The Joy Behar Show

by Vyckie

What a day this has been!  It’s 1 a.m. here in New York City ~ and I really ought to be sleeping since they’re sending a driver for me at 5:45 in the morning to take me to the airport ~ but I’m still so wound up about the interview!

The taping was a blast ~ and although there was plenty about the actual program that could have gone better ~ overall, I thought it was an okay show.

Well ~ let me go back to the “beginning” and I’ll just write about how everything went ~ since it’s late ~ this’ll be mostly “just the facts” ~ after I get home, I’ll go into more detail, okay? 😉


I arrived at the Time Warner building around 3:30 in the afternoon and was taken to the “green room” ~ which was actually green ~ LOL  After not too much waiting time, I went to have my makeup and hair “touched up” ~ wow ~ I wish I could have taken the gal who fixed me up home ~ she made me look really good!

Back to the green room ~ where I met Rachel Scott, author of “Raising God’s Mighty Warriors” ~ Rachel was also interviewed for the “Secret Lives of Women” program.  Kathryn Joyce was there also ~ and I was so surprised when she told me how nervous she was ~ I really would not have guessed ~ she always seems so calm and self-assured.

Before long, it was “show time” and we were escorted to the set of the Joy Behar Show.  Joy was already seated and she greeted each of us by name.  It didn’t take any time at all before we all felt somewhat at ease and after getting our microphones hooked up, the taping began.

There’s so much I want to say about the actual content of the interview ~ but it’s really late and I do need to sleep!  Sorry ~ I have to make you wait for my analysis!

It didn’t seem like we were doing the taping for very long at all before it was over ~ and that’s all the more remarkable because Joy got so into the story that she decided to bump the segment which was scheduled to come after us ~ and so the interview ended up  going the whole half hour.

Surprisingly, once the taping began, I was not very nervous.  That could be due to the seating arrangement in which I sat furthest away from Joy ~ with Kathryn between Rachel and me ~ so I didn’t really feel much pressure as I realized that I could just chime in when I had something to say but I wasn’t in the position of being the central focus of the segment.  Since it was my very first TV appearance ~ that was fine by me. 🙂


After we were finished with the show, Kathryn Joyce came back to the hotel with me and we visited for quite a while in the lounge ~ it was an enjoyable conversation ~ which I’ll tell you more about later (sorry ~ it’s late!) ~ and then we were joined by Rachel and her friend.

Asena ~ the reporter who did the interview at our home for the WE TV program stopped by ~ it was so good to see her!  I feel like we are old friends now. 😉

So ~ then it was time to turn on the TV and watch the show.  Since I already had a good idea of what the show would be like (there was a bit of editing, but mostly it was almost like a live interview), I wasn’t nearly as freaked out about seeing myself on television as I expected to be.

I think it was a good show.  Except for the parts I didn’t like at all ~ but I can’t tell you about that right now.  (Late, you know …) 

Joy Behar was awesome.  NYC has been a real treat ~ I’ve had such a wonderful time!

And now … I must sleep.  Hope I can wake up in time to catch my ride ~ ugh!

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