Purging Satan's music….

by Erika


Shortly after my family entered the cult of patriarchy, my father felt convicted that he needed to rid his house of Satan’s music. This meant getting rid of all his classic rock albums and cassettes. With a family of 6 struggling through the recession of the early 90s in northern NH, those albums would definitely have netted a bit of money that could have been put to good use. As most fundamentalists are taught, if it’s not good for you, then it’s not good for anyone. Instead of selling those albums, they had to be destroyed.

When I found out about this, I was upset. There were albums in that pile that I had been brought up on. Songs that my father brought us up on and that we listened to as part of our early childhood. Seemingly overnight, it became “evil.” I quickly got into my parents’ closet and rescued my absolute favorites. John Lennon‘s “Imagine” album (yes, a record….not a cassette), George Harrison‘s “Dark Horse,” Tom Jones‘ “Hello PussyCat,” and a few others. I couldn’t take too many or it would be discovered that they were missing.

My brother was equally convicted as he usually hung on my father’s every word. He and my father gathered up all of Satan’s music and drove to the town dump. They stomped on the cassettes and threw the record albums into the dump like frisbees, watching them smash as they fell down and landed on trash and rocks.

Soon after that, my father heard about a family that had taken their TV to the dump and stoned it. Literally. We were able to talk my father into putting the TV away in the back of their closet, just in case they ever wanted to watch spiritual videos on it. That was enough to save it from demise.

I can only imagine what some of those record albums would get on Ebay these days. Over the years, my father has bought CDs of some of his favorite artists that he purged years ago. But….I still have those albums I saved from the dump run all those years ago, back in 1991. They’re hanging out in my closet now, but only because I want to keep them in good shape. One of these days, I’m going to find a record player at a thrift shop and I’ll take them back out again so my kids can appreciate those songs that bring back the happy days of my childhood.


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