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Yesterday, both Laura and I were at our computers working on posts for this blog ~ she in Seattle and I, in Nebraska. We were consulting via IM on a few things that we’re working on, when I sent her the link posted above. What follows here is our chat which left us both laughing until we had tears:

LAURA: what is the german breadmachine thing?

VYCKIE: i can’t read it!!

i think it’s the article

LAURA: doesn’t it look like it’s talking about a bread machine?

I have got to send my moms that link!!

VYCKIE: if you figure out what it says, let me know


I will try an online translator…

It’s dutch for “The woman as an incubator”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

VYCKIE: OMG! That’s hillarious!

i am laughing myself silly

LAURA: you and me both baby

I screamed when I read the translation

too funny

Just thought you all would get a kick out of this too. It really does help to keep a sense of humor about this stuff, don’t you think? 😉

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  • Arietty

    And such a lovely photo of all your little loaves Vyckie..*snort*

  • Jadehawk

    gives a whole new meaning to “bun in the oven”, heheh

  • Anonymous

    That’s hilarious!I always tell my husband that his role in babymaking is like mine in breadmaking when I use the machine. He puts in one ingredient and “pushes the button”, I do all the kneading and baking.

  • aureantes

    Means “Woman as breeding-machine”….cf. the expression “broodmare,” which is, naturally, a mare kept for breeding purposes, it’s directly translated “broodmachine.”

  • Laura

    Dear Aureantes, Thank you for the true translation. I just put the title into a free translator on the internet and the incubator definition is what came out. It was definitely good for a belly laugh for us both! I am sure that some of my relatives thought I was a “breeding-machine” when I was having a baby every other year! I never felt that way. I was always delighted to welcome another baby into our lives.Laura