Bumpin' up against The Patriarchy

by Vyckie

I am running out of superlatives to describe my experience here in NYC ~ Wow!! just doesn’t really say it, you know?  LOL


This is the view from my hotel room window ~ it’s the New Year’s Eve Millennium Ball at One Times Square.

I slept quite comfortably in the soft, cozy bed ~ all white sheets and a fluffy white duvet.  I always avoid purchasing anything white as there’s no way it would stay clean at my house ~ so the bed felt extra luxurious to me just because of all the white.


The pampering continues too ~ this morning a waiter (? see, this is so foreign to me that I don’t even have the vocabulary to tell you all about it) dressed in black and white, including a bow tie, delivered a tray of hot breakfast ~ eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, a cinnamon roll, juice and a whole pot of coffee which really ought to get me going for the Joy Behar Show this afternoon. 😉

And speaking of the show ~ I really have to write about an encounter which I had down in the hotel bar last night.  I had just finished having a fun conversation with the bartender ~ I told him that I’m here to be a guest on the Joy Behar Show and explained a bit of what the show is about, “I’m here to take a little stab at The Patriarchy.”  I’m sure he only had a vague idea of what I meant, but he seemed pleased enough for me and after taking some pictures for me and serving me a beer, he wished me luck and …

As I turned to leave, I bumped right into “the Dude” ~ as I’ve come to think of him ~ the man was tall and well-fed ~ imposing in his demeanor ~ and I’m sure he must be someone really important ~ perhaps a senator?  I don’t know ~ he kind of looked like Ted Kennedy, but it couldn’t have been him right?  LOL 

Anyway ~ I’m sure “the Dude” is a big shot someone because he just had that self-important manner about him and when I bumped into him, from the look on his face, he seemed to be expecting me to recognize him and get all apologetic for disturbing him ~ and maybe he thought I’d ask for an autograph or to get my picture taken with him ~ I mean, “the Dude” was clearly used to being honored and respected.  The kind of guy who thinks nothing of fresh white sheets and breakfast delivered on a fancy tray …

So ~ my mind kind of went into a surreal sort of state and all at once, this little episode became a mini-drama in which Vyckie Garrison ~ a tiny, insignificant woman from nowhere ~ comes to NYC and bumps up against “The Patriarchy” ~ that is, the privileged male who feels entitled to a woman’s reverence and servitude.

Since I had no idea who this “Dude” is ~ I didn’t recognize him or swoon in his aristocratic presence ~ in fact, I did not even acknowledge the man.  I just stepped aside and went on my way.

But I had a feeling like I’d just been confronted by “The Patriarchy” ~ like the evil entity which perpetuates the oppression and subjugation of women was putting in an appearance just to intimidate me and send a clear message, “Don’t bother trying to take me down ~ resistance is futile.”

Okay ~ and this was BEFORE I drank the beer!  LOL

So, whatever.  I’m still totally jazzed about this afternoon’s taping and my opportunity to take a shot at “The Patriarchy” ~ all-powerful as “the Dude” is ~ I’m at least going to do my little part to take him down.  And I have no doubt it’ll happen.  One day, “the Dude” is going to find himself in the place of Gulliver ~ the giant who was subdued by all those tiny Lilliputians.  My little shot at the guy today will feel like a sting on the ankle ~ but I’m going to be whooping and hollering as if I’d delivered a fatal blow!

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