This morning I went into Debi and Michael Pearl’s website No Greater Joy and noticed something quite curious. Most of the letters to the Pearls begging for advice are just absolutely blank. The graphic of the letter is still there. The ‘By’ is still there, but the content is completely gone. Wiped away as if it never existed. Here’s a few screen caps. They’ve left up a few topics, like ‘Go and Sneer No More’ and others, but it looks… Read more

I’ve been thinking all weekend about that #RenosNuggets from pastor Reno Omokri and his stinky tuna steaks representative of vaginal orifices. What happened if we flipped his horrible and false script, and insist all men stay virgins and forecasting some dire consequence happening to their penises. This is what I came up with: It works about as well as the original, which is not at all, even with biologically impossible claims of shrinkage or breaking off. It’s insulting for either… Read more

I give you this piece of horrible fundamentalist propaganda on a Saturday morn. It’s a screen cap of a meme on Facebook: I don’t even know what to say with this it’s so disrespectful. Reducing women’s value down to the size of their vaginal openings is low, even for the outliers of Christianity. So who is the man that made this meme? An Evangelist preaching a stricter version of Evangelicalism and Quiverfull by the name of Reno Omokri. He’s originally… Read more

Recently I played host to a dear friend of mine from my days at the old Quiverfull church we both attended years ago. While we’d both changed a lot in the last eleven years out of the hot mess of the old church I’d gone leftist and she was still stuck in the right wing politically. I knew the visit would be difficult, but mostly I managed to keep my mouth shut when she babbled about the wonders of Ben… Read more

Doug Wilson of Blog and Mablog came up with post on sexuality and modern culture that’s uncomfortable enough to make someone gag and throw up just reading it. I suppose nausea is appropriate after a day filled with candy and rich food – Valentine’s Day. He’s kind of late coming to the hating on ’50 Shades of Grey’ phenomenon. This is one of the craziest responses to the holiday seen in Evangelical Christianity to a holiday devoted to love. Why… Read more

This morning on Facebook I saw a disturbing screen cap on Spiritual Sounding Board It was by Trey, uber troll of The Transformed Wife and all things Lori Alexander-related. He was chiming in on a recent post by Lori, of course, and seems to be rubber-stamping his approval on spousal abuse towards the wife. See for yourself. Don’t truly love the Lord and His ways? It’s not God’s ways for a woman to get the stuffing beat out of her… Read more

I don’t know how many of you have been following the news on Olympic gymnast team doctor Larry Nassar and his many years ongoing serial sexual abuse of the young athletes in his care. I’ve been watching the coverage, with his trial coming not long before the recent start of the Winter Olympics. It came out that Nassar has molested more than 250 girls. Whew, a huge number! Many victims have come forward and testified in court, leading to Nassar… Read more

Lori Alexander continues on her crazy train of all women staying home or else at her site The Transformed Wife. She claims that just because you have an empty nest it does not mean you can live your life to suit yourself. Now you must function as unpaid help for your children. She thinks Granny must stay home. There’s also nothing in those verses, Titus 2: 3-4 and 1 Timothy 5:10, to forbid it either. Older women have earned the… Read more

Ladies Against Feminism and Chalcedon have been pushing that bedrock idea in Quiverfull that girls are to get married as soon as possible after completion of homeschooling. No college, no higher education of any sort. Marry, have babies. But in the meantime learn how to be a housewife. Newsflash: It’s just not that hard to learn how to cook and clean. But it seems like many are still not marrying. Chalcedon has a humble brag article titled ‘You’re Gonna What?’… Read more

Yet again Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife returns to one of her frequent themes – fat shaming….. The post is all about controlling your children in every aspect of their lives. While it’s good to have some rules Lori, of course, takes it all to extremes. This reads like a woman that does not like children and likely should never have had children. Nope, Lori, you do not have the right to tell others how to feed their children,… Read more

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