I ♥ N Y

by Vyckie


Wow ~ is this totally awesome, or what?!!  I am sitting at a desk in a super fancy hotel on Broadway ~ right across the street from Times Square and I can see the New Year’s Millennium Ball from the window of my 19th floor suite.  Yes ~ a suite.  Sweet, huh?  LOL

The flight to New York went smoothly ~ beautiful weather, no delays ~ I feel charmed, really. 😉

There was a driver waiting at the baggage area to take me to the hotel ~ nice guy, but I have to ask if it is a common occurence for these drivers of V.I.P.-type passengers to not have cash to pay for the parking lot attendant?  This guy’s credit card was declined too.  He claimed to be really embarrassed as I dug in my purse for $3 ~ but I was wondering if maybe he was scamming me or something.  LOL

At the hotel, I was informed that my room had been upgraded to a suite ~ and this is all paid for by WE TV ~ so, cool!  I took the elevator up to my room ~ and was stunned at how nice it is ~ why can’t my kids be here too?!  Darn.  This is too much fun to have all alone 🙁

I called and talked to all the kids ~ Berea was babysitting and they were all doing good.  (Well, depending on who I asked!) 


There’s a mini-bar in the room ~ and my first response was to help myself to a beer ~ only it wasn’t a twist off bottle ~ and I looked all over the room but didn’t find anything to open it with.  I was just getting ready to ring the front desk ~ when they called me to make sure everything was to my satisfaction ~ and when I related my beer dilemma ~ the lady suggested I go to the bar which was serving free drinks and hors d’oeuvres.

Down at the bar, I asked for a beer ~ and noticing the tip jar, realized that I had no money with me ~ so went back up to my room for a couple of dollars.  I went back down to the bar and explained to the bartender that I just don’t ever go to bars so hadn’t thought about bringing a tip along.  He seemed genuinely amused ~ I would have thought they get enough clueless ones like me to not be affected anymore.

The place is so fancy that I just had to get a picture, but when I took out my camera, the bartender (didn’t get his name) offered to take a picture for me.  Here it is:


I would tell you what all that yummy food is ~ except it was something unpronouncable which I can’t remember ~ but there was little baby corn on the cob, and shrimp and artichokes.  Yum.


So ~ back at the room, a maid came to “turn down the bed” for me ~ wow again.  And I turned on the big screen TV and was able to find HLN ~ which means that I can watch the Joy Behar Show tomorrow evening.  Now I really am nervous ~ it just seems really freaky to think that I’ll be watching myself on TV ~ tomorrow evening.

YIKES!!  And there are mirrors everywhere I look ~ which makes me think I’d better do something about my hair.  And my nails! 

Okay ~ better go get myself together.

More updates coming when I get a chance tomorrow.  Looks like the carnival is going well.  If you haven’t been to the NLQ chat room yet ~ check it out ~ I’ve been hanging out there off and on this evening and will pop in whenever I can tomorrow too.

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