"Quiver" ~ A Play by Kevin Anthony Kautzman


One Act (Full Length) * 81 pg * 3F / 1M

The Christian patriarchy movement stresses the differences between the sexes, insisting upon woman’s role as “helpmeet” for her man in an attempt to model lives after those of the Old Testament patriarchs.  When Faith, a devoutly submissive mother of seven, is drawn deeper into the militant pro-life movement by her pastor, she comes to question not just her adoption of the so-called “Quiverfull” lifestyle but her very belief in, and understanding of, God.

Based in part on the story of Vyckie Garrison (NoLongerQivering.com), QUIVER is the new play from award-winning playwright Kevin Anthony Kautzman that explores how beliefs shape our communities and the Quiverfull lifestyle’s impact on one woman’s life.

Please direct inquiries to the playwright through www.kevinkautzman.com.

*Note from Vyckie ~ I just read the script for Kevin’s play “Quiver” for the first time ~ and was so profoundly affected that I couldn’t help crying big sobs of appreciation and gratitude for the sensitivity with which Kevin presents my Quiverfull predicament and its resolution.  WOW ~ I’m just stunned.  Can’t wait until the official unveiling of this dramatic retelling of my No Longer Quivering story.


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