Doug Wilson Says Men Cannot Help Sexually Assaulting Women

One thing you can count on with Doug Wilson is that unlike Lori Alexander he never seems to run out of hateful ideas to wax on about. Today he’s claiming that the Pence Rule is for the protection of those helpless womenfolk that keep having awful guys from grabbing their vaginas and possibly raping them. I hear you ask, ‘So what is this Pence Rule you keep yammering on about like a mad woman?’It’s simple and it’s pervasive in many… Read more

The FLDS Homeless Mothers and Children Grows

This past spring shortly before Mother’s Day NLQ SASBN member Cindy Kunsman wrote a series of blog articles, several of which were republished here about the hundreds of families being evicted from their homes in Short Creek. The evictions started in the Spring, and most of those evicted are households that are headed by abandoned FLDS women with their large families. Most of the men have fled, many are in jail or hiding ever since leader Warren Jeffs (more…) Read more

Accepting Homosexuals Spiritual Abuse?

Pastor Tim Bayly, a man of such poodle-like nervousness about his masculinity and sexuality that he constantly carps on effete men. has a new book out. How can you tell? He starts relentlessly pushing on one of his websites. Right now he’s over at Warhorn Media with a blog titled Out of Our Minds. Somehow that blog name seems much more fitting than the old one, The Bayly Blog. The book’s title is “The Grace of Shame” and if the… Read more

Catfishing Larry Solomon of Biblical Gender Roles

Below you’ll find the correspondence between someone I know from another web community and clueless Biblical self-described patriarch Larry Solomon from Biblical Gender roles. How Larry never figured out someone was pulling his leg so hard they almost broke it off I do not know even if he stopped responding after a while. Despite descriptions of sex working, WWE, fake fiances, fake miscarried babies he still gave advice.  The catfisher assumed the fictional life story of a well known plagiarist… Read more

Questioning the Pearls – How to Follow Kingly Jerk Types Delusions?

One of Debi’s many fans writes to her at No Greater Joy and asks an important question. How to follow her visionary (clearly insane) Kingly (control freak) husband when he hatches his clearly poorly thought out hair brained get rich quick scheme. Let’s get busy examining the cornucopia of probably fake emails and questions that Michael and Debi Pearl of No Greater Joy post on their website and the possibly poisonous answers they give. (more…) Read more

Got Period? Old Enough For Roy Moore to Marry

Trigger warning: The thoughts of Larry Solomon involve sexuality of legal children, the innocence of Roy Moore and ideas about when marriages must take place. All of his views border on approval of pedophilia. Larry Solomon of Biblical Gender Roles has also written extensively on the Judge Roy Moore sexual abuse allegation several times now. What is particularly noteworthy in the articles Larry wrote is his mental and theological gyrations to justify why marrying a fourteen year old is not… Read more

Loving an Addict? Be Submissive?

Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife thinks that the very best way you can deal with having a spouse who is addicted, be it an addiction to drugs, alcohol, money, spending money, sex, cigarettes or anything else that can be addicting is to cheerfully and prayerfully submit to their husband in her post. She never really gets around to the ‘how’ of genuinely helping the addicted beyond telling you to pray and that Jesus sees your suffering. I will say… Read more

Doug Wilson’s Word Salad Involving Roy Moore, Kathryn Brightbill and ‘Hoochie Mamas’?

This is all from a blog post of Doug Wilson’s Blog and Mablog titled ‘Nubile Young Women’ in response to Kathryn Brightbill’s not entirely accurate article on Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore and the Evangelical penchant for promoting the younger girl and older man dynamic published in the L.A. Times. Without a doubt much of the courtship model of Quiverfull Evangelical ranks does seem to hold this as the highest standard of marriage – even promoting the story of a… Read more

Magical Husbands: Homeschooling With a Meek and Quiet Spirit

by Mel from When Cows and Kids Collide I like my husband.  He’s a sweet, caring man who is bright and a good listener.  We suit each other well.  I don’t like change much – so his love of new experiences pushes me out of my comfort zone.  He struggles with planning and organization outside of his job – so my skills in keeping our life organized makes our home pleasant place to live.  Most importantly, we enjoy each other’s… Read more

Vaccines Cause Cancer in Children and Other Medical Myths Pushed by Lori Alexander

by Lori Alexander from The Transformed Wife – Cancer Rising Among Children This is one of the special hobby horses in Quiverfull – claim a spectrum of medical conditions is on the rise without any backing legitimate scientific studies, make more claims that doctors and the medical field are either causing the conditions or making them worse, and that only some obscure food, or supplement, or prayer, or renunciation of certain sins will do. These ideas pop up in Quiverfull… Read more

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