Happy Halloween

by Vyckie


Angel’s boyfriend, Aaron, is in the evil jester costume.  Next to him is Hazelle ~ looking rather witchy.  Angel … I’m not sure what that costume is, but I think it’s pretty awesome.  Chassé was a cowgirl ~ no gun, but she still looks like she could hurt you, huh? LOL  In the front are Lydia Jean ~ a.k.a. “Sharpay” ~ and Wesley the Vampire. (Not pictured are: Andrew who was with his friends ~ and Berea ~ I think she was working.)

“Oooh, creepy” ~ we actually did Halloween this year for the first time in 20+ years.

Well, I should say that the kids “did Halloween” while I was busy working on preparations for the upcoming NLQ Carnival Days ~ I’m desperately scrambling to have everything ready before I leave for New York to be on the Joy Behar Show.


So, while Angel & Aaron took the kids out Trick or Treating, I stayed at home ~ with the porch light on and the front door open ~ which meant that I was interrupted every few minutes by little princesses, Hannah Montanas, clowns, a grim reaper and half a dozen unindentifiable somethings ~ all smiles and happiness.

In years past, we would either cower in the basement with all the upstairs lights off so that trick or treaters would think nobody was home ~ or else I’d take the kids to a church-related “Harvest Party” to protect them from all the evil we imagined was out in force on the devil’s night.

We celebrated Halloween tonite ~ and it was really not such a big deal.  Well ~ except for the little kids who couldn’t believe all the candy they collected.  What fun!

Angel told me afterwards that on the drive back home, Lydia Jean was showing off her heavy bag of sweets to Hazelle and Wesley ~ who hadn’t collected quite so much.  In her typical “Miss Merry Heart” fashion, Lydia exclaimed, “I think Halloween is my new favorite holiday!”

Honestly, I can’t remember what we were all so afraid of.

We’re talking about the “evils” of Halloween over on the NLQ forums. 😉

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