Time to visit the comments on some of Lori Alexander’s recent reposting/copying other people’s posts. This man ‘Dave’ says that women are always inferior creatures, just like men are inferior to God instead of being equals. This comes from a post ‘Not Liking Being Called the Weaker Sex’ Lori needs to make her up freaking mind considering she also accuses women of abusing men. These Christian men she references seem to be the weakest, most effeminate, fragile creatures on earth….. Read more

Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife comes up with another untrue bit of toxic woman-bashing. She claims that not making with the sex with a smile any time the man might hint he is horny is the same as beating the man Those poor battered men being abused by wives. Oh brother, I cannot stop laughing reading what Lori says is abusive of husbands. Oh of course she says in the unquoted parts that if you don’t hand out the… Read more

Meme found on Facebook on Father’s Day  2018 No idea who the originator is: This was shared on No Longer Quivering’s Facebook page and everyone wanted to know if Piper had actually said this. Yes, yes, he did. Last year in the run up to Father’s Day. John Piper said that you have to be God to your children and to teach them to delight in fearing you. Let me repeat that. Delight in fearing you. To me I’m hearing… Read more

I’m not going to say anything smart alecky or snarky today. So many times we’ve seen mothers in Quiverfull dealing with overwhelming work loads just trying to do simple things like keep the laundry done and everyone fed. The reality for many in Quiverfull is that eventually the family needs overwhelm the mother and very bad things happen. And everyone handles those breaking points differently. For NLQ founder Vyckie Garrison she discovered that what she believed was less that true… Read more

A few days ago when we published a bit on Lori Alexander’s claims that taking constant spousal abuse with a smile was Godly I was interested to read the comments on her page. There were the usual bunch of ladies that lavish her with unearned praise for toxic ideas. There was one telling of life with an abusive husband, with advice to keep on submitting (and several unpublished comments urging her to get out made by people from various sites… Read more

Blog and Mablog’s Doug Wilson is munching on a mighty strange and twisted word salad in his attempts to debase those who are socialist. Did I miss the revolution going on in the United States of America recently where some hidden wave of socialism toppeled the migrant child-abusing government regime tossing around Bible scriptures to justify what they are doing? No? It’s just Doug fear-mongering again and doubling down on Trump and his administration. In this piece he tries to… Read more

One of the many folks (and some of them sound fictious) that write Michael Pearl of No Greater Joy for advice asked about what she could say or do to propel her husband off the sofa and into the job market. The situation is dire, as in they are about to be homeless. So what is Michael’s advice? Nothing practical unfortunately. Nope, wrong answer buddy. First thing someone might do is, I don’t know, actually talk about the situation WITH… Read more

Another piece at Lori Alexander’s The Transformed Wife written by someone else and quoted in its entirety. This reads like some sort of torture and abuse glorification, abuse porn. THIS is what Lori thinks makes up a successfull marriage, staying with a demented abuser until you die. From an article called ‘She Married a Monster’ by Matt Mcmillen. Trigger warning for abuse. Very hard to read and not be angry that this poor woman was abused with impunity on a… Read more

This is from the latest posting at Larry Solomon’s blog Biblical Gender Roles titled ‘Does God Exempt Asexual People From His Marriage Mandate’ in another piece answering a correspondent named Jill. Larry thinks she’s serious, but so far her questions are reading like one of the endless people who are catfishing old Larry, trying to draw him out into ever increasing ridiculous answers. Jill asks if her asexuality is sinful and can she have a career if she does not… Read more

I’ve been quoting Lori Alexander of The Transformed Wife less and less lately because she’s run out of original material. Some of her recent blog posts feel more than canned created fake outrage than ‘Biblical teaching’ as she terms it.  This week alone she quoted and republished in its entirety a piece she thought was by dying political pundit Charles Krauthammer, that turned out to be by someone else. That piece pushed the idea that Donald Trump is the president… Read more

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