State Park in Georgia. Buckner requested the removal of the bibles from that and other parks which initiated a chain… Read more

Seven Reasons to Avoid Joining American Atheists, Even If You Just Must Join Something

Seven Reasons to Avoid Joining American Atheists, Even If You Just Must Join Something      1.  The word “Atheists” in the name is just too scary, inviting social stigma and worse. You may be right not to join American Atheists, then—but watch out: some of those other groups bandy the word about “carelessly,” too.      2.  It’s just too expensive to join a big national group like American Atheists.You may be right not to join American Atheists if you cannot… Read more

And So It Goes, Kim Davis….

So, Kim Davis, you have been freed from jail and now get to ride the mighty gravy train that is the fictional war-on-Christianity while falsely being portrayed by some as a hero. It’s not heroic to use your position as an elected official as a bully pulpit to deny civil rights to those you don’t agree with. It’s not heroic to insist on a ruling from the highest court of our country and then ignore that ruling because you don’t like… Read more

Six Reasons to Avoid Joining Any Atheist Groups, Local or National

Here are six reasons to avoid joining any Atheist groups, whether local or national: 1.  Atheists are treated where I live with full civil equality, so my vote or support for a candidate or issue counts the same as anyone else’s. 2. In my part of the world, atheists are treated as the social equal of anyone else, with never a reason to be defensive and no prejudice or stigma directed towards us. 3. I’m a dedicated religious person and… Read more