Vyckie's Tour de Crap: Please do not refer to homosexuals as "gay"


Warning: If you are a sensitive individual ~ possibly prone to PTSD reactions ~ please be aware that this particular edition of my “Tour de Crap” will likely trip your trigger.  It’s a choice piece to be sure ~ and timely too, in light of all the ruckus over the Conservative Bible Project’s determination to eliminate liberal/progressive bias from the bible.  That’s right, not even the bible itself is conservative enough for True Believers ™.

I understand the mentality ~ BTDT, wrote the following column for our “pro-life, pro-family” newspaper back when my head was totally “there” ~ that is, in a place of absolutist, black & white, no-room-for-compromise thinking.

Okay ~ and I have to say that I do hesitate to post this one ~ because truthfully “crap” doesn’t come close to accurately describing this stuff that I wrote ~ and wholeheartedly believed.  So ~ just in case you didn’t pay much heed to my warning up above ~ let me again caution you, dear clear-minded, not-thoroughly-brainwashed reader:  don’t start this Tour de Crap without first setting up a barf receptical nearby  ~ and you might want to consider pouring yourself a stiff one first ~ just to calm your nerves and help you to keep your cool.

Homosexual, abortionist, drunkard, baby-killing center, selfishness, liar, pervert, child-molester

Are these words offensive?  Should we perhaps use the more politically correct, non-inflammatory euphemistic substitutes: gay, abortion doctor, alcoholic, women’s health center, choice, disingenuous person, gender-confused, pedophile?

While searching through various resources for pro-family news and articles suitable for this issue of [the newspaper], I became irked at what I consider to be a compromise of words by several of the leading pro-life, pro-family organizations.  While I appreciate these conservative, Christian groups for their tremendous work and dedication on behalf of morality and decency in America, and I hesitate to be critical, still I could not remain silent on this issue.  So, while I should have been writing a column for this paper, instead I wrote the following appeal to a group which seems to be the greatest offender:

Please do not refer to homosexuals as “gay”

I just wanted to drop a note to say that while I am very grateful for the ministry of Family Research Council and the stand your organization is taking in the face of America’s declining culture, I am nevertheless disturbed that your materials consistently refer to homosexuals by the misleading term “gay.”  Nine years ago, when I first became aware of the work of FRC, your articles were very careful to avoid this misnomer, only using the designation in quotations.  In recent years, however, there has been a trend in the Christian community and Family Research Council in particular, to capitulate to the degenerates by adopting the preferred language of homosexuals.

I understand the desire of FRC and similar organizations to not appear “militant” or “extremist” as the purveyors of self indulgence wish to portray anyone who would expose the sin of homosexuality.  However, the compromise of words can never be a viable solution.

It is not only in reference to the homosexuality issue that conservative Christians have succumbed to the bullying and intimidations of our opponents.  As Marion Banducci, editor of the national pro-life legislative newsletter, Voice For the Unborn, recently pointed out – within a few short years, the pro-life message has changed from outrage – ABORTION IS MURDER – to passivity – CHOOSE LIFE.  Not only that, we are using the same euphemistic word, “CHOICE” as the pro-death crowd (i.e. the popular commercial “Life What a Beautiful Choice”). Banducci rightly notes, “words, if repeated often enough, particularly in the national media, can set the tone for a nation’s attitudes.”

I implore you to carefully consider your editorial policy regarding the “sugar-coating” of language which is offensive to the liberals. Jesus did not shy away from the use of strong, provocative words which cut to the heart and laid bare the true motives of those who challenged Him.  Yes, He demonstrated His love for and acceptance of sinners – but He told them the truth which they needed to hear, nevertheless.  As followers of Christ, we must resist the temptation to appear “balanced,” “moderate,” or “inexcessive” in the eyes of the national media and the world at large.

Thank you for your prayerful consideration of this exhortation.

Vyckie Bennett
editor & publisher

Nebraska Family Times

I have not yet received a response to my letter from Family Research Council, however, the following responses were posted from readers on
the NFT message board:

Homosexuals not gay

Whenever I run across a reference to “gays” or “lesbians” when I’m reading news on the radio I always change it to “homosexual”. I will not soften the reality of their lifestyle.

Columbus, Nebraska

Happy and care-free is what the word gay means

I’ve always maintained that anyone who can’t accept himself as God made him, who refuses to accept God’s authority in his life, can never be considered to be happy and care-free which is what the word gay means. I resent the misuse of words by politicians and others. How can we have effective communication if, like Humpty Dumpty, we make our words mean whatever we choose to. The purpose of dictionaries is to ensure meaningful communication through the written and spoken word. If someone is going down the river in a leaky boat, he needs to be warned in clear terms that the boat is leaking and he is in danger if the leak isn’t fixed or the boat abandoned. Keep up the good work.


Clay Center, Nebraska



Uh … what can I say?  Sorry!  It all made perfectly good sense to me at the time.  When the Family Research Council is not nearly radical enough ~ that’s gotta be proof positive that we’d definitely gone off the deep end, eh?

I can understand if you’re too outraged to discuss this post on the NLQ forums!

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