Yes, yes, I know I am beating an ancient dead desiccated horse here. But someone pointed out to me recently that the fervent defense of Josh Duggar by Always Learning’s Lori and Ken Alexander had been pulled in the wake of his Ashley Madison exposure in August 2015. I could not let that pass unnoted. This is from the blog My Roots at Home from a post titled “It’s True – Sometimes Christians Do Shoot Their Wounded” by an author… Read more

This is from the Facebook page of the same woman that has that crazy When Queens Ride By blog. If you remember it was promoting the story from the 1930s that all you need to be happy is lipstick, a pretty dress and a clean home. Her name is Suzanne Chanis and she frequently goes by the moniker of Prudently At Home at Lori Alexander’s blog and on Facebook. This meme was posted up on her Facebook and reminds me… Read more

So if you’ve read Lori Alexander’s book ‘The Power of the Transformed Wife’ or spent much time lurking at her website The Transformed Wife you will notice that occasionally Lori busts out an idea with zero basis in reality.  This idea is one of those! She thinks it is feature of non-Christians , that unbelievers regret having children. While good Quiverfull believers welcome in every single child. What does she base this idea upon? Some apocryphal story from her short… Read more

This is from Larry Solomon of Biblical Gender Roles, so of course he’s going to focus on anything he can find that shows his view. Which is that all women including feminists prefer sexist men. Anything to justify his continual sexism and misogyny, What Larry should realize is that here in Costa Rica it’s the howler monkeys with the smallest testicles that carry on the loudest. I think it’s safe to say in humans it is generally the substandard guys… Read more

Nancy Campbell of Above Rubies published an email in her Women’s Encouragement blog that reminds me of one of the more horrible features of Quiverfull. The same type of thinking, poverty and life that led the Pearls to feed their children animal feed – the mother not working while having too many children to feed, and praying for food. This is a story we see repeated over and over again, which makes me wonder how many times these ‘miracles’ do… Read more

Yesterday morning Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife wrote a post on how she does not have advertising on her blog, but that she has mentioned and linked to the modest clothing company Modli so often that they contacted her to award her a free swimsuit. Do they even understand what it is that Lori pushes on her blog? Do they know about the blaming, shaming, and more recently, the links to people in the Alt Right White Supremacy sphere?… Read more

From the archives of No Greater Joy ministry, one of the few undisappeared old posts by Michael Pearl. This mother of toddlers and pastor’s wife is asking how she can continue her church work while homeschooling and being a good Quiverfull helpmeet. Michael’s answer boils down to something like ‘Silly woman, church does not neet you!’ That church is a man’s business, not a womans. Ha! Tell me another big old fib, Michael! I’ve yet to see a church that… Read more

It’s been a very long time since we’ve taken a look at the words of Colin Campbell. Colin is the husband of Above Rubies Nancy Campbell and runs a ministry with a name that seems more suitable for a gay porn film – Meat For Men. Now he’s insisting that families must come together and pray for our president Donald Trump. I pray for Trump. I pray he doesn’t get us into a nuclear war and crash the economy. I… Read more

Doug Wilson of Blog and Mablog  is making me laugh this week. Between his subtle and not so subtle impunging of people who forget to thank God for their hot dogs and anyone with special food needs he’s in full hysterical mode. Quotes from his Food Catholic book. But even better than his food ignorance is Doug’s review of the book ‘Why Can’t We Be Friends’ by Aimee Byrd. Aimee’s book questions why it’s so impossible in Christian circles for… Read more

Larry Solomon of Biblical Gender Roles is at it again. First he’s written about how every single person on the planet needs to come to Jesus and then pump out babies like human pez dispensers. But that’s not the real toxic that caught my eye. It was his denigration of Anna Howard Shaw’s words combined with his insistance that women cannot be scientists, cops or soldiers followed by claiming the blessing of the patriarchy. Again I’ve taken screen caps of… Read more

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