On Saturday morning Lori Alexander posted on her website an article by David C. Cooke (while misspelling his last name) concerning how television is pure evil personified. She’s not just talking reality television here, but everything. I went to take a quick gander at who the original author was and stumbled across another self-proclaimed ‘Good Christian Patriarch’ with lengthy opinions posted on Facebook. Lori’s article title is just awful – The Sad Horrible Effects of Television on the Minds of… Read more

So while we’re on the subject of white nationalist Quiverfull types like Ayla Stewart today I noted that her newest target of outrage is no longer the website Buzzfeed, but news giant CNN. She’s accusing them of bullying her because they contacted a company that advertised on her hate speech filled Youtube channel and that company, UnderArmour immediately suspended their advertising from her channel and YouTube. Here’s the CNN article and a screen cap of what CNN did say: This… Read more

Remember around the time of the Charlottesville, Virginia rally the appearance on our radar of Evangelical Mormon Quiverfull racist Ayla Stewart from the blog Wife With A Purpose? She was scheduled to speak as part of the White Identity movement? We’ve not checked in on her lately. But it seems she’s busy scooting away from the Alt-Right crowd and whining that people are calling her out on her racism and putting her family at risk even as she seems to… Read more

This isn’t another pious pontificating posting by The Transformed Wife’s Lori Alexander ordering others to wear wholesale. This is an illustration of what happens when you go all buttinski and think you have the right to tell everyone else what to wear, one person at a time. During that recent post on ‘Harlots’ and wearing cheaper, looser, longer clothing Lori herself answered a commenter who was asking Lori for advice on how to tell individual women that they were dressed… Read more

Some time in the past I shared this Michael Pearl post titled ‘Laughing’ from No Greater Joy website because Michael was busy crowing about how successful his children are. Also the fictional success of all those homeschooled kids with a pile of 1/4 inch plumbing line beatings in their childhoods. He wrote this back in 2010 before the wave of homeschooling parents abusing their children to disability and death reported to the media. Recently the No Greater Joy website was… Read more

So we’ve all seen the many contradictory sides to the theology of one Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife. A few weeks ago she said there were no reasons, or exceptions to obedience towards your husband and submission. Now she’s coughed up a few. Surprise, surprise, a few have to do with sexual behavior in marriage and the others deal with a husband insisting you break one of the ten commandments. Lori piously explains that if he orders you to… Read more

Do you remember not so long ago when I shared some of Nancy Campbell’s book on encouraging your husband? If you read that series you’ll remember that most of the things suggested were pretty over the top ridiculous, fawning and infantile. There is nothing wrong with doing or saying nice things for your spouse or sig-o, but these read like the desperate propping up of some weak, unsure, emotionally fragile person. That’s just a whole lot of work, must more… Read more

Has there been more thong clad throngs on the beaches of San Diego, tempting Ken Alexander? Or women in those see through Lululemon yoga pants invading Lori Alexander’s space? No matter, but someone does seriously need to pry all the concordances out of Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife’s hands as quickly as possible. When she seems to be stuck for original material she immediately consults very old concordances. This seems just a tad judgmental, does it not. The photo… Read more

Recently I spent a week back in the United States and hung out with a friend from my old Quiverfull church. She and I laughed and cried over many things that happened through the years, like the time the pastor fell through the ceiling of the church and was dangling on electrical wires like a flying Wallenda team member. One of the more interesting conversations we had was about what we carried out that was positive. So much of it… Read more

  Lori Alexander was harping on her continual theme of staying married no matter how abusive the marriage is and the evils of feminism this morning on her blog The Transformed Wife. She was quoting some rather toxic words by pastor John Piper of Desiring God, Piper being another extra Biblical legalism Quiverfull pastor. Here’s what he had to say on how he thinks staying married has nothing to do with love. While Piper never comes out and says anywhere… Read more

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