October 19, 2018

Remember that recent post where Faithful Word Baptist Church pastor Steven Anderson was losing it over another pastor that wore skinny jeans and polka dots? He is having a literal verbal peeing match with that guy and others over the wearing of polka dots before going off into a rant about women needing to get married. Which leads me to wonder what he’ll do when his flock of daughters are marriage aged. He proclaims that girls must only go to… Read more

October 17, 2018

Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife is a busy bee. Yesterday she wrote a long post with the claim that dating leads to sex. I wonder what kind of dating she did because I missed out on all this sex I was supposedly having on dates. Now, granted, both Lori and I dated in the late 70s early 80s, but has dating changed so much? Does dating always lead to sex? Fortunately most men are not so old fashioned as… Read more

October 16, 2018

More vomity word salad from Blog and Mablog’s Doug Wilson. He seems hell bent on declaring that the problem with evangelicals is that they are so gosh darn nice. Not so much if what I’ve seen, overheard, observed and heard endless tales of. Nice has nothing to do with it. But Doug keeps on claiming that being nice is the problem in evangelicalism. Not even close. As you can see Doug is promoting one of his books “Same Sex Mirage”… Read more

October 15, 2018

Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife has been making her little handwritten pious doodles again in an attempt to go ‘viral’ again. But the internet has been like a bottle of Valtrex in making sure that does not happen to the point where Lori is getting pushback on her worst ideas – like that of servant leadership for husbands. Ken, her husband, is using her blog to answer her critics. But what does servant leadership look like?  Depends on who… Read more

October 14, 2018

You have to hand it to No Greater Joy’s Michael Pearl. He finds some very creative ways to justify his own existence, pretending that his way is the best even if it involves feeding your children feed corn for animals and forcing your wife to beg for money to have back surgery. Here Michael claims that you must be poor for your children to succeed in life. Sounds like Michael does not know any actual millenials. He just picks up… Read more

October 13, 2018

When I’m reading the blogs of the usual gang of evangelical quiverfull folks I frequently run across blog posts that are the author putting up some quote from their own self-published book. The king of book promotion via supposely pithy quotes is one Doug Wilson of Blog and Mablog. He is also the king of the word salad-y. Sometimes when he does this he takes an odd bit of scripture and takes it into a place it does not belong…. Read more

October 12, 2018

Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies is going beyond her usual words of self manufactored joy of motherhood ending depression. Now she’s claiming that having the right attitude during motherhood  prevents depression. I guess in Nancy’s world things like hormone imbalances, bad times, trauma, physical ailments and the like never happen unlike the real world. Nancy says it. Nancy orders you to believe it. Hey Nancy, depression does not work like that. There’s no depression-joy-flu shot, there’s not a magical hoodoo… Read more

October 11, 2018

Lately Lori Alexander has gotten repetitive and dull. Her site The Transformed Wife is a free flowing stream of daycare is wrong, women are weak and stupid toxic ideas that will kill marriages stone cold dead. But her writings have always been somewhat boring and prissy. What’s interesting as a rotten wedding cake frosted with plutonium and as healthy that has always been her commenters. One of them is busy making claims about Hallmark movies, you know those same movies… Read more

October 10, 2018

While poking around at Ladies Against Feminism I wandered back into the blog Loving Life at Home by Jennifer and a post by her daughter titled “Virginity: It It Really Worth Saving?”.  Her daughter decided the best analogy to describe her decision to wait for marriage to have sex is comparing her virginity to holding onto a Beanie Baby. A mint Beanie Baby with it’s original tags in a box, untouched for years. That’s just sad. It’s nothing like that…. Read more

October 9, 2018

I know we’ve likely covered this very parenting article before from No Greater Joy. It’s one of those suspicious letters the Pearls get. This time about a girl named Sue that was defiant in every area of her life. It almost sounds like budding ODD Oppositional Defiance Disorder from here. What does Michael make of it? She’s manipulative so beat her and break her spirit. Then he throws shade at the mother for daring to care for her medically fragile… Read more

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