Losing her religion: Norfolk woman no longer 'quivering' in fear of God

by Vyckie


Today’s front page of the Norfolk Daily News features an article by religion reporter, Kathryn Harris, who contacted me after seeing the article “All God’s Children” on Salon.com.

Check out, “Losing her religion: Norfolk woman no longer ‘quivering’ in fear of God” ~ and be sure to read the companion article featuring Lts. Heather and Xavier’s approach to ministering to our family ~ “Pastors ‘preach’ with love.”

I get the feeling that Harris is a little apprehensive about printing this article ~ on her blog, she wrote:

Garrison had a story to tell. I was assigned to tell it. So that’s what I did to the best of my ability. (Although if I had the space, I’d have doubled the length of the story.)

I realize religious beliefs can be a divisive issue, especially when someone as outspoken as Garrison presents a viewpoint that counters the popular belief in the area; I’m sure someone out there will feel it’s necessary to “shoot the messenger.”

Just give me a moment to put on my Kevlar vest first.

The overwhelming majority of my hometown’s population is conservative and Christian ~ so, it should be “interesting” to see what sort of response this article invokes. 😉

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